Matrimony Of Secrets

Matrimony Of Secrets


Jennifer Godwin (Writer Of Mended Hearts)

Matrimony Of Secrets

“I think babies hate me!”, Says Evelyn. She had always wanted a baby, but miscarriages won’t let her. No one seem to care about that, not even her husband, is that even normal?

With a lot of negative circumstances surrounding their marriage, something might be at stake!

Evelyn will never give up on her quest to have a baby. But what will happen to this when every secrets begin to unfold? What will she do when she finds out exactly who her husband is?

Even friendship secrets unfolded can tear relationships apart, MATRIMONIAL SECRETS will definitely shatter lives… Romance, love, trust, betrayal all awaits you in this Romance!

Starts: 12-06-2019

To be posted Every Weekday


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