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Opana – Episode 61

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Opana – Episode 61

© Akoto Alexander

Maabena Boaduwaa: Wrong f**king time, who the hell could be that at this time of the day?

Quincy: I hope it is not that stupid man who claims he is looking for Jemila because if it is him I will do deal with him for interrupting my emotional pleasure.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Ah whoever is behind this door won’t have it easy with me koraa.

The heavy knock comes in again which makes Quincy to jump on his feet, finds something to wear then grabs his baseball stick.

Michael Ansah: My guy come and open the door because I know you are inside there. It’s late and I don’t want to disturb the other tenants on this compound.

Quincy: (turns to Maabena) Indeed it’s a freaking f**king bad time paa bae.

Maabena Boaduwaa: (frowns) But I thought you said he is out of town and will not be coming back any time soon so what is he doing here at this time of the day. You better do something before I walk out of this relationship for good, what is it?

Michael Ansah: Jack am still waiting for you to come and open the door for me, am tired and need to rest so please hurry up.

Maabena Boaduwaa: (very angry) Wait for me to dress before you open that stupid door, now I can’t have privacy and enjoy my man in peace, when you talk you become a bad person here.

Quincy : Baby wait, I can talk to him so he waits outside for sometime so we finish with one round even at least.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Who said I wanted just a round of sex, you call for my hormones to resurrect and later plan with your friend to come over so you punish me huh, see the way my nipples are erected and am wet down there. If you hear I have opened my legs for some other guy out there, don’t blame me because am not a log of wood. I have feelings and you have to respect that.

Quincy: That is why I want to talk to him so he hangs around so we do something small. Half a loaf is better than none my dear.

Maabena Boaduwaa: How do I moan out of ecstasy whiles I know someone is standing by the door? Now I know you don’t care about me Quincy, you are very wicked and self centered. It will take a decade for you to see me here again if that fool is still here with you. After all you can penetrate his ass when you are horny.

Michael Ansah: Oh guy am still waiting for you ooo, what at all is keeping you from opening the door?

Quincy: (screams) My friend will you shut up over there? Didn’t I tell you to call me if anything so why are you here now without a call? (unlocks the door knob)

Michael Ansah: (enters the room and sees Maabena dressing up then he looks at Quincy midsection) Guy did I spoil anything with my coming in at this time?

Quincy: (tries not to be angry) No you didn’t do anything, she was about leaving when you started knocking.

Maabena Boaduwaa: (cuts in) Liar! Liar!! Liar!!! Are you afraid to tell your friend the truth? Okay let me help you Mr good Samaritan, Mike your coming here by this time has spoilt everything if you care to know. Before you intruded, we were about to have sex after making up on a fight that came up because of you. You have a very nice way of coming between my guy and I, if you don’t leave this place you will be the reason for our breakup.

Quincy: (screams) Enough of this bulls*** Maabena, I thought we had settled this matter and we both are okay now, why are you bringing this issue up again? Do you know the sacrifices Mike has done for me before? Please I respect you a lot so don’t start something you know you can’t end.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Mike are you happy now? Because of you my boyfriend is raising his voice at me, something he has never done to me before. I will never forgive you if this relationship runs soar, I swear with my life. (walks out of the room)

Michael Ansah: (looks at Quincy’s boxer shorts again) Bro I hope I didn’t interrupt anything and my presence here is not going to bring problems between you and your girlfriend. I can go back again for you guys to continue and before I forget this is your pizza.

Quincy: (trying to hold his cool) Really?? You think it’s pizza I need at this moment? Why didn’t you call when coming over.

Michael Ansah: Guy are you trying to say you didn’t see my calls? I called several times when I was on my way coming but you didn’t answer the phone, if you gave me an indication that Maabena was here I would delay before coming or I would have gone back to Julia’s hotel. Anyway where is your phone?

