Illusions – Episode 3

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Illusions – Episode 3

© Jennipher Duru

” It’s really nice to meet you bro. Barbara has talked so much about you. She has told me how you have been like a father to her and all that.” Patrick told Bernard.

Bernard, who looked so perplexed, responded “Oh yea. Nice to meet you too. Barbie has also told me a lot about you. I am glad to have finally met you”

Patrick laughed “Barbie? Is that what you call her? Nice name!”

“Yes I have been calling her Barbie since we were young because she had a Barbie doll that she liked so much and it also sounded like a short word for her name Barbara” Patrick said, looking at Barbara.

Barbara laughed along. She went to the kitchen to prepare some snacks for her men. Baking was one of her hobbies, and that weekend she had baked some pancakes.

Bernard: So, how long have you known my sister? How did you know her?

Patrick: Hahaha. Wow. You truly are a brother hun! Anyway I understand. Sooo. I have known Barbie for about 1 year five months now. But we only started seeing each some four months ago or so. We met at her place of work.

Bernard: And you think you are the right person for you or you think she is the right person for you?

Patrick: Uhm. I don’t know if I am the right person for her because I really don’t think she deserves me as she is one of the most pure souls I have ever met. But one thing I know is that she is definitely the right person for me. Ever since we started seeing each other, I can honestly tell you that my life has changed for the better.

Bernard became silent and nodded his head continuously. “Could it be that this guy knows that I know some stuff about him? Is he trying to make me think he has changed and probably has good intentions for my sister? Bernard was lost in his thoughts when suddenly he was interrupted by Barbara.

“There you go guys. I have some tea and pancakes for you to please your mouths. Please enjoy yourselves” she said.

After a while, Bernard left. Patrick went to sit near Barbara, putting his hand on her laps. Then he began getting closer.

” Pat!! Will you stop it and behave yourself? Barbara said pushing him away.

Patrick insisted. Barbara stood up from the seat and said “You and I have been through this discussion already. I have told you time and again that I have made a vow to God and myself to wait till the day I get married. Please understand me.

“Yea sure. I am sorry baby. I definitely understand you and respect your decision ” Patrick said as he stood up to give a comforting hug to Barbara.

That night, after Patrick had left, Barbara received a call from her brother Bernard

Bernard: Barbie. I am glad that things are working out for you in life. I praise God for that. But you know as a big brother and friend I wouldn’t want you to enter into anything that could hurt you. The last time you were hurt by that stupid ex of yours, my heart bled with you and….

Barbara did not allow him to finish

Barbara : Beny! I understand your point but please just remain positive for me. For the first time in my life I feel this could work. Just remember me un your prayers.

Bernard: Well ok. If you say so. I always pray for you anyway. May God’s will be done.

Barbara: Amen.

After the conversation Barbara went on her knees and prayed

“Lord please let your will be done in my life. Reveal to me if I am on the right track. Show me if it is your will that Patrick and I be together. I thank you because you hear me every time I pray”

The following morning, Barbara rushed to Carol’s office with excitement.

“I think he is about to propose. He said that he wants to meet my parents. But first of all, we shall be meeting his parents. Then he said that he has a surprise for me. I think he’s gonna propose” she said while spinning around.

” Wow. Is that so? So now you finally realised he is a good guy hun? Carol responded pressing her fingers on her laptop’s keyboard.

“Yes I have learned to love him and…oops, sorry my phone is ringing” Barbara said. She answered her phone. “Yes darling…….oh really!……of course I would love to…. thanks baby. See you soon…….love you too.”

Carol: Uhm. I guess that was lover boy.

Barbara: Yes. He was asking me if I can accompany him to a cocktail party being organised by his Organisation tomorrow evening.

Carol: Oh ok. Cool. Listen can we talk later. I have a conference call in a few minutes time.

Barbara seemed surprised by Carol’s abrupt response. “Maybe she’s having a bad day” she said to herself.

It was Saturday morning. Barbara was excited and nervous. She was excited about meeting her future mother and father in law and she was nervous, not knowing if they would like her. She put on her latest African clothes with a new pair of shoes that Patrick had bought for her. She boarded a taxi and stopped by the shops. She bought some food stuffs to take to her future family in law and headed towards Patrick’s house.

Patrick opened the door. “Wow, you are so early hun! I guess you can’t wait to meet my parents. You look so beautiful my African Queen” he said teasingly. Barbara laughed.

“Please take a sit while I take my bath. There is all you need for breakfast in the kitchen” Patrick said as he rushed to the bathroom.

Barbara put her bag and items on the table in the living room. She went to the kitchen to make herself some breakfast when she suddenly remembered that she had forgotten to leave an important document at the reception for a major client who was supposed to pass by that Saturday. “Oh am sure Carol is at the office preparing the staff appraisals. I can ask her to enter my office and take the document to the reception” she thought to herself.

She tried to call Carol from her phone but realised that she had no airtime. She decided to use Patrick’s phone which was lying on the table. She dialled Carol’s number and to her surprise, the screen showed Carol’s name. She wondered why Carol’s number was saved in Patrick’s phone. “Do they know each other? How?” She asked herself. The number went through. Carol answered.

To be continued


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