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Opana – Episode 38

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Opana – Episode 38

© Akoto Alexander

Matron’s Office:

Matron: Maabena I need you to stand in for me on some serious issue over here in this hospital, the senior doctor asked me to compile some list for him but……

Doctor: (walks in) Ah it’s good I met you here, now matron and Maabena follow me to my office right away. Your attitude towards work is abysmal and I will not condone it so far as am the senior doctor of this hospital my father built with his blood and sweat, I am ready to relieve anyone of his or her duty in this hospital so that your negligence or laziness won’t cause this hospital any further crisis.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Doc I don’t get you with what you are saying because every duty I am signed to in this hospital I do well to put in my best effort.

Doctor: Really? You will understand me well enough when we get to my office.

As the doctor, matron and Maabena set off to his office Brigadier Adu-Tettey and his men walk into the hospital and immediately the face of the doctor changed.

Brigadier Adu-Tettey: Hello doc, hope you are not surprised to see me here this morning?

Doctor: Mmmmm not really sir.

Brigadier Adu-Tettey: That is good to hear, so what good news do you have for me this morning.

Doctor: (wipes his face from the emergency sweat that had gathered on his forehead) Please lets go to my office so we talk, it won’t be prudent to engage you in an form of conversation outside here.

Brigadier Adu-Tettey: I hope you have something good to tell me if not I will be very hard on you. Now lead the way to your office. Captain Awude please you and your men take position as we have planned.

Captain Awude: Very well sir, Corporal Attipoe you and the team B take the eastern wing whiles I and the team A members take northern wing.

Doctor: (inside the doctor’s office) Please sir kindly sit down, I have hired the services of some private detectives who are working day and night just to get us adequate information for you and the hospital. Now that you are here I would like you to be my witness with the efforts am putting in place to get your boy for you.

Brigadier Adu-Tettey: And what is the effort you are talking about and to what do you want me to bear witness to?

Doctor: Now matron can you repeat what you told me last night infront of Brigadier and the nurse who you tasked to do the assignment I gave you?

Matron: (speaking in her head) God please help me out on this lie that I told last night, I didn’t know my lie will trigger much attention like this.

Doctor: Matron I was talking to you so why have you kept mute all of a sudden, now Maabena since you are here where is list that the matron asked you to compile?

Maabena Boaduwaa: Am sorry sir but I don’t get you, matron never told me to do anything for her. I don’t know what you are talking about.

Brigadier Adu-Tettey: What comedy show is going on here? Doctor did you invite me here to witness a robbing Peter to pay Paul game?

Doctor: Am surprise with what is going on myself Brigadier, yesterday I tasked the matron to get me the list of all the medical staff that were on duty the night you brought your boy and she told me that she mandated this nurse here to get her the list of all the night shift staffers, am puzzled and surprised to the marrow at the reaction going on here.

Brigadier Adu-Tettey: Madam it will do us a lot of good if you start talking as to who is lying and who is speaking the truth because I haven’t got all day to spend here in this hospital. See the President has taken keen interest in this matter because it is a bilateral matter which involves a diplomat from another country and if by the close of today I don’t get a positive report to his desk then tomorrow by this time expect to see the National Security and Buearea for National Intelligence(BNI) personnels in this medical facility. The diplomat has already filed a petition to the United Nation (UN) and pressure has been mounted on the President to get the boy out of this country in the next 72hours or else UN will deploy troops to come and search for the boy. We are trying not to let this story come out into the public domain for now because if does this country will be placed in the bad books of the United Nation. As someone who is charge of protecting diplomatic corps and their families at the Presidency, my job is on the line and if anything goes wrong for me to be seen as incompetent or not up to the task that was assigned to me, I swear by the pistol in my side arm punch that I will hunt and gun down every medical staffer of this health facility, I won’t call it a threat but I will call it a little advice to you people for you to ponder over it.

Doctor: Matron I believe you heard every word that came out from the brigadier’s mouth, I won’t allow any of you two to drag me or this hospital into the mud and if you are planning to ruin my life or this hospital then please this is the time to think twice.

Brigadier Adu-Tettey: Doc I have just given you a clue as to what will happen in the next 72hours if you are not able to get me a credible information or clue that will lead to the capturing of that youngman I brought here. Before I leave this office I will leave you with this advisory memory verse in the bible that can be found in Proverbs 17:14 and it says “Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out”. (walks out of the doctor’s office)

Doctor: Have you seen how stupid you made me look infront of that small boy and how he was throwing threats into the air as if he was my age mate? For you matron you have been working with me for a very long time so you know my family and you can attest to the fact that my last born is even older than him but he came here to speak to me anyhow just because of your negligence and incompetence. Now are you people ready to tell me what I need to know?

Maabena Boaduwaa: (talking in her head) Ah so does it mean that Quincy is harbouring the son of a diplomat in his house? Why don’t I tell the doctor about the whereabouts of Kwaku Mike and take a ransom on that? No that will be betrayal to Quincy and his friend. Or should I confront Kwaku Mike rather with this first hand information, who knows since he is a son of a diplomat his bank account might be very juicy and strong. Hmmmm I think this is a blessing in disguise, indeed when life gives you LIMES which are very bitter you just have to rearrange it to get a SMILE and prepare a lemonade drink with it, I know what to do.

Doctor: (screaming) Maabena! Maabena!! Maabena!!! Nurse Boaduwaa are you alright? You are standing right infront of me and I have been screaming your name on countless times but you have not been responding to my calling.

Maabena Boaduwaa: (stammering) Sorry sir I was trying to remember the people I came to the night shift with but I still maintain the fact that I know nothing about the allegations that I have been tagged with.

