Blood Lives Here – Episode 10

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Blood Lives Here – Episode 10

© Brian Ngoma

Jean admired Erica as she walked to him. As usual, she didn’t disappoint. She looked as beautiful as a rose. He was glad she was his despite knowing what are family subjected her to. Jean kept telling himself that everything she did, she did for the good of all. He avoided dwelling too much on what she did because the last time he did, he cheated on her and was on the verge of leaving her.

“Hey handsome,” Erica pecked him.

“You look stunningly awesome,” Jean said holding her hand walking into Dil Restaurant.

They were led to a table Jean reserved for their dinner.

“Why this place?” Erica asked.

“They offer the best Asian and Indian food,” Jean answered assured of himself. “And you know I’m a sucker for Asian food.”

“Yeah i know,” Erica said looking around.

“Do you know anyone here?” Jean asked.

“Not really.”

“You keep looking around as if trying to spot someone.”

“Sorry about that. Let’s eat.”

They started having their dinner in silence each enjoying their meal. They finished having their main meal and were having desert talking and laughing.

Jean sighed.

“What is it?” Erica asked.

“Your family have never liked me,” he answered.

“I know and there is nothing you can do about it,” Erica took a bite off her apple pie.

Jean’s face turned sad.

“You don’t need to worry about them though. The fact that they can stand you is a step further to acceptance,” she told him.

“But we are getting married soon. I need their approval.”

“Jean!” She directly stared at him in the eyes.


“Everything is fine. Can’t we just enjoy our time together?”


They changed the topic and started talking about their wedding which they were happy about. They hadn’t come up with the date yet but they equally agreed for it to be soon.

“Jezebel,” a man shouted behind Jean.

Erica’s eyes widened dropping her spoon.

Jean turned around to see who had called his fiance. It was a young handsome Indian man.

“It has been long ey,” the man said walking past Jean’s chair.

Erica was still quiet bewildered.

“This must be Jean,” he smiled.

“What do you want Naveen?” Erica finally spoke.

“I see you still remember my name. For a moment there, i thought you had forgotten my name,” Naveen said. “And I’m glad this is still your favorite restaurant.”

“You have been here before?” Jean asked.

Erica ignored Jean and looked at Naveen, “What are you doing here Naveen?”

Jean despaired.

“I never stopped coming here, this place has the best Indian food, you remember?,” Naveen answered. “I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“What’s happening here?” Jean asked angrily.

“Forgive my manners,” Naveen said. “I’m Naveen Patel.”

“Jean Chibesa,” Jean extended his arm.

“How do you know my fiance?”

“Jean!” Erica yelled.

“Long story ending in heartbreaks and broken family bonds,” Naveen looked at jean. “Nice to finally meet you Jean,” Naveen smiled. “Let me leave you two lovebirds enjoy your dinner,” he looked at Erica. “It was nice seeing you again Jezebel,” he smirked.

Naveen left Jean and Erica and went to sit at the table far away from them. Later on, a girl joined him. Erica couldn’t stop staring at him. From what she knew, Naveen was out of the country. It was a surprise for her to see him in the restaurant.

“I’m not comfortable with the way you’re looking at him,” Jean said.

“Let’s leave, I’m tired,” Erica said grabbing her purse.

“If you say so but who is he?” Jean asked.

“No one, a son to my family’s greatest enemy,” Erica stood up.


“Farhan Patel.”

“The Farhan Patel?”

Erica looked at Jean irritated.

“One of the richest people in this country? The Farhan Patel?” Jean touched his head.

“Get over yourself Jean. He’s not even that rich.”

“He said something like ending in heartbreaks. Did something happen between the two of you?”

“Forget about it. Take me home.”

“I thought we are spending the night at my place.”

“Okay Jean let’s get out of this place.”

Ludo woke up on her bed feeling a headache. She looked around and saw her laptop was still there intact. She checked herself and was just alright. She checked the closets to see if there was someone in there but there was no one. She heard a knock on her door. She slowly went to the door and stood still while her ear was pressed against it.

“Ludo its Nancy,” Nancy whispered from the other side.

“Are you alone?” Ludo asked.

“What do you mean am I alone?” Nancy asked surprised. “Of course I am. Open the door.”

Ludo opened the door. Nancy entered and checked the room.

“Looking for something?” Ludo folded her arms.

“I heard a scream. What happened?” Nancy asked.

“Nothing I just fell,” Ludo answered.

“That didn’t sound like a fall scream.”

“Ohh so there are types of screams now? What other types are there? Laugh scream, angry scream,” Ludo joked.

“I’m not joking Ludo,” Nancy said seriously. “Was there someone here?”

“No Nancy.”

Nancy looked at Ludo suspiciously.

“There was no one, I just fell,” Ludo defended herself.

While they stood they heard the front door opened. They both rushed to the door and found it was unlocked and wide open.

