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Hellfire (Hell Fire)
A preacher said evil men will burn in hell

& the righteous would inherit the heaven.

he torn soft words into mirage of burning hearts,

some words should be locked in jail forever!

some belief should be banned in cages from memories!

there are not enough room to keep the dead alive, they would’ve told us if these burning places exist,

there are places our eyes have to see to believe.

there are cities of grief & tortured dreams,

the Radio said yesterday after death visited some places…

Each time we burn here under the sun of suffering,

we don’t expect to burn again in hell fire!

when you face the mirror of the world &

hold your emotions together in whisper,

you’ll be amazed how here have reduced you.

a preacher said Yahoo boys are dead men,

a preacher said prostitutes are dead roamers,

his daughter got pregnant out of wedlock;

he burnt her & killed himself before morning.

I swear my ears produce fire each time I hear this…

Emeka was burnt for stealing in the market,

Aminat roasted in an unknown air crash,

& Musa’ house caught fire, he was roasted

like a fowl.

would these men still burn in hell fire?

I know a father will not burn his children twice.

don’t conflict your mind anyway,

ashes are dust of men flying to freedom,

they don’t want to be fixed on pictures that

will leave tears in the eyes of tomorrow.

If men live to suffer here & later in hell,

Then, life is as meaningless as dying itself.

©John Chizoba Vincent


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  1. True …. The truth of life is that there is no hell but there is what we call lake of fire where death and Hades are going to be thrown.

  2. Well keep on deceiving yourselfs but know this that God is a jealous God,and only a fool says in his heart that there's no God.

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