Blood Lives Here – Episode 17

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Blood Lives Here – Episode 17

© Brian Ngoma

After Kate had escaped from Triple E group of companies successfully. She went to the hospital and found Zamiwe tending to her husband. Looking at Kent laying unconsciously on the hospital bed made her angry. She wanted to do something about what happened to him but thinking about the power and influence of the people she suspected, she couldn’t do anything on her own.

“Hello Kate, we were worried about you,” Zamiwe said and went on. “Ludo came to your house twice and she didn’t find you. Is everything fine?”

“Everything is fine thanks. I had to go to school to get a leave,” Kate answered. “I have seen that I can’t manage working while my husband is here. I have to be here too.”

Zamiwe was quiet. She felt for Kate. She even pitied her. She thought she had bigger problems with her husband leaving her but Kate had even bigger problems than her. Not knowing when her husband would wake up from the coma was worse than not knowing when Joe would return.

“Where is Ludo?” Kate asked.

“She went to your house. She’s supposed to be back. I talked to her, she told me she’s on her way,” Zamiwe responded.

“Where could she be now?” Kate asked.

“Ludo can be anywhere,” Zamiwe laughed.

“I have to go,” Kate stood up.

Zamiwe was surprised.

“Where? You just got here.”

“I know but you can go. I’ll be back later. Thanks for everything Zamiwe,” Kate said closing the door.

Zamiwe didn’t know what to make of what had just happened.

Kate walked outside to the taxi she had come with. She got in it and told the driver to drive.

“To where madam?”

“Town,” Kate answered.

As the car was moving, Kate couldn’t stop thinking about what she had heard earlier that day from Elise and Erica. Knowing everything that had happened the past days concerning the manuscript, she had a feeling that Ludo was in too deep with these people. It explained everything that was happening to Ludo especially that day she went missing and appeared with Melanie.

“Stop!” She yelled at the taxi driver.

“I cannot stop here madam. I’m in the middle of traffic.”

“Let me get out. Park where I could see you. I have seen someone I know,” she got out of the car.

Kate had seen Melanie walking sadly and looked miserable. She trailed her. After following her for about ten minutes, Melanie stopped. Kate observed her from a distance. She could tell that Melanie was looking at someone and didn’t want to be seen. Kate wanted to see who or what Melanie was looking at. At first, all she saw were strangers eating and talking in a restaurant. Could she be hungry? Kate asked herself because she couldn’t put together why Melanie was looking at people eating. She wanted to walk to Melanie when she saw Ludo and a well-dressed gentleman walking out of the eatery talking and laughing. Kate kept her distance. She then saw Melanie walk to them in the parking square. Despite not hearing what they were talking about, Kate could tell that Melanie was upset. She saw Ludo leaving the gentleman and Melanie. She was curious who that gentleman was but her focus was Ludo. She followed Ludo and saw her get into the cab. She got her phone and called the driver who had brought her.

“Where are you?” She asked him.

“Behind you.”

Kate turned around and went to the car.

“Let’s go. Hurry!”

“Wait. Why do you do everything in a hurry?”

“Don’t question me.”

“Your life seems like a movie.”

“Follow that car.”

The driver laughed as she stepped on the accelerator.

Kate and the driver watched Ludo from the car as she opened Hunter’s gate and entered.

“Wait here!” Kate told the driver.

“My money madam. You might not come out,” he joked.

Kate got a K200 from her purse and handed it over to him. “Here you are.”

Kate walked to the gate while looking over her shoulder. She reached the gate and found it open. She entered and saw Ludo entering the house. She slowly walked to the door praying and hoping that there were no dogs in the compound. As she reached the door, she heard Ludo’s voice from the inside with another husky voice of a man. She went to the door and pressed her ear on it to listen to the conversation. The door was opened. Kate stepped backwards and leaned against the wall. She saw Ludo at the door. Ludo didn’t see her because she just stood and was talking with the man inside. After some seconds, Ludo left the door only pushing it slightly leaving it open. Kate saw an opportunity to enter. She didn’t even think of what might happen.