Quincy: Oh f**k s***, I put the phone on silence because I didn’t want anyone to disturb me with calls as my baby girl was around. Ah my careless mistake has deprived me of my emotional pleasure and caused me a fortune. How am I going to persuade this girl again after all the vibes I gave her, charlie let me rush outside and convince her and see if she will forgive me. (runs outside to see if he will see Maabena)

Michael Ansah: Oh my guy you messed up big time, the moment your lady entered the room, you had to quickly place a call to me so I could find some place to wait a bit before coming over.

Outside Quincy House:

Quincy: Maabena please wait, I didn’t know things will turn out this way my dear. You don’t have to leave this place with this rage inside you like this my baby girl.

Maabena Boaduwaa: (in an angry tone) Don’t baby girl me youngman, do I look like a small child to you? See the apple doesn’t fall far from the apple tree, there is a limit to everything a woman can take and I have had it up to here and it’s choking me now. Quincy if you need me in your life and around you, I have outlined to you my rules and regulations so just follow your mind or your heart now, am out of here. (stops a taxi passing by and she hops in without bargaining the fare)

Quincy: Bae can you please wait for me to say something? I want to……… Gosh she just couldn’t wait for me to finish my statement at all, ah Mike you have snatched this meat from my mouth this evening, why didn’t you go and spend the night with Julia but rather chose to come and ruin my moment. See how Quincy is feeling dejected down there, sometimes some favours leads to distraction paaa ooo, if it was first when I was living alone like by now Maabena will be speaking in tongues at the stroke of my magic stick but all the same I accept this incident in good fate. Everything that has a start definitely has an end, I know what to do (walks back to his room)

Quincy Room:

Michael Ansah: (trying to lay the bed before he jumps unto it) Ah see because she was in a hurry she left her pant behind, I think I ruined the perfect time this love birds were enjoying and I hope Quincy won’t also be mad at me just like his insolent girlfriend is.

Quincy: Jack honestly your coming in at this time was a very wrong time and honestly if you were not my guy like I will be so made at you but what do you have in your hand over there?

Michael Ansah: Oh I think it’s the pant of Maabena and damn it’s very wet with p***y juice and looking at things I hope I didn’t spoil the moment you were sharing together because I never had any intention to…….

Quincy: (cuts in rudely) Give me that pant and I hope you have not been sniffing on the pant and if you care to know, you came in at the wrong time, I had just pulled her pants down coming to enter her after a long romance session and then from nowhere you surfaced without any invitation or notice.

Michael Ansah: Me I believe I came in early to deliver you from any future mistake or better still trouble.

Quincy: (opens the pizza box and brings out some slides) You must be mad Mr man, who said I was in an form of crisis which demanded assistance or your help, if not for the fear of God erh….. Well since I couldn’t get the opportunity to satisfy my under cannon let me settle my stomach.

Michael Ansah: Guy am sorry for any inconvenience my presence has caused but were you able to edit the pictures so we unload it on our social media handles?

Quincy: Oh I have done some and since you are in, you can work on the other pictures. Hey the pizza is really nice and I don’t mind eating the whole thing infront of me but why didn’t you spend the night with Julia and how is she doing even?

Michael Ansah: She is very fine but she will be going back to the States tomorrow God willing.

Quincy: Mike I want to ask you something and please tell me the very truth in what I will ask you, have you been castrated or what? This is not the Mike I knew back at the university, ah what has someone opened up for you that you have suddenly gone cold like this? Your crush way back in the university travels to this country, makes frantic efforts to get in touch with you, sponsors us with gadgets that will establish us in life, invites you to her end, goes on a romantic date with you and you rush back to this ghetto to destroy my peace this evening. Ah the chicken is playing with the bone meant for the dog, this girl has dialled the wrong number because if she played close to my territory erh, she will run and leave her pant behind.

Michael Ansah: (been sarcastic) Just the way Maabena left her pant tonight you mean?