Nancy looked at Ludo scared.

“There was someone here,” Nancy said.

“I don’t know,” Ludo shrugged. “Perhaps a ghost.”

“I’m going to tell your parents,” Nancy said.

“No!” Ludo yelled. “Why would you do that for? They are sleeping. Dad doesn’t like to be woken up especially around this time,” Ludo looked at the watch on the wall.

Last thing Nancy wanted was to disturb her boss.

“Someone probably broke in and you saw them.”

“I saw no one. Maybe you didn’t lock the door properly.”

“I locked it.”

“Are you sure?” Ludo asked.

Nancy hesitated.

“You see, you forgot,” Ludo said. “I’m going back to bed now, see you in the morning.”

Ludo went back to her bedroom. She remembered the first time she met the bearded man. That was the name she had given him. Seeing him in her bedroom was scary. She never thought she would meet him again. She went to her laptop and wondered why he said it would be a bad idea to delete the soft copy of her book. She closed the laptop. After thoroughly checking her bedroom, she decided to sleep.

“Where were you last night?” Kent asked Kate.

“I was at work,” Kate answered.

“That late?”

“Yes. I was marking some test papers for my pupils.”

“I hope you weren’t doing what I think you were doing.”

“What’s that now?”


“Noo,” Kate answered defensively. “I was at work trust me. You told me not to pursue her, I heard.”

“Yes you don’t have to, those are dangerous people,” Kent told Kate. “I Don’t even know that family’s name,” Kent wondered.

“Did something happen?” Kate looked at Kent.

Kent got nervous. He was scared at what that man would do to Ludo. He gave him the address. If Kate knew what he did, he would be in trouble. He didn’t even plan on telling her. It was his secret to keep.


“Nothing love. Nothing,” Kent snapped.

“If you say so,” Kate said. “I’ll be leaving now. Aren’t you dropping me at work?”

“Let me just finish this.”

Ludo woke up to Kate’s text message inviting her over for lunch. Being a Friday, Kate was knocking off at 12pm. Ludo told her mother about the invitation and she was happy that Ludo would go hang out with Kate than that Melanie. She didn’t tell her that she didn’t like Melanie. If it wasn’t for her husband who insisted that Ludo hang out with Melanie, she would have chased her the second time she came.

“You can go sweetie,” Zamiwe said. “You have been moving around lately.”

“Like dad says, outdoors is good for the body and mind,” Ludo joked.

“What time did you come back last night?”

“When I got here, Nancy told me you had just gone to bed.”

“How did it go with Mr. Visashi?” Zamiwe asked. “Any feedback.”

“Not yet but he said his team are looking at my manuscript. As soon as they finish, they will get back at me.”

“Okay, be patient,” Zamiwe smiled. “That man your friend came with, he looked too sophisticated for your friend Melanie.”

Ludo laughed.


“I’m just saying. Melanie seems to be a mess and that man….. Hmmm I don’t know.”

“He’s her boyfriend. Deal with it,” Ludo said.

Afternoon came, Ludo found herself looking for Kate’s physical address in Chilenje. She was told to stand at Shoprite and that Kate would come pick her up. While standing, she saw a car pass by her moving slowly. She couldn’t see who was in it but the figure somehow seemed to be staring at her.

“Ludo!” Kate exclaimed.

Startled, Ludo yelled, “Mrs. Visashi!” She walked to her.

“I’m sorry I took a lot of time, I didn’t have anyone to leave the food with,” Kate said.

They walked back to Kate’s house with Ludo looking over her shoulder. She felt eyes on her but didn’t know who could have been following her. Remembering what happened the previous night, she was scared that the bearded man was on her tail, but why? She asked herself.

“Thanks Mrs. Visashi, I enjoyed the meal,” Ludo told Kate as they were washing plates in the kitchen.

“Don’t mention it Ludo,” Kate said.

“You also have a beautiful house, did I mention that?”

“Yes you did when you reached here,” Kate laughed.

“Oh yea its beautiful. So its just you and Mr. Visashi?”

“Yes just the two of us.”

“Doesn’t it get lonely sometimes?”

“It does yea especially when he’s not around,” Kate sighed. “But he ensures he’s ever around.”

“Good for you.”

They finished washing the plates and went back to the living room to watch TV.

“So Melanie?” Kate looked at Ludo.

Ludo flinched.

“What about Melanie?” Ludo asked.

“You guys hated each other back in the day.”

“It was her who hated me. I never hated her.”

“You must have a forgiving heart,” Kate touched her chin. “Because I witnessed the things she did to you. One time she even evoked a seizure.”

“It is what it is Mrs. V.,” Ludo’s eyes were on the TV.

She felt Kate’s eyes on her searching and wondering.

“So where does Melanie stay?” Kate asked.

