Illusions – Episode 5

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Illusions – Episode 5

© Jennipher Duru

Barbara arrived home. She threw her bag on the table and fell down on the floor

“Lord why me? Why do I have to be the only one who gets hurt even after trying my best? Just when I thought things were working out for me, I get the shock of my life. I am tired of always being slapped in the face with deception.’’ She wept bitterly.

She took her phone and started viewing the screenshots she had sent to herself. She wept again, this time beating her hand on the floor. She dialed her brother’s number

Bernard: Hello Barbie, what’s up?

Barbara was sobbing.

Bernard: Hello, Barbara, what is going on? Is everything ok? Why are you crying?

Barbara: I guess you were right when you asked me to be careful with Patrick. I have just discovered that Patrick has been playing with me. What wrong have I done in this world, Bernard? What wrong? I have tried to live an honest life, but I always get rewarded with evil. I hate my life, I hate…..

Bernard: calm down Barbara. Calm down. Right now, you are upset. Try to calm down and avoid talking before you will curse your life. You know better than I, the power of words. Please calm down. If it’s possible, take a nap. I am currently out of the city giving some technical assistance to a client. I will pass by this evening around 5pm once I am through. Promise me you will remain calm. Let God handle your situation. Ok? Did you hear what I just said?

Barbara: ye…..yes I did.

Bernard: Good! Maybe you can call your friend Carol to come and stay with you this afternoon before I come later in …..

Barbara: Which Carol? That idiot and traitor of a woman! That old cargo that has no heart! She has been sleeping with Patrick all this while behind my back!

Bernard: Wonders shall never end! Don’t worry, try and relax. I will come as soon as I finish ok?

Barbara: o….Ok. Later

“I should have told her what I knew about this guy” Bernard said to himself as he got back to his work.

Barbara went to the bathroom to wash her face. She looked at the bathroom mirror in front of her and cried “Barbara, what have you done in this world to deserve this? When will you ever find rest and happiness in life? When?” She cried again. After crying for a few minutes, she managed to pull herself together and went to the living room.

She switched on the music player and started to play some worship music. She lay down on the couch, tears flowing from her eyes.

She was almost sleeping off when her doorbell rang. She did not feel like opening the door. “I have no strength to face anyone today” she said to herself and ignored the bell. But the person ringing it, insisted. She went to open the door and behold it was Patrick.

“Please leave me alone. You have achieved your goal. Now please just leave, for God’s sake” Barbara said in a very weak voice

“Please allow me to explain myself. I will understand every decision you will take today. But please just let me say some final words” Patrick said

Barbara starred at him with a look of disgust on her face. “Go ahead, you have three minutes to say whatever you want to say” she said

“Please, allow me to enter. People outside are looking at us. Please I beg you” Patrick said

Barbara allowed him to enter and immediately she closed the door behind her, Patrick threw himself on the floor, kneeling down before her.

“Baby, I am sorry. I am a fool and a wretch and I deserve no pity from you. You are the most wonderful soul I have ever met in my life and believe me I love you” he said with tears flowing from his eyes.

Barbara: Love hun! So this is what love means to you? Hurting the person you love! Taking me for a fool! Going behind my back and sleeping around with my own friend. If that is what love is, then I don’t ever want to be loved in life! Love, my foot!!!! She screamed

Patrick: I am sorry baby. I never meant to hurt you. Carol lured me into all this. One day I went to a night club with a friend. Then all of a sudden she walked to our table. She said she had once seen me at your work place during the Open house day that your company organized and that she saw me talking to you. She then said she had no one to talk to, so I asked her to join us since she was from your Company. We were all drinking, but she overdrunk that she could not even walk. I couldn’t allow her to drive home in that state. So, since I was a little more sober than her, I drove to her house with her, planning to come back to the night club to pick up my own car. But when we got to her house, she was all over me and when I tried to leave she seduced me and enticed me into the act

Barbara: Oh really! So you mean to tell me that a 37 year old guy like u can be lured into something against his will? Do you take me for a fool?

Patrick: Baby I was drunk!

Barbara: and the other days you continued to sleep with her, you were also drunk? Even the time I went for training in London, you were also drunk? And yet you kept on calling me every day telling me how much you love me, youuuuuuuuu

Barbara took a plastic cup near her and threw it at Patrick, who managed to swerve his head away.

Patrick: I know how you feel. But please no need to get violent. I know what I have done is unpardonable but please believe me I want us to make it right again. We can start from the scratch and I promise you I will never do such again

Barbara: if you don’t want me to get violent, just stand up and get the hell out of my house, you loser! Thank you for treating me like junk. I might be hurt today but I actually thank God that I never allowed you to touch me, because you are a piece of garbage.

Patrick put his face in his palms and shook his head. “Baby, I accept every word you are calling me, but please calm down”

Barbara went straight to the door to open it so that Patrick could go out. Suddenly, Carol walked towards them, smiling. Barbara began to tremble “What brings you to my house Madam Traitor? You are not welcome” she said, panting.

Carol looked at her and smiled, with her hands on the wait so as to mock Barbara. ” I pity you idiot!” Carole said. Barbara and Patrick looked at her in amazement

To be continued


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  1. Come Miss. Jenifer, hope you know that there's no way you're going to stop at this point. Come back and continue what you've started pls. Thank you in advance.

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