Blood Lives Here – Episode 8

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Blood Lives Here – Episode 8

© Brian Ngoma

Elise couldn’t put the manuscript down. With each page she flipped, she wanted to flip more. The amount of information and deep secrets she had read in just the two chapters she read were overwhelming. It went as wide as uncovering what they did as well as some important deals their company; EEE Group of companies did . She closed and looked at the manuscript and thought about Ludo. Where did she get all the information? She asked herself.

“Mom!” Erica called her.

“What Erica? I’m busy,” Elise answered.

“I have brought Mr. Jackson,” Erica said.

“The Accountant who ran away?” Elise asked curiously.

“Yes mom.”

Elise quickly stood up and went to her daughter. She looked at her and smiled.

“You are just like me; you know that?” She asked her.

“Yes mom. You taught me to be you.”

“How did you find him and Where?”

“Jezebel did the work,” Erica smiled.

“Where is he?”

“He’s in the dark room, he thought he was going to get some,” Erica bitterly laughed.

Erica and Elise went to the darkroom where they found Mr. Jackson screaming for help. Apparently, Mr. Jackson was an accountant for Triple E group of companies. He stole a huge sum of money and fled the country. Erica had some information that he was in the country. She traced him and lured him sexually.

“I’ll handle it from here my daughter,” Elise told Erica. “You can go rest now.”

“But I want to……”

“No Erica let me handle it, … Go and rest and probably take that low life fiance of yours out. What is his name again?”

“Jean,” Erica rolled her eyes.

“Yes Jean. Go now,” she dismissed her.

Elise entered the darkroom. As soon as Mr. Jackson saw Elise, he started explaining himself. She looked at him disgustingly as he bickered endlessly.

“Shut up!” She shouted.

Mr. Jackson went quiet.

She smiled, “You know what kind of people I hate. Those who take things they didn’t work for. I hate such.”

“Mrs. Hamuumbu I’m sorr….”

“Didn’t I just tell you to shut up?”


“Do you know the impact your actions had on my companies?” She circled him. “It was a blow and it took me months to cover it up. I had to make sacrifices.”

Elise stepped away from him and stood at the door. She looked at him and nodded her head.

“I pity you Mr. Jackson. You were my favorite accountant. You had a bright future and now its bleak. You have brought this on yourself,” she opened the door and there stood a tall huge bald man.

Mr. Jackson screamed.

“He is all yours Ethan,” Elise said.

“Is that brawler?” Mr. Jackson cried out.

Elise looked at him and answered, “That’s how you know him. He’s my Ethan.” She paused. “Do as you please with him my boy,” she touched Ethan’s shoulder.

Elise walked out of the room as Ethan entered. She locked it. She heard the screams from inside. She heard each and every punch till Mr. Jackson couldn’t let out his voice. Satisfied, she walked away with her head high and pride reigned supreme.

“Sit down Ludo,” Zamiwe told her.

“What is happening?” Ludo looked at her father. “Why is he here?” She pointed at the police officer. “Am i in some kind of trouble?”

“Sit down sweetie,” Zamiwe looked at Ludo.

“We called him when we thought you went missing so he was just making a follow up and probably ask you some questions,” Joe answered.

“I told you I was at Melanie’s. Why would you want to question me?” Ludo looked at her mother.

“Your parents are just worried about you,” the police officer joined.

“I’m not talking to you excuse me,” Ludo said. “Mom!”

“Ludo please!” Zamiwe begged her.

“I can’t take this,” Ludo stood up. “Just one night out and you are acting like this. Have I ever done something like this before? Am i not allowed to have some fun?”

“Wait Ludo it’s not like that,” Joe said.

“You people are selfish,” she stormed out and ran to her bedroom.

Zamiwe couldn’t believe her ears. Ludo had never talked to them like that before. Hearing her bedroom door bang, she knew it wasn’t a good time to talk to her.

“We are sorry officer,” Joe told him. “I guess we are just over reacting. Our daughter was just having fun.”

“Its fine,” the officer said and left the house.

Ludo felt bad after talking to her parents like that. She knew she didn’t have to come out like that. It was her fears that clouded her judgement. She was projecting them to her parents. There was a knock on her bedroom door.

“I’m sleeping!” Ludo lied.

“Ludo it’s me Nancy, I have brought you breakfast.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“I have the other key with me. I’m entering now,” Nancy unlocked the door and entered.