“Ludo I asked you a question, who is this man?” Kate asked as she stood at the door.

Ludo didn’t know what to say but shook. She looked at Hunter.

Hunter’s eyes were fixed on the shaky Ludo. Ludo could see through His eyes that he was furious. She didn’t know how to explain the fact that she had been followed by Mrs. V.

“Who is this woman?” Hunter asked Ludo. “What is she doing in my house?”

“I can explain,” Ludo replied. “Mrs. V what are you doing here?” She looked at Kate.

“You should be telling me what the hell you are doing here with this man not the other way round,” Kate said. “Does your mother even know you’re here.”

“Woman shut up!” Hunter yelled as he walked towards Kate.

Ludo stood in his way.

“She’s a friend please,” Ludo begged.

Kate stepped backwards.

“I don’t like her,” Hunter said. “She’s trespassing.”

“Ludo,” Kate called.

“What Mrs. V?”

“Who is this man?” Kate asked scared.

“I’ll explain later Mrs. V.” Ludo turned her attention to Hunter. “Can I talk to her in private?” She asked Hunter. “Please.”

Hunter looked at Kate suspiciously and slammed his eyes shut leaving them.

“Mrs. V, what the hell?” Ludo asked as they were left alone.

“Explain to me what you’re doing here. And that man Ludo, he’s scary, did you see his eyes?” Kate asked looking at the room Hunter had entered.

“I’m used to those eyes,” Ludo joked. “What are you doing here?”

“I followed you.”


Kate was quiet.

“Why Mrs. V?”

Kate gulped and answered, “I don’t know but I think you might be involved with the people who tried to kill my husband.”

Ludo’s eyes widely opened.

“I’m not saying you are working with them,” Kate clarified.

“Then what are you saying?” Ludo asked.

“The Hamuumbu’s?”

Ludo knew that Kate knew everything and it was time to come clean.

“What do you know about the Hamuumbu’s?” Ludo asked.

Kate told Ludo everything she knew about the Hamuumbu’s. She also told her about the manuscript and her involvement with them. Ludo was surprised. All along she thought, she had played everyone but here was Kate, who knew everything or at least suspected everything from the word go.

“It’s true,” Ludo sighed. “I was scared to tell anyone about it because I might have put them in danger.”

“You could have talked to me.”

Ludo looked at Kate.

“Oh I understand. You were scared. So what now? What’s the deal with that man?” Kate asked.

“That man there, is the key for us to get out of this mess alive.”

Kate was silenced.

“Hunter!” Ludo called him.

Hunter came out of the room with the same expression he left with. He looked at the two ladies and could tell they had something to tell him.

Ludo stood up and walked to him, “This is Kate. She knows everything that is happening.”


“I say we work together with her.”

“Hell No,” Hunter refused. “As it is, you’re handful I cannot add another person. That is risking everything have worked so hard for.”

“She can be trusted, trust me Hunter.”

“I said NO. If you want, you all can leave. I don’t care,” Hunter walked to the door and opened it.

“My husband was almost murdered by the Hamuumbu’s,” Kate looked at Hunter.

“That’s not my business.”

“Please Hunter,” Ludo begged.

“I want them to pay for what they did to my husband,” Kate said with conviction in her voice.

Hunter was reminded of Hilary. He heard Hilary in Kate’s voice. The courage and determination. He knew he had found another Hilary. He closed the door and told them to sit down.

“So here is the thing, the last time I worked with someone. She betrayed me.”

“Is it the girl I saw in your car who was tied?” Ludo asked.

Hunter didn’t answer.

“We won’t do that to you,” Kate said.

“You better not because trust me, I’ll kill both of you.”

Ludo’s heart pounded.

“Ludo has access to the house. She’s the only one here who can enter and leave the house with no hustle. She will continue doing what she does,” Hunter said and looked at Kate, ” You madam, If you want to be helpful, i want you to find out something for me.”

“Anything,” Kate said.

“Find out the schedule the old man leaves the house.”

“Leave the house?” Kate asked. “Isn’t he bedridden?”

“So that means he doesn’t leave the house?” Hunter stared at Kate.

