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Opana – Episode 37

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Opana – Episode 37

© Akoto Alexander

On phone:

Opana: Good morning Mr Addo, how are you doing? I am calling to inform you that the documents for change of ownership is ready at my lawyer’s office, he said you can come over with your lawyer so that we can all go through the documents and after that we do the signings.

Mr Addo: Oh that is good news, I will call my lawyer immediately so that I meet you at your lawyers end, please text me the exact location of where your lawyer’s office is and I will be there with my lawyer before noon.

Opana: I will send you that details the moment we end the call and please for the money I don’t like any cheque issue, after your lawyer checks the document, if he or she shows satisfaction on the documents we will go to the bank and you will release the money for me then we do the signing inside the bank.

Mr Addo: Hahahahaha you are talking like you are scared of me.

Opana: Oh am not scared of you personally but the truth is I fear Blackman, if you have been bitten by a snake before, the sight of a worm scares you. I don’t trust Blackman one bit and because of that I am very careful anytime am dealing with a Blackman.

Mr Addo: Well I have heard you, I will be expecting the text message and we will meet in the afternoon at your lawyers office. (call ends)

Quincy’s end:

Henrietta Barnor: You guys have done well by consuming everything I brought before you, I believe you enjoyed the meal.

Quincy: Eeeeiiii if this is the taste of your pot then I wonder how the golden pot will taste. To say the food was fine is understatement my dear because the food is a replica of your beauty, please if some was left in the kitchen kindly come and do a top up for me because your food is sweet like something.

Michael : If I may ask which something are you talking about?

Quincy: Oh shut up boy, somethings are for men only so keep mute over there you bad boy.

Michael : If am a bad boy then you are a spoilt man, Herty I must say your food is very interesting as one of our lecturer’s use to say when he was describing a nice palatable food.

Quincy: Herh so you still remember that old man, hmmmm he was the reason why I didn’t give up in the university. Anywhere his soul is right now I pray God gives him a peaceful resting place.

Henrietta Barnor: Well guys am ready now and I want to thank you for your hospitality and how you made me feel like am part of you people. I must confess I really enjoyed my stay here and even though I knew you people less than 24hours ago you made me feel like I have known you for 24years now.

Quincy: My dear you don’t have a clue as to how this room has been enlightened with your presence here. Your coming here is not just a mistake but a blessing and for me am going to miss your food, I will plead with you to passby anytime you are free so that you cook something for me especially. I will miss you.

Henrietta Barnor: Awwww I will also miss you too, I promise to come and visit you soon.

Quincy: Really? When is that day? Please tell me because am eager to know so that I will buy enough foodstuffs for you to use in preparing the food for us.

Henrietta Barnor: Hahahaha see my second coming will be like how Jesus Christ told his disciples, it is going to be unannounced and I will take you be surprise.

Quincy: Mmmmm I love surprises my dear but please don’t keep us waiting for long.

Michael : Me I no go talk chaw because money the call me for my brain.

Quincy: Bros are you sure everything is pretty okay upstairs, why are you now Shatta Wale? My friend shut that thing you call your mouth, can’t you see am talking to a very pretty damsel who was created on a Sunday.

Henrietta Barnor: Hahahaha so is that how you two have been fighting or quarrelling when you are together? Let me be going now because my mum might be worried now since my phone is not with me.

Michael : Let me please urinate then I will go and see you off my dear. (counts one hundred cedis from the money he went to retrieve from his bag in the bush and puts it in his back pocket as he gets to the washroom)

Henrietta Barnor: Please take good care of your brother for me especially his wounds.

Quincy: Oh you don’t have a problem my dear, consider your request granted.

Back at the Hospital:

Maabena Boaduwaa: Emmmm Doris yesternite what were you saying on the phone when you called me last night?

Doris: Hey I was giving you a signal to get yourself ready when coming to work this morning because the senior doctor has a bone to pick with you concerning something the matron told him about you.

Maabena Boaduwaa: I can’t get it still because I don’t even remember coming in contact with her even but all the same I will get to the bottom of the matter.

Doris: Well that is good to hear but before I forget have you seen that handsome male nurse that we spoke to the other time around here? I have combed virtually even corner of this hospital but I haven’t set sight on him, he is the reason why am still around and haven’t gone home. I am hoping he is on the morning shift with you guys.

Maabena Boaduwaa: I don’t remember any handsome nurse ooo, can you refresh my memory a bit because my mind is in a confused state as at now.

Doris: Oh have you forgotten that handsome nurse who helped us to push the accident victim to the elevator some nights ago and he said he will meet you at the cafeteria in the morning and I said I will join you people but you refused.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Oh that guy, he wasn’t a serious person, he made me wait at the cafeteria for a very long time but he never showed up. When I meet or see him, the way I will tell him my mind erh.

Doris; Possibly he didn’t show up because you are not his type, slim things is taking ah you say obolobo.

Maabena Boaduwaa: You are mad wai, go and take him if you want him.

Doris: Hehehe you will speak the truth, mmmm the matron is coming our way, don’t look back oooo.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Really!!! Am waiting for her and the nonsense she has to say to me.

Matron: Aha there you are Maabena, I have been looking for you all over the place, follow me to my office.

Maabena Boaduwaa: Is anything the problem matron?

Matron: I can’t discuss anything with you here in the open, now follow me to my office but Doris what are you still doing here, haven’t you handed over to the person who is supposed to change you this morning?

Doris: I have done that but am waiting for a friend who will come and pick me up to a place we are going.

Matron: Hmmmm make sure you don’t come here late this evening because I won’t entertain any form of lateness over here. Now Maabena follow me to my office.

Back the Boss end:

Boss: Ginola I have gotten confirmation from my partner’s, take some boys with you and go with the V8 cars to the airport, over here in the envelope is the name of the person you are picking up. Scorpion you to go the Kempinski hotel and make a reservation of their presidential suite for nine days for me, also book for their conference room for me. We will have a meeting on Friday evening and it’s a two hour meeting, taking this cheque and redraw the money then proceed with the instructions I have given you.

Quincy’s end:

Michael : My dear let’s get going, we will get a taxi at the junction over there. (quickly slips money into the back pocket of Henrietta without letting Quincy see)

Henrietta Barnor: Okay Mr Quincy I will see you later, please take care of yourself and stay away from trouble.

Quincy: Mmmm please that advice should go to the gentleman following you and not me.

Michael : Your father’s wife erh, didn’t he see me before addressing you, massa respect yourself wai.

Quincy: Hahahahaha I laugh enter somewhere you don’t want to know.

Michael : Ooooooh ashawo kobo kobo.

Henrietta Barnor: Lol!!! Please take me out of here because if I decide to follow you guys, I won’t go to my house and my family needs me around them.

To be continued



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