I Want A Home – Episode 34

I Want A Home Episode 34
18+ SNVL
Ireti Adedipe

Lord Nathaniel drew in a breath and adjusted himself properly again on the bed he was seating on after Margot answered all of Joels questions. He took a brief look at the two detectives who just entered the room with them after answering all their questions likewise.

You should have given us this information before all of this could happen, I wonder why you hesitated so much then but spoke freely now Joel enjoined after the drug lord stopped speaking.

I can see youre scared of the hired assassins sent to ki*ll you so youd give us all the information we needed straightforward without delays Detective Cougar added.

The detective took a longer look at the drug lord and slowly moved away behind Joel, he pocketed his hands immediately and brought out a small recorder. He stopped the recording on it and returned it back into his pocket, clearly showing indirectly that he had recorded everything both drug lord said, he brought out an handcuffs just immediately detective Louis also brought out one in less than a minute.

Detective Cougar moved near lord Nathaniel and demanded that his hands be stretched forward just the same way Detective Louis told Margot.

Joel who was watching them suddenly looked baffled seeing the handcuffs and was wondering already if there was a change in plan when the handcuffs were brought out.

Margot made a smirk immediately detective Louis demanded for her hands, she hesitated for few seconds at first but obeyed the instruction when she saw that lord Nathaniel was already handcuffed. Of course to her, the situation doesnt seems like they were leaving for another building like they did previously and she instantly realized that this look like an official arrest.

Joel stand up slowly to face Detective Cougar by the time he turned and his face was clearly demanding for an explanation.

Joel, I must commend you for your help in getting this criminals and Detective Cougar was explaining when Joel interrupted him the same time.

What is going on here detectives?
We are making an official arrest Detective Cougar answered him.

An official what !! But the whole goddamn thing is not done, what about the data we are yet to get?

There will be an official warrant and our top agent will be sent officially to get the data from Metlife servers in New York city. The job is done and we are taking the rest of our actions legally from now on, there will be more repercussion if we are doing this the criminal way with you guys and there is no way innocent people arent going to get hurt along The detective answered the question almost the same time he ushered lord Nathaniel forward. He looked at Joel who was looking at him just like Detective Louis.

Lord Nathaniel and Margot eyes met without each of them showing any form of feelings and the silence in the room went on for about 2 more minutes before Detective Cougar speaks into a receiver.

We are Escorting them out, you men ready?
Okay. Good, I want each one of you to surround the car and position yourself at necessary perimeter The detective added and pushed on lord Nathaniel forward.

Our officers are all trailing for your men and wed also get them, now please move Detective Louis also said just as Joel moved back to give the detectives some space.

They all walked towards the door and got out one after the other while Joel watched.

Steve was already dozing after walking back to his previous seat when Margaret told him she will be out somewhere and would be back later in 2 hours.

He folded his hands and placed it on his laps just like his head was rested on his arms. His wounded face had been attended to by Margaret under a must pressure before she left and thanks to her, he was able to sleep with the help of the first aid treatment she gave him.

He woke up immediately he felt a vibration in his left pocket and opened his eyes forcefully out of sleep, he adjusted his seating position instantly and raised himself up. He quickly made for the phone which had already stopped vibrating already due to his slowness in bringing it out.

He finally brought it out and took a look at the phone screen, Charles had just called and he already had another missed call from Margaret.

He looked at the time frame of Margarets call which was just about 15 minutes ago and that means the phone had rang without him knowing. He rested himself properly enough immediately and met Vivians gaze who was sleeping on the bed.

Vivian !! He whispered out immediately and rushed towards the bed in seconds.

Are you okay? He asked with a whole of worries and placed his palm on her neck to check for her temperature, he did the same process five seconds later and repeat the question again when she gave no response.

Steve Vivian called out his name slowly and tried to move her head almost the same time.

hey Easy.. Easy Steve beckoned her and support her movement, he helped her up real quick as Vivian let out a faint sound.

Are you okay? Steve asked the third time after her head was placed on the dashboard of the bed.

She nodded in response and took a look at her lower abdomen where she was feeling scotching pains. She rested her forehead alongside her body and managed to turn her face to the left side of the bed where Steve stood.

She looked at him and saw some bandages on his face, in seconds she remembered how Steve was stabbed with a broken bottle before she unfortunately got shot during the fight, she thought she was really dead until she woke up to realization.

Steve moved more closer to the long bed and sits closely on it edge, directly following her eyes.

I need water Vivian said almost immediately Steve phone began to vibrate again. He took a quick glance at the screen and quickly answered the call.

Hey Charles !! Steve said into the phone and stand up immediately, he proceeded straight towards a part of the small room where a refrigerator was placed and opened it in search for milk but continued with the call.

Hey buddy. There is a little problem over here Charles voice came through the phone.
What problems? Steve asked just immediately he closed the refrigerator. He took out two pack of milk and sighed, the way he spoke properly tell he was tired of hearing problems here and there before he moved away to get a glass of cup adjacent to the refrigerator stand.

Mrs. Kruger made a police report and Vivian has been declared missing
Mrs. Kruger !!Steve phrased.
Yeah. Vivian foster mum, two cops just left here to ask me few questions regarding your whereabouts and few questions about Vivian herself. Im currently returning from the director office and he told me lots of shi..t and thank God Margaret is here too

Margaret Steve called out and turned to face Vivian after getting the glass cup.

Yes, shes just getting here and I can see her heading for the Director office for some questioning likewise. Steve I think this really needs to get settled now and Im uh just gonna calk you back

Where is Margaret? Anything wrong with her? You just called my mum name Vivian asked Steve immediately the call ended by the time he placed the glass cup and milk on a tray.

