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I Want A Home – Episode 39

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I Want A Home – Episode 39
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It took detective Louis another one minute before he could rescue Detective Cougar from the two men his partner was fighting.

He shot the first man in the belly before he shot Benny repeatedly on his chest.

He staggered back a little and held unto his neck, still trying to catch breath due to the firm grip on his neck earlier.

“We gotta move now” Detective Cougar said after standing up too, he tried to condone the pain he felt as the three men fell dead.

Six different bus drove crazily and alighted beside each other, the first bus opened almost immediately and Khora stepped down first before all the bus began to do likewise.

He took a look at the vicinity enough and began to walk down the road while a group of four men followed after him all less than a minute.

Over 30 men got down from all the bus in less than a minute more and they all followed Khora’s direction immediately with different weapons, some were with a machete, some were carrying heavy explosives, some were with a long sword and the rest were with different sophisticated guns.

They soon reach the wired fence of the facility and Khora stopped walking to take a look at the fence.

“Boss. There’s no light in here, this whole place is dark” one of the men standing beside him remarked just about time they were about to go inside the very dark facility.

“Yes” Khora answered and nodded.

“I need some of your men to go in from the other side of the facility and some adjacent the facility while I’ll go in from here with my men” Khora added after turning to lord Margot handyman.

“Hey !! No man is standing back, listen to my instructions and kill any man in sight aside yourselves. We must get our drug lords out from here asap”. Khora turned back again and shouted at all of them.

Gmt 03:00am

Steve made a sigh in relief just as his wristwatch made a beep, he didn’t bother taking a look at the wristwatch since he knew it was 3am already and he had got to his destination already.

He turned on the car pointer even though he was the only one driving on the road and turned to the gate of the building. He horned faintly twice and waited for the gate to be opened.

Sunny made a smirk and flashed his teeth immediately he confirmed what his men told him to look at.

It took over a minute before he speaks again as he watched Steve entered into the compound and the gate of the building was closed back.

“Boss, what should we do?” one of the five men in the vehicle asked immediately they saw Steve finally drove inside.

“What have you come to do here?” Sunny whispered back with a question and finally turned forward after he saw the gate closed.

He was seated at the front passenger seat and three other men were at the back seat while the one asking the question was the driver.

“Boss, we just saw Steve went inside the compound himself. He could disrupt our plan” another man seated at the back seat said thoughtfully.

“Are you guys implying that you are small enough to handle just a single man?” Sunny asked, directing the question to all of them since they’ve looked like an ignite of fear had struck into them immediately they saw Steve Jones.

“No. But boss its…”
“We are going inside from the front entrance now, jack, you are going to handle the security at the gate while the four of us go into the apartment” Sunny intercepted the driver who was still about to argue.

“Steve is just one single man so ignite this car and turned back to the main road now” Sunny added.

Steve alighted the vehicle by the time he got to the apartment he was heading. He could see the two security men at the main gate returning to their post and the gate was closed back.

One of them was yawning and the second security man was taking a look at him far ahead the place he headed to alight.


“We shouldn’t be doing this Tad, we have strict laws and regulations not to open this gate for anyone whatsoever at this particular period and we are bridging this laws ourselves unnecessarily” the second security man pointed out just as he returned to his previous post after closing the gate.

“Isn’t the man here to see Mrs. Brown? I thought he was here this afternoon, so?” the first security man who was yawning replied even though his words weren’t audible due to how tired he seemed to be.

“Yeah, he was here this afternoon but we have rules to follow and that is not letting anyone into this compound at midnight”

“I thought he said the issue he came for is urgent and since he was right here some hours ago, he doesn’t pose any threat to me”
“He might not pose any threat but we have to obey the regulations here”
“I thought he had an urgent information to inform Mrs. Brown”

“Yes but why is he still inside the car instead of getting out already?” the second security asked rhetorically.

“That I’ll suggest you go ask him yourselves man, I really want to sleep now and I want no disturbance please” the first security man beckoned.

“Yeah. I better go ask him” the second man implied and began to walk forward.

Steve took his phone from the dashboard and returned it back into his pocket. He was about to unlock the door of the Chevrolet car he was still inside when he saw one of the security man coming fast towards his direction.