Ludo looked at her with a dull face.

“What? Your parents gave me the key. They want you to eat,” Nancy put the tray on Ludo’s bed. “Eat something now.”

Ludo was hungry. She pulled the tray close to her and started eating. Nancy watched her as she ate.

“Your parents are worried about you,” Nancy said.

“I know but they don’t need to be. I’m perfectly fine,” Ludo said as she drunk her tea.

“You went out without saying a thing and you came back with a friend they never knew. It got them worried.”

“I have known Melanie since grade 10. She’s a good friend,” Ludo said.

“So how was your first sleepover?” Nancy asked excitedly.

“It was a sleepover,” Ludo replied.

“Details. What did you girls talk about?”


“What kind?”

Ludo was growing impatient with the questions. She pushed the tray to Nancy indicating she was done and wanted her gone. Nancy read between the lines and got the tray and left. Ludo got her phone and texted both her parents saying she was sorry for the way she talked to them.

Kate went to the administration at her school to see the Deputy headmistress. She walked into the office and found the Deputy having her lunch.

“I don’t like being disturbed when I’m eating Kate,” the Deputy joked.

“You are just a foodie,” Kate said sitting down. “That looks yummy.”

“I’m not giving you anything,” the Deputy laughed. “How are you?”

“I’m fine Rosaria,” Kate answered. “How are you and the family?”

“Family fine. I’m fine as well.”

“How is our editor husband? Isn’t he now the Director of Book world?” Rosaria laughed.

“He’s still getting there.”

“How may I help you Kate?”

“I need information on my former pupil.”

“What kind of information?”

“Just everything about her.”

“You know you can find all that on Facebook. Kids these days put all their information on social media.”

“I know but a lot lie.”

“Which one?”

“Melanie Chalwe.”

“The stubborn Melanie. I hated that girl God forgive me,” Rosaria laughed. “Let me see.”

Rosaria put her plate on the table and went to grab a file from another office. Kate waited for her till she came back.

“I think this is it,” Rosaria handed a file to Kate.

Kate went through the file and something caught her attention. As the file read, Melanie was an orphan. The time she was in school, she used to live with her aunt. Her aunt couldn’t afford to pay her schools so she was being sponsored by FAWEZA. Kate didn’t want to leave with the file lest Rosaria suspected anything. She just noted the important things she needed.

“That will be all,” she handed back the file.

“Why did you need the file?” Rosaria asked.

“I just needed to find out something,” Kate said. “I recently bumped into her.”

“OH. Alright.”

“Thank you. Lunch is over, I’m heading back to class now,” Kate stood up.

She got outside the administration block and called Kent.

“Hello love,” Kent answered.

“I think that girl Melanie is lying,” Kate said.

“I told you not to pursue that Kate. Leave it be. The girls spent the night out. What’s the big deal?” Kent asked.

“I don’t know,” Kate answered. “Something doesn’t feel right.”

“With you, everything doesn’t feel right.”


“No buts let’s just live our lives. Forget about that.”

Kate got quiet.

“I’m at Ludo’s now. I’m here to tell her about the manuscript,” Kent sighed over the phone.

“Well good luck, see you later.”

“Don’t pursue Melanie anymore. Leave it. You understand?”

“Yes Kent. I have stopped.”

“Good,” Kent cut the call as he entered Ludo’s compound.

Kent knew that Ludo would eventually ask about the manuscript. He figured before she asked him, he had to go and talk to her. He found her outside reading a book.

“Mr. Visashi!” She exclaimed upon seeing him.

“Hi Ludo,” Kent said nervously.

Kent sat down. He greeted her and told her about how worried he was when she disappeared. He didn’t know how he would go about telling her about the manuscript.

“So the manuscript,” he paused.

Ludo looked at him.

“The thing is,” he stammered. “It hasn’t been approved. My colleagues say it needs a lot of work.”

“Ok!” Ludo said.

Kent was surprised by the manner Ludo took the news. In all years that he had dealt with rejected writers, after telling them about their work been not approved. He would have to start comforting them and giving them tissues to wipe their tears. Never had he came across a person who was as calm as Ludo when told the bad news.

“So you’re okay with it?” He asked her.

“Totally yea,” she answered.

He inhaled and exhaled relief.

