All In One Night

All In One Night – Episode 5

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All In One Night – Episode 5

© Kayode Odusanya


After dancing to exhaustion, he whispered in her ear, asking if she would like to step out for a guyminute. She nodded, and walked over to tell Abike that she would be downstairs.

As they walked past the two heavily built bouncers and stepped out of the club, she said, “Whoa! My ears are thanking me right now.”

“I bet your legs are thanking you too; those steps…I thought you said you didn’t like clubbing.”

She turned around to look at him with a smile on her face before saying, “That Kehlani song got me in the mood.”

Ahmed took the lead as they made the descent down the stairs leading to the parking lot. A lot of people were still arriving and there was heavy human traffic heading into the club. They walked in silence, till they got to Ahmed’s Benz. She leaned on the driver’s side door and folded her arms as she looked up at him. “Can I ask you a question?” She said with a smile on her face.


“Why did you call me?”

“Why did I call you?” He said with a quizzical look on his face.

“I mean, why did you call me back?”


“You could have asked to see me when we first spoke on the phone, or even when I asked to use your phone in the bank.”

“Well…”He was saying, then stopped himself. It would have sounded bad if he had told her the real truth. And he was really getting to like her, and didn’t want to complicate things so he went with, “If I had asked to see you at the bank, it would have been a cheesy move.”


“Yea, and when your friend called, it would still have been awkward asking you out then.”

There was silence for a while, and then she looked at him and said, “When you saw me at the bank, I…” She stopped to move hair blocking her view of him to the side before continuing with, “I was actually coming from a guy’s house.”


“Yes. He was someone I had just started seeing. I went to his off campus apartment, and he…”She stopped to cough before adding, “He tried to forcefully have sex with me.”

“What? Are you serious?” He said and moved up closer to her.

“Don’t worry, he didn’t get far before I slapped him in the face and got out there.” She said and laughed. “But I forgot my phone and bag there.”


“Yea, And…actually…What I’m trying to say is, this…” She said and looked away. “A lot of guys are usually after me for my body, and it can really hurt when you know that is the only reason guys want you.”

“I totally understand you.”

“This would sound odd, but I think I have to say this.” She stopped to clear her throat before adding, “You seem like a great guy, but if your goal is to shag me, then…”

“What? No. Come on! You are a very intelligent girl; a great conversationalist.” He was saying and stopped to look at her for a few seconds before adding, “And yes you do have a beautiful body I love to look at, but your other qualities overshadow your body in my eyes.” He said and she smiled. He was about to say something else when he saw her gaze shift from him to something behind him. He turned around, and he saw her walking towards them. She stopped all of a sudden and stared at him as if scared to approach any further.


Ahmed told her he would be right back, and walked over to meet Bimpe. She just then realized they had never spoken about his relationship status. Could this girl be his girlfriend? And who is the short guy with her, she thought to herself in a confused state.

He stood in front of Bimpe for a while, not saying anything. He actually didn’t know how to react. The anger was still in him, but he had been having such a great time with Ruth a few seconds ago. “I’m sorry.” She said as tears rolled down her eyes. He looked at her and it was clear she had been crying all night. He looked back at Ruth, and rose up his index finger; like he was signaling to her he needed a minute, then held Bimpe by the hand and walked her to where Patrick leaned on the space wagon.

“How did you guys find me?” He said with irritation in his voice.

“Hey bro, just…just hear her out.” Patrick said and gave his a quick hand slap.

“There is nothing to hear. I know what I saw.” Ahmed responded sharply in a somewhat muffled voice, like he was stopping himself from shouting.

“Who’s that girl?” Bimpe said in a tired voice.

Ahmed looked at her with a snarl on his face, and then looked at Patrick before saying, “Take her to her room. I have to go.” He turned around to leave, but she grabbed his hand, and looked up at him without saying anything. A black Land Rover 4 playing loud music drove past them. It stopped all of a sudden, reversed, and came to a halt in front of them. They were two guys in front, and two behind. Bimpe cursed under her breath and let Ahmed’s hand go when she realized who it was. When the driver came out, Ahmed just shook his head and walked off.

“What’s up?” Ruth asked as he approached her.

“Let’s leave, I’ll tell you in the car.” He said and hit the key fob in his hand. The car headlights blinked and the doors unlocked. Ruth looked over to where the girl in red was, and she saw her cursing out some guy she recognized from campus. She saw another guy step out of the SUV he had come out of, and she was sure he was the one she thought he was; quiet looking guy who moved around campus with lousy friends. As she got into the car, she wondered what was really going on. Ahmed looked pissed as he fastened his seat-belt and fired up the engine, so she didn’t bother asking him anything.

As Ahmed drove out of the car park, he looked at his side mirror and caught sight of Patrick having an argument with one of Bimpe’s friend’s goons. When he looked again, a scuffle had started; Bimpe was shouting at her friend, and Patrick was in a tussle with the guy he had been exchanging words with. Then the SUV back doors opened, and two other guys jumped out of it. He kept driving, and taking deep breaths, and then he stopped all of a sudden, turned to Ruth, looked at her for a few seconds before saying, “Please wait here. I’ll be right back.” She just nodded at him. He took a deep breath and slowly got out of the car. As he approached them, he pulled off his watch, put it in his pocket, and folded his shirt sleeves.

To be continued


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