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I Want A Home

I Want A Home – Episode 38

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I Want A Home – Episode 38
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© Ireti Adedipe

Charles added again but Steve gave no response or acted as if he was listening at all, he held the knob of the door and pull without turning back.

He got out of the room and bang the door loudly just as Charles stood up to call him back.

“Steve do not take a step out of this compound, don’t you fu..cking hear me?” Steve heard Charles loud voice coming from the window curtain that led to the veranda immediately he stepped out but he still didn’t act like he heard. He proceed on after opening the small gate covering the little space of the veranda and walked over to the parking lodge consisting of two cars.

“Steve.. Steve !!” Charles still shouted reluctantly and close the curtain after Steve entered the vehicle they earlier came with.

He moved back instantly and brought out his phone from his right pocket, he swiped it open immediately and dialed the last top three contact on the phone after selecting the call log, he was still waiting for the call to ring when he heard the opening sound of the gate in the compound.

About 8 minutes after the whole light in the facility turned off did the situation got worsened than what the chief detective expected. He barge inside immediately with two officer when the lousy gunshot continued despite the total darkness.

“What the hell are you doing? Go in there and help them” he shouted at one of the officer rushing after him and confidently entered the interrogation room.

He stopped walking by the time he got nearer to Lord Nathaniel and Margot just as the officer he shouted at rushed back out.

( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )

He look expressionless but was totally confident, he took a look at Lord Nathaniel face particularly and squinted as he flip the pistol he held in between his fingers.

“Sir, the passage is clear. You can now move” A voice sounded into his talkon a minute he had entered.

Lord Nathaniel was already on his feet, his face was also expressionless as he returned the chief detective gaze. He took a quick glance at Margot who was standing few inches away from him and took another glance when he heard the voice coming from the talkon physically displayed on the chief collar with the wire transmitter attached.

“Sir, we need to move them now” the officer behind the chief detective pointed out just as the detective himself interrupted him.

“Handcuffed them while I open the passage” the chief instructed just immediately and walked out of the interrogation room.

Detective Cougar fell back against the wall when Benny sent a hard kick into his chest unexpectedly. The detective staggered back instantly but maintained his balance after hitting his back against the wall.

The heavy kick Benny sent into his chest didn’t have much impact unlike the second man he was fighting but he felt the pains that surge through his body.

He made a glance at Louis who was at a position ahead as the third man choke life out of him.

He wished he could move quickly and help his partner from dying but the two men that faced him was quite good and skillful.

He swallowed in immediately but couldn’t hold much longer when Benny attacked again before the second man. Both of them centered an attack swiftly at the detective who only managed to dodge few of their kicks and block all the punches but he couldn’t attack back without getting hit one way or the other.

Just as the detective made an attempt and tried to pinned down Benny across the wall after a successful backflip and a kick into the second man chest, he miscalculated and three swift blows landed into his belly from Benny and the second man.

The detective moved backwards again and made his fist not after trying to subdue the pain as the two men moved closer immediately.

Detective Louis grabbed the hands of the third intruder as life was gradually chocked out of him. He began to hit the third man’s chest just like he made an attempt to use his legs and stop the third masked man from killing him but his attempt failed.

He still tried to whistle off the grip on his neck when his fingers touched a metal object in the man’s pocket.

Winston grabbed the second to the last officer right arm with his left hand and held unto the left with his right. He pushed the officer back toward the door and gave him a head-butt before smashing his head on the wall.

The last officer stand up immediately and tried to raise a gun but two bullets had already entered into his body.

He took a look at his wristwatch instantly and raised his gun as he walked out of the room.

“Gunner, which direction do I take? I’m fuc..king tired of walking around rooms men” he said just immediately he stepped into another section of the facility.

“You can’t stop this men detective” Lord Nathaniel still wanted to argue when the Chief detective handcuffed the drug lord himself.

He made a chuckle at the drug lord remark despite his serious look and pushed him after Margot moved towards the secret passage in the interrogation room.

“Just move” The chief said and followed after the drug towards the small opened door.

The officer in front of Margot lead the way while The chief detective followed after the drug lord as they climbed the stairs down to the secret underground passage.

“Sir, we’ve called for reinforcement. Our men will be here in less than 10” The chief detective heard the voice from the communication piece.

“Have you checked the security system through this passage?”
“Yes sir, the security system there wasn’t hacked but we still have problems with our security here”

“Good. Have you deactivated all the system cards I instructed you to stop?”

“Yes sir, all the cards are already deactivated”

Detective Louis finally tried to wiggle off the tight grip on his neck but he couldn’t, there was no other option for him as life began to dwindle out of him until he was able to bring out the gun on the man’s pocket.

In less than a minute, the man on top of the detective fell dead.

To be continued.

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