Nothing is wrong with her, your mum had a police report and you have been declared missing

Oh my God, declared missing?
Yes.. What are you doing? You need to rest and let your wound heal

No, Im going to put a call through and let her know Im safe. Where is my phone?

Relax first Vivian, stop moving this way and relax yourself because of the wound Steve said, trying to stop her from moving yet.

The situation is quite different, I think we need to be very careful now and handle anything else will got to do with extreme care and caution. Weve made lot of mistakes nonchalantly in the past that doesnt have to be repeated Khora said in a loud and clear tone after Sunny stopped talking. He took three steps forward and pocketed both hands after swallowing in, he began to move up and down after taking a brief look at the faces on the men standing akimbo right in front of him and Sunny.

Whatever happens, we are getting lord Nathaniel out and this whole piece of Shi..t gonna end so you guys stay calm, be in position, exit all ongoing transactions and stay in touch and tight anytime from the cops because they are desperately on our trail Khora added and stop, he paused to see if the men were carried along before he continued just the very same time he stopped again.

He turned to the opposite direction almost immediately they heard the door to the long hall they were inside opened.

All of them turned along when they heard the sound too and their gazes were fixed at the entrance.

Khora released one hands from his pocket and squinted his face when he sighted the identity of the men coming. There were over 10 of them all in the same uniform and two of lord Nathaniels men were accompanying them.

The large hall went silent and no other sound was made except the footsteps of the coming men.

Khora walked forward immediately and the rest of the men standing ahead him rushed forward with his same pace, carrying guns.

what the hell is going on here Fred? Khora asked one of the two men who were positioned to guard the main entrance of the warehouse with confusion when they quickly meet up with the men coming from the entrance.

Boss, we were instructed to let them inside
Instructed? And who fuc..king gave you such instructions to let an enemy into here? khora asked him in annoyance.

I did A voice interrupted from behind.
You did what?
I said I did, I invited them over myself and instructed the boys to let them pass if they come so get out of their way and allow them pass Sunny retorted louder.

We are not your enemies anymore Khora and we need to get over the past now that we have a common cause. The tables had unexpectedly turned and the cops are seriously on our trail, theyve caught most of our boys at drug transactions and different selling points. In just two days theyve bombarded most of our secrets hideout and took charge of our deep storage, wont be long before they eradicate this whole process

That is your f**k..ing problem and has nothing to do with us Khora countered immediately. He placed his hands behind him hurriedly and brought out a gun.

Let them pass Khora, you dont seem to understand why they are here Sunnys voice came louder again.

I dont f**k..ing needs to understand any f**k..ing thing when its comes to this men. This guys arent taking a step further from here Khora retaliated.

Stop proofing stubborn Khora, let them pass. I said pave way and let them pass now Sunny shouted repeatedly from his position instantly. He suddenly became angered and could have stand up immediately if not for the stretcher on him.

I said let.. Them.. Pass.. Now Sunny added slowly like an order.

( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )

You dont give me orders here Sunny, these men arent taking a step forward from here and we are making no deal with them cos I understand the f**k..ing strategy Khora shouted back aggressively from his position almost immediately a gunshot followed up.

All of them became shocked unexpectedly and at the same time startled when they saw who shot the gun, Khora pulled the trigger the second time and another loud gunshot followed.

The next bullet goes into your chest if you dont turn back now Khora added more aggressively to show his seriousness, he moved forward immediately and pointed the gun directly on one of them who seemed to be their leader.

The cops got our drug lord too Khora, we are planning to make this right just like you and we could both do this together successfully without a crash. You guys got the necessities but you are outnumbered, we could use our men together with your stuffs if not the cops will soon find you in due time just like they found us and this drug whole goddamn thing becomes a shi..t then their leader said.

Margaret heaved a deep breath by the time she got out of the Director office and closed the door immediately. She rested herself fully on the door for a minute before she began to walk back to her normal busy department.

Good day Miss Margaret, howd? One of the staff greeted her immediately she walked into her department after closing the glass door.
Good day maam She replied the middle aged woman nonchalantly and walked on as everyone kept busy with work.

She began to walk on towards the glass door that leads to her main office and that of Vivian before Charles called her.

Hey Charles She called his name with a faint sigh and walked over to the empty desk opposite Charles, the one occupied by Steve.

She sat down quietly and drew in a breath.
How is Vivian? Has she woken up yet? Charles asked her.

She should have woken up by now Margaret answered him and placed her elbow on the desk.

Thank Goodness. But is anything else the matter with you? Are you okay?

Im fine Charles
Yeah. Im fine but I uh think.. I.. I mean this is.. Margaret said stammering and heaved another breath with frustration, Charles leaned back on the chair he sat immediately and tried to study her expression, of course he noticed something strange and he could see she looked so disturbed and absolutely frustrated.

This is what Margaret? You think what? Charles asked by trying to help her finished the statement.

I think this is crazy and definitely getting out of hand Charles, for Christ sake I cant believe I am really into this

Wha.. What !! Into what? You gat to take it easy on yourself
For Gods sake Vivian almost lost her life in a gun battle

Others are listening, low your voice Charles leaned forward and whispered. He bend down and was about to talk when he sighted a security man walking towards them

Excuse me Miss Margaret, Im sorry to interrupt but two men are outside demanding to see you. We asked if you had an appointment with them but they did say no said one of the company security men who intercepted.

Two men !! Margaret turned to the officer with a questioning look and asked.

yes maam. Do I tell them to leave? the security man asked and stretched out his hands after 30 seconds of silence and no response from Margaret.

No. How do this men look like? Margaret questioned.
They looked like men miss, I just said they are men and from the color of the skin and intonation, I think they are Russian

No I meant to say how do they..
Why dont you just go with him first Maggie? Charles intercepted.

To be continued

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