Quincy: (changes his face) Jack your father erh, don’t remind me of the pain am already going through because you are the cause of my problem tonight. If you know what is good for you better sleep with the jeans you are wearing this evening if not you will wake up tomorrow with a hole in your ass. You took the meat I will chew this evening from my mouth and you sit there to make fun of me. Herh your mother’s husband wai.

Michael Ansah: Hahaha please don’t take my words serious and if you try anything silly, I will redesign your handsome face for you to look like those black pirates. Good night

Quincy: You too goodnight some you castrated pig, you won’t carry and won’t also permit someone to carry. A succulent and hot bae who feels you travel this country and as poor as you are like a church mouse, she entertains you and wish to have just a peice of you then you are doing John movement. Wanna be enemy of progress, we shall see if you will have your way with Henrietta in this room.

Michael Ansah: (scratches his buttocks) It has pained you papa, next time you will learn not to put your phone on silent mode just any how.

Julia’s Hotel and Suite:

Julia comes out of the elevator reflecting about the outing she had with Mike and the interruption that came their way, as she approaches her suite she realises that her door is opened and hears some undertone voices in her suite in the dark. She is alarmed and drops the pizza on the floor, removes her heel shoe then silently she sneaks into her suite with one of her shoes in her hand as a weapon. She goes to the switch puts the light on and runs to attack the people in her suite.

The Boss: Hey take it easy young lady, didn’t you hear my voice when you entered?

Julia: I must confess, I don’t like the way you people invade in my privacy at all. What if I came back to this place with my boyfriend? How was I going to defend or explain myself to him? Who gave you access to my room and why didn’t you alert me before entering my room? You guys are giving me reasons not trust you because on how you operate here. Honestly if we were back in the States bullets will be talking in the air by now with the action you took, our line of business requires adequate and maximum privacy so you guys should respect that.

Albert: Dad who is this lady who is running her lousy mouth like a commentator in the commentary box at the stadium? Doesn’t she know the kind of people she is talking to at the moment?

Julia: and who the f**k are you piece of s***? Didn’t your mama teach you manners? You foolishly invade my privacy and you open your stinking mouth to ask who the **** I am? You better shut that door you call a mouth before I come and shut it up for you d**k head.

Karl Simpson: (in a calm tone) Albert is okay, let me handle this, sweetheart sorry for invading in your privacy without any prior notice in the first. I understand your anger and rage, I would have reacted same if I were in your shoes but please calm down and don’t let us raise attention for the other people on this floor to hear about us. We came here for a quite meeting and if you give us the maximum attention we won’t take more than 30minutes of your precious time then we will be out of here.

Julia: Okay but how did you people get in here and who are this other people with you?

The Boss: I like this girl Karl, she is a freaking f**king lady who has gusts and doesn’t fear any man, I believe that is the reason why she was delegated to come and transact business with us. Well if you care to know, this suite is my private room that I come to cool off my pressure most at times when am not home. Apart from me, no on else comes to this place, I have another door card to this room and I gave my word for you to be brought here because I wanted you to enjoy your stay here in this country, with this place you will get the maximum security you need so far as you are in this country. This man here at my right hand is Sheikh Nadir Nazir from the United Arab Emirates and on my left is Albert my son and heir to all my properties, in the near future you will be dealing with him as I sit back to watch the two of you to do business together. I believe your boss has given you enough details as to why we are here this evening?

Julia: Not yet sir, he only told me to fly back to the States even though my time of staying here in Ghana is not up. All the same you can throw a little light on your purpose of coming to my room this evening and I don’t like to do business with amateur people like your son.

Albert: Hey you better watch your mouth before I descend heavily on you young lady, who even gave you the impression that I would like to do business with you when my dad hands over his business to me?

Karl Simpson: You guys should figure out a way to tolerate yourselves or else there will be a price to pay which would put us in a very tight corner. The earlier you get use to yourselves the better for all of us.

Sheikh Nazir: I believe in teamwork and I know you people will find a way make this transactions a very peaceful one. This is my first time doing business with you upon a very high recommendation from one of my associates. I am investing my life time money into this project so I swear if you people mess this deal up your heads will pay for the money.

