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I Want A Home – Episode 35

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I Want A Home – Episode 35
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© Ireti Adedipe

Margaret began to walk slowly along Charles who was walking behind her towards the exit of the company main entrance. She squinted her face and walked in a very slow manner, taking each steps forward carefully before the security man who came to inform her about the presence of the two unknown men took a different position by the time the three of them got to the big entrance of the building.

“Excuse me, where are the men?” Margaret questioned and turned back to the security man they had already seen taken another direction immediately they got to the entrance.

“I uh they are right outside there, I think they might have gone to one of the corridors so you might just check them over” the security man gave them a questioning look before he turned afterwards.

“One of the corridors you say” Charles, who was now beside Margaret whispered silently and turned back, he moved away from the entrance before Margaret followed after him.

“Excuse me Ma’am, we are over here” a stranger suddenly said startling them after five minutes of wandering round the car park and one of the corridors leading to one of the entrances by the time they got to the direction the security man gave them. Margaret turned immediately she heard the voice, likewise Charles who was behind.
“Excuse me, we are over here, can you guys come over here?” they heard another voice behind them.

(Story written by Ireti Adedipe  )

“Good day ma’am, my name is Winston and my friend here is called Gunner. We are uh actually here to discuss few thriving matters that we may need to settle now without having to inform the cops or any security agency about, so can you please come over here real quick and let’s get over it?”

Margaret and Charles stopped walking immediately they saw and heard the two so-called strangers, they made glances.
Charles facial looks changed and Margaret’s face herself turned a confused one, they waited for about a minute without making any movement until the two men began to walk towards them already.

“We are actually here to discuss few things about your recent activity with Steve Jones” one of the men explained as they walk towards Margaret and Charles after seeing their faces.

“And who are you both?” Charles questioned immediately they almost got near them. He took a suspicious looks at the men and looked around the park. The men were now about 4 meters away standing in front of them.

“I just said my name is Winston and my friend here is called gunner”
“We heard you saying your names already gentlemen, excuse me but do we know you?” Charles asked.

20 minutes had passed since Lord Nathaniel and Margot were escorted into the investigation facility specially by Detective Cougar and Louis. The whole place was surrounded heavily by security officials and both detective had left the room they were been led into 10 minutes after exchanging few words.

Their cloth had been replaced with a total blue shirt and trouser along everything on them immediately they got into the facility.

“You know, this reminds me of our memories together Margot” Lord Nathaniel broke the long silence in the room after the detectives had left the room as Margot pulled out a stool to sit on in the painted room they were brought to.

Margot closed her eyes for a brief moment and sits quietly without answering or said anything back to him. She placed her elbow on her leg and used one of the branch of the stool as support with her feet, she closed her palm together and positioned it directly and patchily between her mouth, she closed her eyes for a moment and blew off air from her mouth.

“We did everything together, from the part of our training and to when I saved you from dying years ago. We clubbed together, we fought together, we had fun, we stole, we killed, from the time I saved you from ending up in jail to when I killed Rhys for you” Lord Nathaniel continued speaking again after a minute silence.

He took a look at Margot sideways, he knew she was listening to him even though her eyes was closed. He also blew out breath and took few steps round the big room, he touched the wall with his left five fingers and rubbed the paintings on the wall to check its texture.

His eyes made eye contact with the surveillance camera in the room instantly when he raised his head up and immediately turned back to Margot. He squinted his face like he remembered something immediately and he took few steps closer to her instantly.

“Margot, There is something confusing about this so-called data and I think you are in the best position to know the answer to this confusing question” Lord Nathaniel pointed out a finger and stayed right in front of Margot who never made a blink or acted like she heard him.

He waited for 20 seconds when he heard no response from her at first before he decided to squat right where she was seated gently.

In the other room was Detective Cougar and Louis, the Chief Detective and three top agents watching and listening to Lord Nathaniel in the investigative room.

“Wait” The chief had said and stopped one of the agent who was about to enter into the room with him when they heard Lord Nathaniel started speaking.

The chief walked back to his previous position where they were watching the monitors from and folded his arms when he saw Lord Nathaniel squat down before Margot.

He took an instance look at his wristwatch immediately and turned to Detective Cougar afterwards.

“Where are the other men Detective?” The middle aged chief asked, distracting the others still watching the monitor.

“Sir.. I uh..”
“I asked you a simple question detective, I was informed you instructed the boys to stay out while you escorts them out” The chief Shouted in a loud voice.

“Sir the circumstances are…” Detective Cougar was trying to explain by the time Detective Louis turned to him after taking a look at their chief.

“You two are suspended for now and from now on, there will be an heavy surveillance on you both”

“I’m sorry but you’ll have to drop your badge, your guns and every necessary materials with you until we find out about this whole thing. Until then gentlemen, you are excused.. So !!” The chief added immediately and walked back to the door, he turned the knob and entered into the room with the same agent before the detectives could utter any words.

