Illusions – Episode 2

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Illusions – Episode 2

© Jennipher Duru

The two giggled as they told each other stories of how their friendship ha.d started. Barbara remembered how Patrick had one day fallen into a pothole as he tried to run after her.

“I was afraid that you had broken your leg, but then I saw you getting out of the pothole like the Terminator. I knew there and then that you were more than ok” She said

They both laughed so hard that a couple sitting nearby smiled at them. It ended up to be a wonderful evening.

Patrick escorted Barbara to her house. They gave each other a long hug. Patrick tried to kiss Barbara, but she pushed him away softly. “Next time sir” She said waving her hand as she entered her house. Patrick smiled and went back to his car. He was so happy that night. “Finally, Mrs. Hard-to-get has finally accepted my proposal” he said to himself as he drove off.

Barbara took a bath and knelt besides her bed. As usual, she said her prayers for about 30 minutes then got on her bed.

Barbara couldn’t sleep that night. She lay down on her bed thinking about her just ended encounter with Patrick. She wondered if she had taken the right decision. What if he ended up being a player? What if he was really not what he pretended to be? How would she handle a second heart break? All these questions ran through her mind.

“Oh Barbara, stop being so negative. Embrace change and let love lead the way” she finally said to herself with a smile. Her phone rang. It was Patrick

“Hi baby. Are you already in bed?” Patrick asked

Barbara: Yes I just got to bed now. I hope you arrived safely.

Patrick: yes I did. I thought you would call me before you slept to find out if I got home safely

Barbara felt ashamed. ” I am sorry. I should have called indeed. She said

Patrick: It’s ok. I understand that we are just beginning this race. We’ll take it a day at a time. I just want you to know that I am very happy tonight. I love you Barbara. Can we have lunch together tomorrow?

Barbara: Thanks Pat. I must admit I am also excited and nervous at the same time. Lunch?? Uhm, let me get back to you tomorrow once I get to the office. And by the way, I am inviting you to church tomorrow evening. We have evening service at 6pm.

Patrick: Oh ok. Sounds great. I actually haven’t been to church for a while, so why not? I can pick you up from your office at 5:30.

Barbara: Great. Have a good night then

Patrick: You too baby. I love you.

Barbara hang up the phone. A few seconds later, she received a WhatsApp msg from Patrick “I love you baby and I promise to make you happy”

Barbara was head over hills. She thought of what to respond. “Thanks Pat. I believe you” she replied.

The following morning, Barbara fed her colleague and friend Carol with the latest news.

“I finally said yes to Pat’s proposal. I hope I am doing the right thing though. I did ask God for wisdom last night” she narrated.

“Oh come on lady. Patrick is a nice guy. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Give yourself a chance to experience heaven on earth ” Carol responded.

Barbara smiled. She sent a message to inform Patrick that she wouldn’t make it for lunch that day as she had some important work to finalise. “That’s ok baby. I understand. I’ll see you later this evening” Patrick responded.

That evening at church, Barbara led praise and worship. She was a member of the church choir. Patrick starred at her with so much admiration. After the sermon, the Pastor made a call for anyone that wished to give their lives to Christ. Patrick stepped out and was led through the prayer. Barbara was filled with joy. “Lord I thank you ” she prayed within her.

” I enjoyed the sermon on God’s mercies today. It made me realise that I have really strayed away from Him and need to re-dedicate my life. I also enjoyed your songs. I didn’t know you could sing. You never cease to amaze me” Patrick said as they left the church.

They drove off. Upon arriving at Barbara’s flat, Patrick asked if she could allow him to enter the house. Barbara agreed and they both entered.

“Please feel free. You can have a seat. Would you care for a hot or cold drink?” She asked him as they entered the living room.

“Thanks baby. You have a nice flat I must say. Let me just have some water please” Patrick responded

After chatting for about an hour, Patrick decided it was time to leave. Barbara escorted him to the car. They both hugged and he drove off. That night, Barbara received a message from Carol saying “How was he?.

“I don’t understand. What do you mean? Barbara responded

“Oh come on! Don’t pretend to be a saint. I know u did the act. Just evaluate the scene for me” Carol replied.

“Oh Carol. U think too much. Nothing happened. I told u that I have made a vow to keep myself till I get married” Barbara wrote with a smile on her face.

Carol didn’t reply again.

Barbara and Patrick were enjoying their relationship for the next four months. Patrick had proved to be a wonderful lover. He treated Barbara like a queen. In the meantime Barbara had been promoted to Senior Sales Assistant upon returning from her training in London. Everything seemed to be going on well for her. Her parents and twin brother were all so happy for her.

“Baby. When will I get the chance to meet your parents? Patrick asked one Saturday afternoon as they sat in Barbara’s house, watching a movie.

” I would really like to meet the parents that brought such as darling lady into this world” He continued.

Barbara hesitated before giving her answer. Then she finally spoke “Baby I understand you. But don’t you think we should wait a little bit?

“Wait for what? Uhm, Ok I understand. Ok then let me propose something else to you. Can we go together to my parents’ house next weekend? I would like to introduce you to them and I also have a surprise for you” Patrick said.

“Well ok. If you say so. Wow. A surprise! I wonder what it could be. Please can you give me a hint? Barbara asked.

Patrick responded ” Nope!! Exercise a little patience baby!

Suddenly the bell rang. Barbara stood up to check who it was. It was Bernard, Barbara’s twin brother. “Hello young lady. I know you are surprised to see me. Sorry I couldn’t inform you of my arrival. I came to buy some equipment for my shop at the nearby shops so I thought of passing by” Bernard said.

“Oh come on! U know you are welcome any time. And actually you have come at the right time. I want to introduce you to the famous Patrick that I have been telling you about” Barbara responded pulling Bernard by the hand towards the living room.

They were both in the living room when Barbara pointed at Patrick and said “Bernard meet Patrick my boyfriend. Patrick please meet Bernard my twin brother”

Patrick stood up to greet Bernard. Bernard, who seemed to be lost in his thoughts gave a fake smile and stretched his hand to greet Patrick.

“I hope I am dreaming. I hope this is not the man I think he is”. Bernard said to himself

To be continued



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