The Boss: No need to threat my formidable team Sheikh Nazir, we have our personal issues but when it comes to our work, trust me we deliver to perfection. If we weren’t good, I don’t believe someone will recommend us to you, that lady there is the best smuggler I have ever known since I joined this business over 35years ago. When you sleep close your eyes because by the time you wake up, Julia will be infront of you with your consignment.

Sheikh Nazir: I have heard you Mr, I will transfer the money involved to your account the moment I get to my hotel but when do I look forward for you to do the delivery?

The Boss: It takes 12weeks for us to do deliveries in such hugh demand.

Sheikh Nazir: Ah 12weeks is too long a time for me, I can’t wait that long. Why do I have to wait that long for you to deliver my package to me? I thought they said you people give express services.

Karl Simpson: Would you prefer a job that will trigger a big problem for you? We are talking about smuggling something over here into the country which is aviation related and concerns the immigration and customs. We have to grease some palms and leave no stone unturned so we need adequate time to sort things out especially when the seasoned undercover journalist has put fear in the people we work with.

The Boss: And to top up to what my brother said, we now have to call our moles back in the States to get to work since our time to airlift another package is not up. We are therefore convincing our lady here to go back even though she has 2weeks more to spend here in Ghana. We are trying our best and going out in our schulded time just to meet your demand so if you are not okay with our specifications you can go and do business with someother brand.

Sheikh Nazir: Hmmmmmm I guess I have no other choice than to comply with your stipulated time you have given and I hope I won’t regret doing business with you.

The Boss: No one has genuinely done business with us and has ever regretted before, you do your part and leave the rest for us to do. On this note without any further additions and omissions I move for this meeting to end. May everyone have a pleasant evening. Julia your ticket will be sent to you at the airport and you are leaving with the afternoon flight prepare yourself as my boys will come for you before noon so you do an early check in. Mmm I believe it’s pizza you have there so why don’t you bring it in the middle so everyone gets a bite.

Julia: Am cool with that sir but hey why have you been gazing at me like you have seen an alien? Don’t you know it’s offensive to be looking at someone like you are possessed? And don’t make any mistake by making an attempt to even touch a piece of my pizza, now get your freaking self out of my room, I have a journey to make tomorrow and I need to catch some sleep.

Albert: (stands up from his seat) You are mean and rude, I wonder which kind of man will fall for you because if you were to be my woman, I will exchange you for a tissue.

Julia: And who said I will fall for a low life like you? If you were the only man on earth like I will only stay single and masturbate when am horny and for you I would give you out and even top up with money to the person who would mistakenly accept you.

The Boss: Its enough young man and lady, please find a way to tolerate each other. You will be working together very soon so get that in your heads. (everyone walks out of the room except Julia who locks her door and goes straight into the shower)

At the Hotel Car Park:

Sheikh Nazir: I will send the entire amount to your dollar account the moment I get to my room in the hotel. (sits in his car and the driver drives away).

The Boss: Karl I will call you the moment I get the alert from the sheikh.

Karl Simpson: Oh okay bro, when your call comes through I will also call my immigration officers at the airport to strike a deal with them so that we fix a date that will be conducive for our lady to travel back to the country with the consignment. I will see you tomorrow at the golf club house and Albert I think you were a bit hard on the lady that is why she is not seeing eye in eye with you. I think you should join the team who will pick her to the airport or betterstill come alone for her, you can iron your differences with her if you are alone with her or what do you think senior Albert?

The Boss: Well your suggestion is not bad Karl and since you are free tomorrow I don’t think it’s a bad idea to pick the lady to the airport Albert.

Albert: But daddy you know I don’t like her just the way that she can’t stand me so why are you bringing up this? You don’t even know my rounds for tomorrow.

The Boss: If I wanted your opinion on the matter like I will bring an appeal before you but since I didn’t ask of your view then you should know it’s an order or betterstill a command. Anything you want to do can hold on till you have seen Julia off at the airport.