“Nathaniel, please have your seat and tell me more about what you are saying” The chief said immediately he opened the door and entered with the agent before Margot raised her head up.

Khora heaved a sigh like the uptenth time in frustration where he was seated immediately he tucked the last pick of cigarettes he lighted.

He had came back about an hour ago to their new base after five hours and had been working on the laptop he brought with him since he came back to the new base where they had decided to lay low.

He hissed with more frustration and carried the laptop off his laps. He dropped it straight on the long chair he was seated and rested his head on the sofa after taking a long breath.

He zipped down the red buttons of his t-shirt immediately with the wrist button and adjusted the collar of the shirt, he removed the wireless transmitter from it and placed it on the buttons of the laptop.

Sunny was seated eating at the dining table with two of the boys, he dropped down the cutlery on the plate and carried the glass cup he had just poured water into, he drank it immediately and made a chuckle.

He took his walking rod beside the dinning table and stand up immediately, even though he felt so much pain on his left leg and right arm that was badly bandage. He tried as much as possible to conceal a sound before he decided to walk towards Khora.

“Why is the Air conditioner here not working Sam?” khora shouted at once on one of the boys eating at the dinning when he saw Sunny coming towards his direction.

“The AC is perfectly working fine boss, nothing is wrong with it” there was an immediate response to Khora’s flared question by one of the two boys almost instantly and the swift tension afterwards made the two boys make glances, wondering what was going on.

“What is going on with you Khora?” Sunny asked immediately he tried to sit properly with the walking rod by the time he got near one of the sofas.

He took a look at the laptop placed beside him and made another chuckle after 30 seconds.

“Why then am I fuc..king sweating if the AC is perfectly working fine?” Khora shouted again and ignored Sunny’s question. The boys stands up immediately and stopped eating, they made another glance at themselves and turned to face Khora instantly.

“Can’t one of you answer the damn question?” Khora added angrily after another 15 seconds.

“The AC is working fine Khora, you are the one with the problem in here” Sunny intercepted when he saw the quick reaction of the boys.

The boys took another look at Khora and quickly hurried out leaving their foods opened widely.

“We’ll go check immediately” One of the boys said and both of them hurried out.

20 Minutes later.

Sunny cleared his throat and sits properly as he listened to the explanation of Margot men, he adjusted his wounded arm and placed it on the center table in front of him. He took a lasting look at everyone in the room and started speaking after all the men had brainstormed like they were expecting him to since he called for a meeting after some of the men returned back.

“I have one way of finding out where they are but.” Sunny told the men in the room and paused for a moment. He look at them all in the eye and continued after 5 seconds.

“But strictly on my instructions” he continued speaking without being interrupted.

“You will all have to follow my instructions and do as I says without questioning” he paused again and took another look at their faces.

“We are already into this Sunny. We’ll follow your instructions in as much we get our drug lord safely out”

“Good. No objections from you Khora” Sunny replied Margot right man and turned to Khora instantly.

“I’ll follow your instructions if none of your plans is to get Lord Nathaniel killed” Khora replied immediately with a shunned look, he crossed his arm and rested his back fully on the chair he was seated on without minding the quick glance two of the six men in the room made.

Sunny made a chuckle immediately he heard Khora speak, he took a brief look at Khora himself before he followed it with a short smirk that was audible in the room.

“Now here is the plan. I want you to get me some people” Sunny began to explain.

The Blue Chevrolet car speed reduced immediately Steve Jones turned on the navigating light of the car. He turned the wheel briefly and drive the car completely off the road, he slowed down the more by the time he was getting near the gate of the building both him and Vivian was headed for and didn’t wait to horn before the gate itself opened and he drove into the compound.

Steve drove directly to the parking space in the building and turned off the car engine after a minute of sighting the appropriate place to park the vehicle.

He turned to Vivian who was seated at the passenger side of the car immediately he halted and removed the car key.

“Are you feeling much better?” Steve finally broke the long silence between them since they left the house Vivian was treated. He turned to her with a worried face and switched the automatic lock of the vehicle.

“I am not sure I’m fine Steve” Vivian answered and took off her seat belt.
“You still need lots of rest Viv, you have to let the wound heal completely”

“Steve I thought you said I shouldn’t disclose our location to my mum?”
“Yeah I did and that’s only because its dangerous”

“I’ll be fine Steve. I only need to see my mum and let her know I’m safe” Vivian interrupted and got down from the vehicle immediately she opened the door. She held unto one side of her belly and managed to close the car door with the other hand before Steve could utter any word just then he called her name again.

Vivian began to walk on immediately without answering him when he kept repeating her name as she proceeded forward.

Steve quickly hurried out of the car himself when she gave no response just before his phone vibrated.

“Hey Steve” Joel voice sounded from the other end immediately Steve answered the call.
“Hey Joel” Steve called back.

To be continued…

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  1. Not encouraging at all. No updates 4 close to three wks, it will be hard to keep your readers waiting. Dont forget that there are ghost readers who wont just make a comment. Margeret made a wrong choice by going there into trouble.

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