It then hit Ludo that she didn’t know where Melanie lived. Kate’s question had put her in a tight spot. Ludo knew the question didn’t just come from anywhere, it had a motive. It was obvious that Kate knew and she wanted to find out if Ludo knew it.

“Melanie?” Ludo asked back.

“Yes Melanie.”

Ludo hesitated.

Kate’s phone rang.

“Hold that thought,” Kate answered her phone.

Ludo quickly texted Melanie asking her where she lived. Fortunately, Melanie texted right back that by the time Kate finished talking on the phone, Ludo had her answer.

“Makeni,” Ludo answered. “She just moved there. She used to live in Chawama.”

Kate looked at Ludo and then the phone.

Ludo ignored her.

“She has rich parents?” Kate asked further.

“I’m not comfortable talking about Melanie Mrs. Visashi,” Ludo said. “If you don’t mind.

“It’s okay honey,” Kate didn’t want to push her. She had a lot of time, she had to be patient. “Can I bring you some ice cream?” She asked her.

“That would be nice,” Ludo smiled.

Ludo left Kate’s house smiling. She had a nice time with her. She knew Kate was a good person but very inquisitive it was irritating. For a moment, she had forgotten about the car she saw and the bearded man. She got into a bus and headed to town. Her mother had told her to buy some groceries on her way back. She went to Society mall along Cha Cha road. It was getting dark and Ludo hated being outdoors in the dark. She hurriedly bought the things she wanted and headed to the taxi rank. There were no Cabs. She waited for some minutes and a cab pulled over, right by her. She got in without even looking at the driver.

“Marshlands,” she told the driver with her eyes on the phone.

The car started off.

“There’s a car following us,” the driver said.

Ludo didn’t ear what the driver said but she recognized the voice. She raised her head and peeped at the driver and saw who it was on the rear view mirror.

“Don’t faint again please,” Hunter said.

Ludo didn’t move.

“I come in peace.”

“Is this a kidnap?” Ludo asked looking at the doors.

“No. I just want to talk but someone is following us. Obviously they are following you. They have been on you all day.”

“Talk about what? I don’t know you,” Ludo jumped for the door handle.

Hunter quickly locked the doors as he tried to concentrate on the road.

“Let me out!” Ludo screamed.

“Young girl, be quiet. I just have some questions for you. I’m not harming you.”

“Please let me out,” Ludo was on Hunters back punching him.

Hunter got irritated and pushed her back to the backseat.

He slowed down the car waiting for the car behind him to pass. Ludo was on the back screaming and shouting. Hunter ignored her as he tried to catch a glimpse of the driver of the car he had suspected to be following Ludo.

“Damn not again,” Hunter said. He stepped on the gas and started following the car.

“What are you doing!” Ludo yelled as she saw that Hunter had passed her turn into her house street.

“Just shut up young girl,” he answered. “I’ll kill you. Shut it and don’t you dare try to call anyone.”

The command in Hunters voice was nothing to ignore. Just a word and anyone did as told.

The car in front of Hunter’s car stopped. Hunter parked behind it and got out of the car and locked the doors. Ludo watched him go to the car and stood on the passengers door as he talked to the man in the car. Ludo was busy trying to find her way out of the car but she couldn’t. She gave up and started watching Hunter from the car. Within seconds of talking to the man in the other car, Hunter aggressively pulled the man from the window and got him out.

“Mr. Jabulani!” Ludo yelled.

She saw Hunter punch Mr. Jabulani ruthlessly as he begged for his life. He couldn’t even raise a punch, hunter was as big as a gorilla. Hunter banged Mr. Jabulani’s head againts the car and kicked him hard. Mr. Jabulani was on his knees when Hunter grabbed him and strangled him.

“Nooo!” Ludo shouted in terror.

Ludo watched as Mr. Jabulani gasped for air till his eyes shut down. Ludo had just witnessed Hunter kill a man.

He walked back to the car. Ludo moved to the far left side of the backseat as she shook and looked at Hunter horrified. Hunter got into the car, locked the doors and wiped the blood on his hands with a cloth.

“Why did you kill Mr. Jabulani?” Ludo asked shakingly.

“So you even know his name. He burned me not too long ago. He saw me with Hilary and snitched.”

“Who is Hilary?”

“None of your business.”

“But did you have to kill him?”

Hunter turned around. Ludo could see the hideous face she was scared of. The beards made him even look more horrifying.

Ludo moved back trying to hide her face.

“Welcome to our world young girl. BLOOD LIVES HERE,” Hunter started the engine.

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To be continued



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  1. Aww. OmG
    Hunter just said the word, and introduced Ludo to their world. U gotta b s***ting me. I just hope hunter doesn't fall in love with ludo. By the way is hunter working with d Patel, or with the humbulala family.

  2. It finally hit me, there are two stories, one which we are reading, and the one ludo wrote. One concerns the family that kills together versus d blood lives here. Hunter and brawler got a lot to settle as d story progresses

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