Matrimony Of Secrets – Episode 1

Matrimony Of Secrets – Episode 1

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Evelyn’s car came to a halt in front of True vine hospital, it wasn’t the first time she would be visiting there, but for the last six months that she had her last miscarriage, she had not had any reason at all to visit the hospital.

She shook her head, she had been married for 6 years but nothing to show for it apart from 4 miscarriages, her husband, Kennedy Desmond wasn’t really concerned in her having a baby and she didn’t know why.

She entered the hospital, and walked straight to doctor Micheal’s office, she wasn’t feeling fine and she had several tests done on her, she was going to know what was happening to her.

“Good morning doctor, you called me” she asked as soon as she entered his office.

“Good morning Mrs Desmond, how was your night?” He asked.

“My night was fine, you sounded so happy when you called me on phone this morning, what is it all about?” She asked.

“After the test we ran on you, I found out that you are three weeks pregnant” he replied letting out a smile.

“Are you for real doctor?, please tell me something new, even if I am pregnant, I will still have a miscarriage as usual, this is not a good news to me at all” She said shaking her head in a negative way.

“Don’t say that Mrs Desmond, you never can tell, this particular one might stay, don’t loose hope” He tried to convince her.

“I have heard you doctor, I will be on my way home now, take care of yourself.” She replied leaving his office.

She drove home straight to share the news with her husband, although she had mixed feelings about the baby but she was still going to tell her husband about it.

“Are you travelling back to port_harcourt this morning?” Angela asked her husband.

“Yes gela, I promise to visit you guys next month , work calls” he answered wearing his jacket.

“But you just came back on Friday and today is Monday, you have not even spent enough time with I and the children” she whined like a baby.

“I know my dear, there is this contract am anticipating, once it clicks, I will move you and the kids to port_harcourt, take care of yourself and the kids, I love you” he replied picking up his car key.


Evelyn woke up and felt the bed with her hands but felt nothing, she opened her eyes in search of her husband, she wondered where he could have gone to so early in the morning, she decided to go downstairs to the sitting room to check if she would meet him there but was stopped as the door to their room opened, her husband came inside with a tray of tea and sliced bread, she let out a smile.

“Good morning my love, you are having breakfast in bed today, and you will not be going to work, I have called Emily, your secretary, you are staying home with me today, no stress, no work, no call, just the two of us, we will eat and Merry all alone.” Kennedy said smiling sheepishly.

“Ken, am scared, what if I miscarry the baby as usual, what if the baby decides not to stay with us, then all these would be nothing, the baby nursery, pamperings I have been getting from you would all be a waste” she said as a tear dropped down her face.

“Don’t say that Eve, listen to me, the baby will stay, nothing will happen to it, I love you baby, even if you don’t bear me children I will still love you, come here” he said going for a hug.


“Look who has finally come to visit me, my workaholic friend” Georgia shouted when she saw Evelyn standing in front of her apartment.

“Georgia, you can never cease to amaze me, didn’t I visit you just two weeks ago?” she asked laughing.

“Oh come on Eve, two weeks is not enough for your best friend, you should be visiting me like everyday” she chuckled.

“You are crazy” Eve said throwing a pillow at her.

“Am coming dear, let me get you a juice from the fridge” She replied standing up.

“You know G, am actually scared, am scared that I will loose this pregnancy, am scared that Ken will get tired of me someday and choose to marry another woman, I know that he is not really anxious and eager to have a child like I am but he is a human and he will get tired one day” she said shaking her head as if to shake off the negative thoughts.

“Oh my god Eve, I can’t believe you are thinking so negatively, are you praying for something to happen to your baby?, why can’t you just have some faith?” She replied angrily.

What should I do G, this will be the fifth time am carrying a baby in my stomach but at the end of the day I miscarry all of them” she replied sighing.

“Nothing will happen to the baby, don’t stress yourself and don’t eat everything you see, you and the baby will be fine” she answered her setting a glass of juice on the side stool.

“Okay, okay, i have heard, I pray nothing happens to it though” She said sipping her juice.


Evelyn had gone to her family house to visit her parents, ever since she started having miscarriages upon miscarriages, her mother looked at her with pity and if there was anything she hated, that was pity, and that same pitiful look had been stopping her from visiting her parents, but since she was already pregnant, she needed to visit her mom.

As the only child of a multi_millioniare, Evelyn lacked nothing, she attended the best schools, wore the latest clothes, people were surprised at how she ended up getting married to Kennedy, an average wealthy person.

As soon as her mom sighted her, she shouted because it has been really long they saw her.

“good afternoon mom” She greeted her mom genuflecting.

“Afternoon my dear, I think I will tell Lily to prepare the biggest frozen chicken in the fridge, my apple has come to visit me after how many months” she chuckled loudly.

“Oh no mom, you are still the same, always cracking a joke” She replied laughing as she threw her head backwards.

“Am not joking daughter, am serious,” She meant to continue but stopped as she saw Evelyn bringing out a packet of candy sweets, she watched her throw one into her mouth, the only time her daughter had ever licked candy sweets was whenever she was pregnant, she covered her mouth in shock as the realisation hit her.

“Eve, you are pregnant” She said as a matter of fact.

“Yes mom, but am not really raising my hopes high, it might go away like the others, maybe the god of children doesn’t want me to have one, maybe she hates me” she said rolling the candy sweets all over her tongue.

“Stop saying that my dear, this one will stay, it is not going anywhere, how is my son in_law doing?” she asked trying to change the topic.

“He is fine mom, what of Dad? Did he go out, I actually intentionally came today been Sunday because I want to talk to him” she replied as she opened another candy sweet.

“He is in his study, let’s go meet him there” she said standing up.

“Evelyn, how are you? what brought you to the house today” Mr Thomas asked.

“Am fine dad, how have you been?” she asked sitting down.

“Are you sure you are fine? Are you feeling sick anywhere? Should I call our family doctor?” He asked fully examining her.

“Dad, am fine, I have been stressed that’s all” she replied shaking her head, her father had not still stopped been over protective.

“Evelyn, won’t you tell your father that you are pregnant?” Mrs Thomas excitedly asked.

“My apple, you are pregnant? stop stressing yourself, in fact am giving you 9 months off, don’t come to the office until you give birth to your baby, I don’t want you to miscarry it this time” he replied fully focusing on Eve.

“Dad, am fine, I came to talk to you about the 100 million dollars Alimony, I have been married for the past four years now, it is obvious that my husband and I are not getting divorced in anyway, is it not time to give it to me already ” she asked as she blinked her eyes.

“Calm down Eve, I know what am waiting for, I will give you and your husband the money soon” Mr Thomas replied facing his computer system.

“Alright Dad, I will be on my way then, I need to cook for my husband, see you guys some other time” she said as she stood up, she wondered why her father was finding it hard to give her the money, she wasn’t enjoying the fact that she and her husband were working for her father, Ken needed to have his own company, she concluded.

To be continued



  1. I believe her husband is behind her miscarriage… he doesn't love her
    He's married n just want to extract money from her since her parent is rich

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