Stalked By A Mafia – An Action/Romance Story

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Stalked By A Mafia

Stalked By A Mafia

If one is oblivious of being followed, life would still be normal but the moment one finds out about the fact that you’re being followed, everything changes.

Scar is in love but he’s afraid of getting attached, stalking his lover seem to be the best option for him. A rival in business is on his tail and Scar’s gonna try all he could to get rid of this rival.

Once his rival finds out about his love life, things will definitely become tough. It seems even his rough past is about catching up with him..

The police are watching him, his rival will not rest until he finishes him, a rich victim wants also revenge.

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However, for the record all he wants to do for now is to stalk his lover…

This is an action/romance story, the Mafia’s world against the human world, Enjoy.

Tisa Phiri


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