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Pastor Dan

PASTOR DAN – Episode 6 & 7

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After completing what he was told to do,he sat down back in a small stone why baba was busy laughing devilishly.

Baba:[Incanted for a while and declared]my son you have done very well and the gods are happy with you but there is something you have to do for them,for them to be completely happy with you

Pastor musty[eager to hear]what must i do?

Baba[not smiling]they is a boy who saw you while having s-x

Pastor musty:[screamed]what????


I screamed at the top of my voice when i saw Mary lifeless. Evendo i wasn’t in good terms with her but i feel it in my bones. The shocked was the greatest one I have received for a long time now.

I struggled in between the crowd until i got to the front. I went straight to where Mary was lying,lift her head up,bend my kneel down,and used my hands to hit her in the chest to see if a miracle will happened but none of such seems to happened. That moment I Wish i was a pastor now i could have started speaking in tonques and asked God for the power to heal. The most surprising thing to me is that there was no wound in Mary’s body,and her body was already getting stiff at every passing second.

In between tears in my eyes,i turn to the crowd,who were already looking at me as if am a ghost,and asked,

Me[shouting at the top of my voice]what happened?

No one answer me instead they were still staring at me,with pity eyes.


Sooner or later,an ambulance bus drove into the premisies and toke Mary away after asking the crowd what happened

Crowd[in unison]she fainted while walking.

An old woman who i assumed  to be Mary’s mother, through her appearance,ran to the ambulance bus crying seriously. She was no longer shedding tears but blood. Ireally felt pity for her.

After about thirty minutes,the ambulance bus drove out of side. I look at the back of the bus and saw the name of the hospital boldly written thus””VICTORIOUSCHILD SPECIALIST HOSPITAL””





Daniel advised we should take a bike and follow the ambulance to the hospital. Sluggishly i stop a bike to take us to the hospital.

Though i felt pity for Mary,but i was still angry with her for allowing Pastor Musty to have s-x with her.


The bike we enter stop at the hospital and we both came down. I paid the bikeman,while Daniel was busy shedding tears like a baby. 

Me: friend stop crying na.you know you are a man so stop crying.

Daniel:point of correction am still a boy not a man.

Me[sight] up sorry o

I used my handkerchief to clean Daniels face,while the tears were still flowing freely. I mob his teary face again until i was even tire because the tears were still flowing non-stop

We got inside the hospital the very minute mary was rush into the emergency room .

To cut the long story short,After an interval of about forty to fifthy minutes,a Nurse came and declare to us that mary is dead.

The news was like a bombshell to me and Daniel. Instantly tears drop down from my eyes in a long time now …….




Pastor Musty pace up and down the massive sitting room,what baba told him at the shrine was a heart attacking story. It was really unbelieveable.


Baba:yes someone saw you while having s-x with the girl you just kill and the worse of all is that they was a video tape recorded.

Baba pointed his shinning staff at the mirror and the event that happened during the s-x between Pastor Musty and Mary play back from the beginning to the end and the place Idris showed the tape to daniel was also showed. 

Pastor:[almost gasping for breath and pleading]owoliwooo am in deep soup o.baba pls what can we do to save the situation?

Baba:well as you can see the gods need more members and Pastors to be initiated to these shrine and looking into the future of the two,i discover that one of them is going to be a great pastor and the good news is that he is even ambitious of becoming a pastor and he even wanted to tell you about it the day he came to visit you at your office

Pastor Musty:[a bit relieve]oh so what do we do now?

Baba:the plan is simple convince him to be a pastor and then intitiate him to these shrine and then look for a way to destroyed  the video camera. But remember destroying the video camera should be done after the initiation and be careful.

Pastor Musty:thanks baba but is they anyway you can help because convincing daniel willn’t be easy.

Baba:[smiling]don’t worry the gods have their own ways of doing things…..


the task was a hard one but to save his dignity,he resolved to do it at all cause.






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Daniel’s Pov



Miss Mary Burial Was Successful. The Only Problem That We Were Having Then Was That They Wasn’t Enough Money To Finance Her Burial.But Fortunately After Two Weeks Of Her Corpse Being In The Mortuary,a Huge Amount Of Money Was Found In One Of Her Handbag And The Poor Parents Even When They Never Knew Where The Money Came From Used It.Truely na Condition Make Crayfish Bend.


After Mary byrial,our next plan as suggested by Idris was to blackmail Pastor Musty To Make Me A Pastor And In Case He Refused Then He Should Get Ready To Visit The Court Of Law Because Am Going To Show The Video Tape To The Police Claiming That He Kill Mary In Other Not To Let Their Sex Escapade Out.


To My Ottermost Surprised,the next Sunday, pastor Musty Sent An Usher to Call Me,after Sunday Mass To Meet Him At His Office.Though I Was Surprised,but It Was A Good Way To let The Cat Out Of The Bag..


After Service That Day,i Branch At His Office,to Know Why He Send For Me.Hmm.he had to do as he was commanded……



I Was At My Office Chilling WIth Some Snacks When I Heard A Knock in my office door,instantly i knew it was no other person than Daniel.


“push the door ,it is open”i shouted from inside the office.


The cute young boy push the door open and came in. He turn back and lock the door while i stared at him vigilantly. He was corperately dress in a white well iron native cloth with a white italian shoes to rendered the dress-to-match.


i usher him a seat to sit down and he sat down comfortablely,though i could see curiousity written allover his handsome face.


Me:[smiling]how are you Daniel?


Dan:am fine sir,sir i think you sent for me.


Me:yes i did.i invited you over to my office to discussed something very important with you.


Dan:alright sir am all ears


Me:you see daniel,i find you as a special person i find you as a person with high standard of intelligency.


Dan:thank you sir


Me:is alright,but first of all am sorry about what i did to you the day you came to my office in coincident with mary Am actually really  Sorry For All That Toke Place That Day.Am Very Sorry.


Daniel:it’s Nothing Sir.Am Not Angry At You.My Heart Is as Pure as Gold.


Me:[breathed Hard]thanks For The Forgiveness.


Daniel:no Problem Sir.I Must Be On My Way Now.


He Stood Up And Was About To Leave When I Stop Him.


Me:ehrm…Daniel Please Am Not Yet Through With You.Can You Have Your Seat Back Lets Complete Our Discussion.


Daniel:okay Sir


he Came Back And Sat Down.


Me:ehrm…Daniel I Think That Day You Came To My Office In Coincident With Mary,you Came To Tell Me Something Can You Tell Me Now


Daniel:[stratch Head]ehrmm Sir..,i..I..I….I Mean…I….



Find Out What Happened In Episode Eight….


Pastor Dan brought to you by pleasant Daniel


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