Doctor: Matron I worked with you for more than 15years now, you know you can confide in me so please tell me the truth on what I need to know for a stitch in time saves nine.

Matron: Doc please forgive me, due to the way you were screaming and yelling at me last night I had to lie. The truth is that I forgot to compile the list you requested for and I thought I could lie to you so that I buy myself a little time to get you the list but yesternite the cases that came in were to much and the other two matrons we have here in this hospital are all on sick leave. I have been doing 18hours duty in a day now and talking to you right now I feel my legs wobbling and jiggling.

Doctor: Hmmmmm so why haven’t you told me about the other two matrons going on sick leave? You know it is against the ethics of this job to work more than 8hours in the same health facility within 24hours. Maabena am with an immediate effect placing you in charge of the duties of the matron in this hospital, go and compile the list for me and I hope you will not make me regret appointing you to play the role of the matron.

Matron: (smiles and hugs Maabena) Congratulations my dear, please grab this opportunity and make great use of it, if you are able to serve well I believe you won’t be kept as an acting matron but you will fully be promoted to that rank. It takes more than 25years of dedicated service before you can get to that rank so don’t disappoint our doctor and myself.

Doctor: Matron please take her to your office and give her a little orientation on the roles she will be playing as a matron and when you are done please go home and rest. I will see you in the evening, Maabena congratulations and please get me the list of your night shift colleagues then get me Doctor Boateng so I hand over to him before I go home.

Maabena Boaduwaa: (talking in her head) God please if this is a dream them please let me not wake up now, let me continue dreaming to the end of this dream and if it is reality too please cement my legacy this moment in this hospital. Oh matron thanks for saying that lie to the senior doctor because if you spoke the truth last night like will I get this posthumous promotion? I will do my best to live to expectation so that doc won’t regret giving me this chance.

At the roadside:

Henrietta Barnor: Mike am very grateful for everything that you did for me, you risked your life for someone you just came across on the street, I know you did that for a reason which you will tell me later. I want to show you how appreciative your effort is to me so I am handing over this 24karat gold Rolex watch to you as a gift from my heart to you, anytime you put it on please remember me and if you don’t see me again I want you to know that you are a Hero. (hands over the watch to Kwaku Mike)

Michael : Herty why are you sounding as if I won’t ever set my eyes on you again? See if that b****** lays his filthy hands on you ever again I will kill him and face the laws of the land without any regret.

Henrietta Barnor: I know what you can do my super hero but nothing will happen to me, you will see me again very soon. Thanks for everything you and Quincy did for me, God will rain His infinite blessings on you so that everything you do will flourish. Hey taxi please stop (walks to sit in the back seat and the taxi moves but the car comes on reverse again and she gets down from the taxi, hugs and plans a peck on Kwaku Mike’s cheek then goes back into the taxi)

Michael : (surpised) Kwaku Mike am I dreaming or this thing just happened for real? Holala!!! Am the luckiest person on planet earth, Herty if you don’t know I love you more than my shadow and life. See any man who messes around with you messes with me, for your sake I will turn into a street fighter and beat anyone who fools with you. Herh Quincy where the hell are you, come and see the radiance on my cheek. (runs back to the house with excitement)

Quincy: (jumps from the sofa as Kwaku Mike rushes to the room) Hey are the bad guys chasing after you again? Did you bump into them? Are they close to this place so we take cover?

Michael : Charlie relax for me koraa, no one is after me.

Quincy: If no one is after you then why do you run to the room like you are been pursued by someone or group of people?

Michael : I told you relax so that is what I expect from you, now throw your phone torch light on my right cheek and tell me what you see?

Quincy: (puts his phone torch light on and takes it close to Kwaku Mike’s cheek) Ah am not seeing anything there what is wrong with your cheek (tries to rub his hand on Kwaku Mike’s cheek)

Michael : (screams) Hey don’t try that nonsense, have I asked you to rub your nonsense palm on my cheek? Since you are blind and can’t see let me enlighten you, Herty gave me a peck on my cheek.

Quincy: Ah Kwaku Mike, herh come close let me check your temperature for you because it seems you have developed malaria or typhoid fever. Is this the first time a lady has given you a peck? Hey if you are not the real Kwaku Mike I know you better tell me the truth now so I go in search of my missing brother.

Michael : What do you mean by that? If you know what am feeling inside my system like you won’t be there talking nonsense, see that lady’s peck is the most electrifying peck or kiss I have ever gotten in my life. I don’t know but I think I have fallen in love with that young lady.

Quincy: Oh really? So were you able to let her know what you feel for her and what was her response.

Michael : (bows his head) My brother I couldnt summon courage to tell her my feelings oooo.

Quincy: Oh okay so I guest you took her contact number so that we can start making advances towards her, see this is our chance to attack her defence as she least expect us to attack.

Michael : Bro I even forgot to ask her of her contact number and where she stays even.

Quincy: Ah I said it that you are an imposter because you are not behaving like my woman sniper friend Kwaku Mike, you took a risk with your life yesternite only to come and tell me that you were only rewarded with a peck. You know what, hold your ear and repeat after me that you are the biggest fool of the century. You run all the way to come and tell me this nonsense that a lady who you went to fight for came to sleep behind you, you didn’t touch her and the next day you go and see her off and she gives you a peck and you are jubilating over that, see I saw you slipping money into her back pocket if you think I didn’t see it.

What plans do you think is going on in Maabena’s head as at now, will she betray Kwaku Mike and Quincy or she will keep mute?

Do you think Kwaku Mike will ever see Henrietta again after she gave him that expensive watch?

Do you forsee any positive thing ahead of Kwaku Mike’s life in the city?

Well if you smell what am cooking you will bring your plate for me to give you a piece of it.

To be continued


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