He slowly opened the door and was about to step outside but the security man had already gotten to him.

“Is there any problem sir?” the security man was still asking while Steve wanted to answer before a loud horn sounded repeatedly outside the gate of the building.

“Who the hell is that again?” he cursed out loud just immediately and turned back towards the gate while Steve was already out of the car to listen and answer the security man.

“You are not opening that gate again Tad, we have rules to follow and whoever is horning now can not get into this compound at this time” the second security man shouted at his partner who was already about to check the car at the other side of the gate.

Different police vehicles began to make a loud siren and was fast approaching. There was a total number of 10 police cars as they alighted at a single side of the facility.

Some of the cars were opened immediately and they all got down.

“Over. We have to get inside now. Get in now men” one of the officers shouted loud as a group of bullets proof men began to enter through the wired fence of the facility hurriedly.

“It’s a sniper !! It’s a sniper sir. You have to get back” one of the agent shouted so loud the chief detective rushed back inside quickly when three officers went down at once.

“What is his position? We have to move on from here, we can’t hold much longer” the chief shouted back just as the shooting stopped again. He tried to peep from the concrete block he was hiding behind and saw the agent who gave the warning already on the ground and his right foot was already hit.

“I can’t see clearly from here sir”
“Goddamn it. He’s about 732 meters away”

“What !!”
“732 meters away”

“Good. Incoming, we have a sniper far ahead us. 732 meters away. I repeat 732 meters away over” the chief detective shouted into his communication piece with frustration just after the shooting continues.

Lord Nathaniel looked back as he stayed low behind the chief detective. They were almost getting out from the secret hallway they took and was already at the exist when an unknown bullet hit all the agents standing at the small gate. He took a quick glance at Margot face and shook his head in rejection. He made a quick eye signal to her and indirectly telling her that he can’t attack the chief from behind yet.

It could have been better if he knew who their attackers were but he definitely knew it wasn’t his men due to the irrelevant shootings.

He could have attacked the chief detective easily and apprehend him from behind the concrete block but he knew whoever was attacking them were sent by Valentine and his two other counterparts.

“We have to proceed on, we can’t stay here any longer, you go there and distract the sniper while we take the opposite direction” the chief detective instructed one of the two officers staying in position but none of them was willing to proceed on with the instruction 45 seconds after it was given by the chief.

Soon, they began to hear heavy footsteps coming far beyond the secret passage from the interrogation room.

“Boss, I’ve got them in position. There is a secret passage they are trying to escape alongside the target” Winston heard one of their men voice through his talkon immediately he smashed the head of the last officer attacking him against a big pillar.

“Interesting” he remarked and dropped the officer’s body on the floor after cleaning off the blood that stained his face.

“Gunner, you hear that?” Winston said into the connected talkon and picked the gun that fell from him at the entrance of the control room where he had single-handedly brought down 12 officers and killed 13 of them at the hallway in a gun battle.

“Yes. I need you to join me quickly at the entrance of the secret passage they took, head towards the interrogation room immediately” Winston heard his partner and stepped out of the control room.

The look around the hallway didn’t seem good as there was no available space to take than to step on the dead and wounded bodies of police officers to pass through. Winston had taken just few steps away when he swiftly turned and fired two quick bullets at the opposite direction he took just as Detective Cougar stepped back instantly.

He didn’t wait any seconds late and began to run towards the detectives direction other than the direction he was ought to take.

There were lots of dead bodies flat on the bare floors of the facility as gun shots fly around. Khora sent a bullet into the police officer who was brought to him without waiting any seconds.

He looked desperate and serious enough with the way he shoot.

“Boss the interrogation room, there is a secret passage and they’ve taken him through” one of the men pushed an officer who was willing to talk forward instantly towards khora.

“Do you know where the passage leads to?” Khora asked the trembling cop who fell on his face flat on the floor immediately he was pushed forward.

“Yes .. Yes..” the officer shouted with so much fear and nodded straightforward.

“Good, now take us there?” Khora shouted back and one of the men slapped the officer so hard almost immediately he stand up.

To be continued..

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