Illusions – Episode 4

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Illusions – Episode 4

© Jennipher Duru

Barbara kept quiet as Carol answered the phone. She wanted to make sure it was Carol’s voice that would sound on the other end of the line. It was definitely her.

Carol: hello….. hello Patrick. I can’t hear you…..hello baby boy can you hear me?

Carol hang up. Barbara was motionless. Her heart was beating fast. ” my Lord!! Jesus!! She whispered softly. She kept starring at the phone. A message came in. It showed that the sender was Carol. She didn’t know whether to read it or not. She opened the message which read ” baby boy I couldn’t hear what you were saying. I am currently in a meeting and will call you back later. Pls don’t propose to this girl. I have something to tell u”

Barbara became weak. She sat down on the chair near her. She noticed that there was a chain of messages between Patrick and Carol. She looked at the dates at which the msg were sent. Some were as old as 6 months: by that time Barbara had not yet accepted Patrick’s proposal. She read some of their conversations

About 6 months ago:

Patrick: hey where are u? Can we meet at my place this evening. I miss u

Carole: hmm. I know what u miss, naughty boy. Ok for 7pm.

Patrick: ok see ya.

Carol: hey I enjoyed our act this evening. Indeed sugar eaten in secret is sweeter

About four months ago:

Carol: your so called girl informed me today that she accepted your proposal. I wish both of u luck. So were does that leave us?

Patrick: who is “us”? Carol u know very well that there is nothing between us. We both agreed to keep our affair a secret as it is just to satisfy our physical needs

Carol: so I was just a sex chamber right? No problem

Patrick: I didn’t say that. I was also yo sex chamber. It was a mutual consent. U will also find someone better

About 3 months ago:

Carol: hey baby boy. Ok. I have understood that u want to move on with your little girl. Let’s make a deal. If u want me to leave u alone, let’s just do it once and I promise to let u go freely. I won’t disturb u again. I just miss it that’s y. But after today i will find someone else. In fact I will just accept that fool Emmanuel’s proposal

Patrick: i believe u. Meet me home

Barbara realised that these particular messages were sent during the time she went for the training in London. She continued reading

A week before:

Carol: so u want to marry this girl hun??? U are just as useless as all men. U men are dogs.

Carol: so u don’t want to respond to my messages. U r such a dog. After using me u now want to dump me like a hot brick. U will suffer in life.

Carol: anyway I wish u all the best in life. May somebody never break your heart the way u have broken mine

A day before

Carol: I need to tell you something. Can we meet this evening at my place?

Patrick: please whatever u have to say, send it via msg.

Carol: I can’t send it via msg. I need to see u. It’s important. At least before u take your girlfriend to your parents’ house, u need to hear what I have to tell u

Patrick: if u are not willing to send it through sms then no need for me to know it

By this time, tears were flowing from Barbara’s eyes. She was already having a running stomach. She heard Patrick leaving the bathroom.

“Baby. Please make some breakfast for me too. Let me put on my clothes and I’ll join u in a minute” he shouted

Barbara did not respond.

“Babyyyyy! U there?” Patrick asked again jokingly

“Yes I heard u” Barbara responded sheepishly.

She thought of what to do next. She took screenshots of the messages and sent them to her phone via WhatsApp.

Her heart was in pain. She took her bag and decided to leave quietly.

As she got downstairs, she found a taxi that had come to drop a customer. Without even negotiating the taxi fare, she entered and asked the driver to drive off. “My Lord! What kind of thing is this? Oh dear Jesus help me!. She said to herself as tears gushed from her eyes. She didn’t know what to imagine. Why did she say yes to this man? How could she have been so foolish to fall for a sex maniac? What would she do now? Will she be able to look at Carol again? All these questions ran through her mind.

Patrick had finished dressing up. He came towards the kitchen and found that Barbara was not there. “My queen. Where are u? he asked. There was no response. “Baby are u trying to play hide and seek with me. I’ll catch u and hide u in my heart too” He said jokingly as he looked around the living room. Barbara was nowhere to be found. He looked at the door and saw that it was not locked. “Oh maybe she went to buy something from the shops ” he thought to himself. Then he noticed that his phone light was on. He picked it up only to find his WhatsApp conversation with Barbara open. He saw that screenshots of his conversations with Carol were also sent to Barbara’s phone.

“Damnnn! I am finished!! Shiiiiiiiiìit!! He shouted putting one of his hand on his head. “Oh damn! No way!!!

He dialled Barbara’s number. It rang but no response. He tried again four times but Barbara refused to pick up her phone.

He went to check his messages and saw the message that Carol had sent earlier on. He called her. She picked up

Patrick: you idiot!! U see what u have done! U have ruined my relationship with the only girl I have ever loved

Carol: Excuse me! Who the hell are you calling an idiot?

Patrick: you of course! You old witch! Barbara has seen all the messages you’ve been sending me. And now she has left my house in fury. I hate you b***ch. I hate you!

Patrick hang up. Carol called several times but Patrick did not respond.

He ran downstairs and entered his car. He drove off heading to Barbara’s house.

“Lord please touch her heart and help her to understand” he said to himself.

To be continued



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