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Opana – Episode 36

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Opana – Episode 36

© Akoto Alexander

Michael : (screaming) Leave me alone, what have I done to you people? I don’t want to fight you people because I promised Henrietta my love not to fight again, please stop because I don’t want to break my promise to her and if you touch her again I will break your bones into pieces you fools, let go of me right this moment before I do something nasty to you fools, let go of me now!!!

Henrietta Barnor: (waking up because of the noise she heard) Mike what is wrong with you? Who are you fighting with in your dream?

Quincy: (jumping to his feet and gets a cutlass he has hidden under his sofa then puts on the light) Where are the people trying to attack my brother from another mother? I will chop off the head of that person or people right now.

Henrietta Barnor: Hahahaha and where are you going with this cutlass? There is no one here, it’s only the three of us who are in the room, he was only having a nightmare.

Quincy: Ah the way I heard the noise I taught some people had invaded my room to attack my brother.

Henrietta Barnor: (puts Kwaku Mike’s head on her chest) Don’t worry my dear, it was only a nightmare and there is no one here apart from your brother and I, try and catch some sleep again.

Quincy: Ah so it was just a nightmare you were having, you see what plenty food has done to you. You were screaming like a woman who has seen a cockroach or mouse in her bedroom, the next time you do that again I will walk you out of the room.

Michael : (talking in his head) Ah see how soft her chest is, her body is as soft as a butter bread which was just brought out of the oven. God please hid to my prayer request for I need Herty like how a fish needs water and human needs air, if you did it for Hannah and Sarah in the bible now is the time for you to do it for me.

Quincy: Massa go back to sleep for we have an important agenda to accomplish tomorrow and stop behaving like a small child, am off to bed.

Henrietta Barnor: Please let him be wai, I will get to listen to his reason for screaming later in the morning.

Later Kwaku Mike falls asleep and Henrietta watches him as he sleeps off and she smiles at him as he sleeps.

Later in the Morning:

Quincy: Good morning sweetheart, hope you slept well last night.

Henrietta Barnor: Oh yes I had a very peaceful night, your bed is loving and comfortable like the one I slept on when I travelled to France some time back. Let me rush and prepare breakfast for you guys.

Quincy: Ah well done my dear, as our elders say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Herh lazy bone wake up over there, after you made so much noise to disturb our sleep you are still lying down sleeping.

Michael : Ooooo let me sleep small, am tired all over my body.

Quincy: Herh you think you are still a small boy erh, wake up before I pour water on you.

Back in the Village:

On phone:

Lawyer: Good morning Mr I trust you are doing well? The change of ownership document is ready so you can call the buyer so we meet at my office and do the signings.

Opana: Wow that was so fast, I will call the buyer and we will come to your chamber before noon. I will see you later in the day, thanks very much for the swift response to the appeal I brought before you.

Lawyer: Don’t mention my brother, I am always at your humble service and I will be looking forward to seeing you in the afternoon in my office. (call ends)

Opana: Akua darling where are you? Come and play the favourite song of the President for me because the good thing and news that I have heard is so overwhelming and pleasing to the ears.

Akua Yankey: What could that thing and news be?

Opana: See go and pack your things because very soon you will be flying in the air with my daughter and don’t forget to put that thick jacket into your things so that your rheumatism will not go and start over there.

Akua Yankey: You don’t have to tell me my love because I have packed my things already. Should you tell me that we are leaving right now even, I am more than ready to go so don’t worry about me going to pack.

Opana: Eeeeiiii women always want good things indeed, see prepare my breakfast for me because I need to step out of the house early so that I meet the buyer of the land, we will have to go and do the signings of the land documents in the lawyer’s office.

Akua Yankey: My dear relax for am going to give you a breakfast that will make you lick the bowl after consuming the food I serve you.

Opana: (talking in his head) See the way she is happy and shaking her big buttocks for me to see, the way we are the only people left in the house like I should go and give it to her in the kitchen but time is not on my side, tonight prepare yourself for me because we will do a vigil together. Let me call my son and check up on him before I set off to town.

On Phone:

Quincy: Good morning daddy please this is not Kwaku Mike, he is attending to nature’s call at the moment.

Opana: Oh okay, mmmm my son are you his friend that is housing him in the city?

Quincy: Yes please, am the one and I promise to take good care of him. For Mike I don’t see him as a friend but rather a brother from another mother, you have no reason to worry because he is in good hands now.

Opana: Ah you have spoken well my son, you have indeed provened to me that some friends are far better than siblings and the God that I serve will bless you and enlarge your territory from coast to coast. You will excel from grace to grace and you will cross over any untimely death that your enemies will plot against your life.

Quincy: Amen papa, thanks for your blessings and prayers, I really appreciate it and may God also protect you for us. May you live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour because the best is yet to happen to us.

Opana: Okay my son, let me leave you for now and when your brother comes out from the white house tell him I called to check up on him and that we will talk later in the day. May the good Lord be with you guys.

Quincy: Thank you very much papa, your words has really enlightened my spirit this morning (call ends)

Michael : (walks from the washroom) Did someone call my line?

Quincy: Your dad called and he wanted to check up on you and see the way things are going on over here.

Michael : Hope you didn’t tell him about my injury bro?

Quincy: Why should I be the one to break that news to him, I only received blessings from him for housing you when he realised I was the one who answered the call.

Michael : Is the breakfast ready?

Henrietta Barnor: Yes it’s very ready hungry soldiers, I am about to dish it out to you so that you do justice to it whiles I freshen up and prepare to go back home and face my problem.

Quincy: Hahaha you know you have a strong fighter here so don’t hesitate to call on him if anyone messes up with you.

Back at the house of the Boss:

Boss: Hey get me my son right now, I want to give him some instructions for him to handle some things for me and when you are done get me Scorpion and Ginola.

Ginola: Boss am here and Scorpion is on his way coming.

Boss: So how far with the mission I gave to you to handle?

Ginola: Boss I and my boys are on it and very soon you will get results that will put a smile on your face.

Trouble: Boss please he said he doesn’t want to see anyone and is not ready to talk to you.

Boss: Ah what is wrong with him? Hey you, what time did my son get home last night?

Trouble: (plays smart) I can’t tell boss, I went out with the team that went to search for some clues that will lead to the apprehension of that idiot.

Boss: Oh that is good to hear, I never knew you are doing some underground works to capture that fool. As I have said anyone or people who bring that idiot before me will get a special package from me. All the same since my son is not available for now I will like you two and some other boys to go and meet a very important client of mine for me this afternoon. I will give you details of that person later when am done with my breakfast and get the confirmation from my colleague out there.

Ginola: Okay sir, we will be waiting for your instructions boss, I and my boys are always ready to serve you boss.

Who do you think is the son of the Boss?

Who is the Boss sending his boys to go and meet?

Will Henrietta keep the place she spent the night a secret from her boyfriend?

Let me hear from you with your comments and views as to where we have gotten to. My whatsapp line 0249446151 remains active for any interactions with you my dear readers.

To be continued



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  1. I can't agree any less with Jules. That's a powerful prediction there. Thanks, Op. Can't wait for the next update.

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