“My advice is that you start working on a new novel. Make up your own world, something like that. People these days love that kind of thing. You are a great writer.”


“I’ll send the manuscript next week. Is that okay?”


“Okay I’m going back to work now. Take good care of yourself and always tell your parents when you are going out,” Kent laughed as he walked to the gate.

Ludo looked at him. She could tell he was scared. She knew there and then that they got the manuscript direct from him and he was threatened too. Ludo only wanted to forget about the ordeal and she was doing pretty good.

A few days into the book, four chapters to be precise, Elise stumbled into something that made her furious. A dark secret that only she knew, was in Ludo’s manuscript. She paced around her bedroom.

“How could this be?” She threw the manuscript. “This is impossible.”

Elise grabbed her phone and summoned Erica and Evan. They were all in the house planning out their tasks. She found them sited in the TV room. Erica and Evan could tell that she was upset when she came in and dropped the manuscript on the table.

“Who else has this?” She looked at Evan.

“I don’t know,” he answered.

“If there are other copies out there, they have to be destroyed right away,” Elise said in a fury.

“What is it mom?” Erica asked.

“A few chapters in this and I ……” Elise couldn’t get her words out. “Bottom line, everything on this has to be destroyed.”

“Okay mom,” Evan stood up and dialed Mr. Visashi’s number.

“Who are you calling?” Elise asked.

“The editor.”

Evan called Kent three times and he wasn’t picking up.

“This coward of a man,” he growled.

“Try again,” Erica said.

He called again and was answered.

“Who is this?” Kent asked.

“It’s your friend Brains,” Evan answered.

“What do you want?” Kent asked.

“Don’t be rude now,” Evan said. “Here is the thing. I need all the copies of the manuscript you gave me.”

“That was the only copy.”

“Are you sure?”


“And if you’re lying?”

“I’m not lying I promise. If there is a copy, then it’s a soft copy.”

“I guess that would be with Ludo, right?” Evan asked.

Kent didn’t answer.

“Okay bye then. Pass my regards to Kate,” Evan cut the call.

Elise and Erica were looking at him. He put the phone in his pocket and faced them.

“What?” Elise looked at Evan.

“He said he doesn’t have any copies. This was the only one he had.”

“But?” Erica inquired.

“There is a soft copy. It’s with Ludo.”

“Get her here now!” Elise commanded and stormed out of the room.

Erica and Evan looked at each other.

“You are getting her,” Erica pointed at Evan.

“No I’m not, I have more important things to do,” Evan said.

“I got her last time. I’m not going there again,” Erica said.

“You don’t have a choice.”

“No No No.”

“I have an important video meeting with Mr. Richards from Bank of Zambia in the next few minutes,” Evan checked his watch.

“You are being unfair you know; why do I always have to do the dirty work?” Erica complained.

“I don’t know,” Evan shrugged. “Maybe because you’re dirty.”

Erica looked at him angrily.

“You two!” Ethan stood on the door.

Erica and Evan shook when they heard his voice.

“Hey brother!” They said at the same time.

Ethan walked to where they had stood.

“You’re always quarreling,” he looked at Evan.

The two were silent.

“Sometimes I don’t believe that we are twins Evan,” Ethan said. “The only good thing about you is that you’re intelligent. Other than that, you’re one useless piece of crap who spends money on useless things and whores.”

Evan gulped.

“Little sis. Our Jezebel. The mighty whore,” Ethan turned to Erica.

Erica clenched her fists.

“What?” Ethan noticed. “You want to beat me up?” He laughed.

“No,” she answered nervously.

“Let’s end this discussion. Evan you are getting the girl. Its final.”


Ethan looked at him.

“Okay brother.”

“Now let me find out why mother is bothered,” Ethan walked out of the TV room.

Elise couldn’t sit down. She looked at her husband on the bed who did nothing but only managed to move his eyes. Ethan walked in and stood at the corner of the room.

“I don’t know how she knows,” Elise fidgeted.

“Know what mother?” Ethan asked.

Elise bit her nails nervously.

“I did something bad a long time ago.”

“Still doing bad, aren’t we?” Ethan smiled wickedly.

“This is no joke Ethan.”

“Then tell me I sort it out.”

“Here, read for yourself,” she handed him the manuscript and pointed at a paragraph of a page. “I’m being referred as Eliza in it.”

Ethan grabbed the manuscript and read;



To be continued


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