Kate bowed her head down.

“I have a question,” Ludo said.

“What?” Hunter asked.

“The reason I’m here is because I’m in too deep with these people. You told me they wouldn’t let me just be and I listened. That is why I’m working with you. Mrs. V here wants justice for her husband. That brings me to my question, what’s your deal with the Hamuumbu’s?” Ludo asked.

Hunter hesitated.

“If you don’t want you cannot answer,” Ludo said.

“Who is the girl in the photo?” Kate asked.

Hunter stood up and walked to the door, “Leave, I’ll communicate with you. Do your jobs efficiently.”

Ludo and Kate walked past Hunter. He slammed the door on them.

“What’s his problem?” Kate asked as they walked to the gate.

“I don’t know too,” Ludo answered. “What did you come with?”

” A cab,” Kate responded. “It’s parked there.”

The two ladies walked to the cab. Before they could enter, Kate asked Ludo, “How is your manuscript accurately written about the Hamuumbu’s?”

“Wish I could answer that Mrs. V,” Ludo sighed. “I don’t really know.”

“That’s strange,” Kate said.

“It definitely is. I just want this to be over so that I could return to my old life,”

“How about that man at the restaurant?” Kate asked further.

“That is Evan. He’s Brains in the manuscript and in real life,” Ludo smiled.

“You heard what your hideous friend said. If you betray him, he kills you.”

“I’m not going to betray him.” Ludo said opening the back door.

“So you followed your daughter madam,” the cab driver asked.

“Too nosey, just drive,” Kate told him.

He drove out of the streets.

From the distance in between two trees watching the car leaving was Ethan with a cigarette in his right hand while holding a knife in his left. He had followed Kate from Triple E group of companies to the hospital, town till Hunters house.

Hunter paced about in his room. Ludo and Kate irritated him. He never liked working with people who asked too many questions. He wanted to go to the kitchen when he heard a knock on the door.

“What now?” He growled. “Ludo, it’s late!” He yelled as he opened the door.

It wasn’t Ludo he met eyes with.

“Hi Hunter,” Ethan said punching Hunter on the face unexpectedly.

Hunter fell on the floor.

“Brawler,” Hunter said getting up.

Ethan walked in and closed the door behind him and took off his jacket.

“I knew you had something to do with that girl. Don’t you get tired being betrayed?” Ethan asked him. “Whatever issue you have with the old man, it’s getting irritating now.”

Hunter didn’t answer.

“I wondered where you had been hiding. You hid pretty well, in plain sight. This is nice,” Ethan said looking around. “I had people watch over this house. They got tired because there was no trace of you.”

“Enough talk,” Hunter charged towards Ethan throwing his forearms like a wrestler.

Ethan was caught off-guard and was thrown against the door banging his back on it. He watched the muscular Hunter running to him as he quickly stood up. Hunter threw a punch and Ethan guarded. Ethan threw one too and landed on Hunter’s cheek knocking out a tooth. Hunter grew more furious and picked up the table and hit Ethan on the face knocking him cold out. Hunter dragged Ethan to his backyard to the carnage and threw him in.

“Think you can come to my house and beat me up,” Hunter said.

Ethan gained conscious.

Hunter punched Ethan repeatedly till he was bleeding. He drew closer to him and whispered in his ear, “I’m killing your whole family.”

“Not on my watch,” Ethan said.

Hunter didn’t notice that Ethan had a knife in his hand. In seconds, Ethan stabbed Hunter in the stomach at the same time punching him. Ethan slowly stood up and kicked Hunter again and again. He looked around the carnage and saw a bottle of diesel. He spilled it all over the place while Hunter was laying unconsciously on the floor. He got his match box and walked to the door. He lit the match and threw it on the floor. He walked out while the carnage started burning and locked it.

“Damn,” Ethan cussed as he wiped blood on his face.

To be continued



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  1. Is this how the almighty Hunter will end? Let's wait for a miracle then. I said it before that Mrs. V will bring trouble upon Ludo. Who will keep them safe now that their protector needs protection himself? Next update will tell. More oil to your lamp man. Can't wait wait.

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