Karl Simpson: (smiles) I like it when you go all bossy and autocratic, I will see you tomorrow and goodnight to you guys. (sits in his car and the driver takes off)

The Boss: My son there is something funny that just came to mind, see your late mother was my worse enemy when we were in school but she later became the love of my life that we couldn’t live without each other. May her sweet gentle loving soul rest in perfect peace, but hey who knows what may become of you two some day, you never can tell what the future holds for you two you know?

Albert: Hold it right there daddy, what are you trying to insinuate? I and that too known girl can never stay under one roof not even for an hour, daddy have you seen two captains in the same ship before?

The Boss: Hahahaha don’t be ridiculous, we shall see how your story will end. Now get inside and let’s go home.

The following day, as stated by the boss, Albert goes to the hotel with some of the bodyguards but with two cars to escort Julia to the airport but there was this tensed atmosphere between the two of them when he gets to Julia’s suite.

Albert: Young lady can you please hurry up so I get you to the airport, it’s a plane you are going to board and not a beauty pageant show, I have a lot of things to do in town this afternoon.

Julia: Mr man you can’t mount pressure on me like that, if you can’t wait for me to finish making up you can leave because I don’t remember inviting you here and I equally know my way to the airport so you can run along if you are in a hurry, your father knows I don’t like you but yet he delegated you to come and pick me to the airport. Next he will ask you to wash my pants and underwears.

Albert: Yuck, may God forbid, you are so disgusting and you know what? I am going to the car down there, if you like take the whole day to make your face up but remember a decorated monkey is still a monkey and nothing you do can turn it into a man. (laughs and makes way to the door)

Julia: I need not remind you also that a fool is a fool even if you own a PhD certificte. Foolishly he couldn’t even help me by conveying any of my bags to the car, this dude is a freaking b****** and I dont know why he is so annoying and arrogant, I pity the lady who might be going out with him. Hey but Mickey has kept long in coming over ooo, the time I gave him has passed and he is still not here (hears a knock on the door and goes to open it)

Michael Ansah: Hey sorry am late, the taxi I chartered broke down half way through the journey so I had to board a bus and the bus stop to this place was a bit long.

Julia: Not to worry, if only you came 40seconds earlier you would have met the arrogant son of the man am working under here in Ghana. It would have been great to speak sense into his head for me but I believe you met him on the corridor or possibly when you came out from the elevator.

Michael Ansah: No I didn’t see or meet anyone on the corridor, the elevator was delaying so I used the staircase instead.

Julia: Gosh so you missed him but not to worry he is waiting for me at the car park, I would love it for you to throw caution to him on my behalf so that he knows that it’s not every lady that he can use his dada bee to intimidate. Please kindly help me with this bag to the reception, by the time you return I would be done so we set off but please take this small token and manage it till I return (hands over a white envelope to Mike)

Michael Ansah: How do I thank you enough Julia, you have been very instrumental to me and my well being ever since you came to the country. I am even out of words and I don’t know how to express myself towards you.

Julia: Handsome if you have anything to say I will edge you to channel it into prayers for me so that I don’t get any problem in my work. Ahaa before I forget take this brown envelope, I have a note inside including money, I will text you my mum’s details so you send the content of the envelope to her. I spoke to her earlier on and I didn’t like how she was sounding on the phone but I promised her I will see her when am back next 3months so prepare yourself because we will go and visit her together when am back.

Michael Ansah: You don’t have a problem my dear, I will always be available for you so don’t worry your pretty head on that. Now let me get going with this bags because time is not on your side.

Mike steps out of the suite with some of Julia’s bags and as he gets to the elevator it is engaged so he decides to use the staircase and immediately his necklace starts to strangle him which prevents him from moving for some time…….

What is going to happen next, will Mike finally meet Albert today after the ugly encounter that happened between the two of them the last time they met?

To be continued


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