The Vow – Episode 8

The Vow – Episode 8

� Jennipher Duru

Gabriel entered his car, sweating and bleeding. He looked at his face in the rear-view mirror and took one facial tissue from his car tissue box to wipe out the blood from his nose. �I can�t believe this is happening to me. Cynthia you have the guts to cheat on me!� he said and drove off in anger.

Meanwhile, Monica was busy pretending not to know what was going on. Cynthia was crying. She managed to explain to her what had happened. She pointed to the guy, indicating that he was the author of the confusion. Monica went towards the guy and pushed him hard. �Are you out of your mind? Can you see the problem you have caused? This is a married woman for heaven�s sake. I don�t even know who you are but you are not a serious person� she shouted. Cynthia went to pull her back �Monica, it�s alright. Leave him. The damage has already been done. I just need to find a solution to this� Cynthia said.

Monica sat down, breathing so fast, pretending to be angry. Cynthia sat down with her, looking down.

Cynthia: I feel so ashamed. Look at how people are now staring at me.

Monica: You need not to. It�s not your fault.

Cynthia: My heart bleeds. I can�t imagine what Gaby is going through right now. I am going after him to explain everything. I don�t want him to take me for a cheat. I am not that kind of a person

Monica: Going after who? Cynthia you are crazy. Can�t you understand that he is reaping what he sowed? In fact, you have to thank God for coming through for you. Do you remember that a few days ago I was jokingly asking you to bring another man on the scene, to which you refused? Well, I believe God has answered our prayers. He decided, by Himself to bring a man who would make Gabriel jealous and come back to his senses. Right now, his heart is hurt and I believe it will make him to realize just how bad it is to cheat on his wife. He will feel the pain you have been going through.

Cynthia: I don�t know Monica, I just don�t feel it is right. I don�t want my husband to think I can cheat on him whenever things don�t work out between us.

Monica: He is not going to think like that. The only thing clear to him now is that he understands that you are also a human being who has feelings. Cynthia, don�t even try to apologize to him. Pretend as if nothing even happened and when he tries to confront you, tell him off. You will see how quick he will realize his errors. And once everything is settled, you can now tell him the real truth. Believe me, you guys will even laugh about it.

Monica convinced Cynthia to continue with her plans. After a while, Cynthia decided to go back home. She was expecting to find Gabriel at home, but he was nowhere to be seen. She entered the bedroom and saw that his wardrobe was open. Some blood had dripped near the wardrobe door. She looked at the wardrobe closely and noticed that he had taken some of his clothes and some pairs of shoes. Cynthia�s heart beat fast. �Oh my God, Gaby has gone!� she shouted. She fell down on the floor and wept bitterly. �Oh my God, Gaby has left me� she cried. She went round the house to see if he was hiding somewhere. She went to the parking lot but his car was not there either. She went back inside the house and cried again. She called Monica �Monica, Gaby has left the house. He has taken some of his clothes and shoes. Gaby has left me� she said. Monica laughed �Oh my dear Cynthia. You are really a baby. Gaby has not gone anywhere. He is just scaring you. He will be back as soon as his mind clears� She said.

Gabriel arrived at Collins� house and explained everything to him.

Collins: I am really sorry for what has happened. I still can�t believe that Cynthia is capable of doing such a thing bro.

Gabriel: Well, she did it.

Collins: Really sad. Anyway, you know that you are welcome in my house for as long as you wish. However, as a good friend, I wouldn�t advise you to abandon your matrimonial home. Two wrongs don�t make a right. I advise that you go back home and sort this thing out with your wife before more damage is done.

Gabriel: The real damage has already been done Collins. What greater damage can be done to a marriage than adultery? I just need some time away from her so that I can think of the next step to take

Collins: Yea sure, I understand bro. May God give you strength and wisdom to take the right decisions.

Cynthia waited for Gabriel to come back home to no avail. In her entire life, she had never been so eager to see Gabriel. She longed to see him. She picked up her phone, wanting to dial his number, but something in her told her not to. She remembered Monica�s advice �I don�t want him to think that I am desperate. I have nothing to apologize for because I did nothing wrong. He is the one that needs to come back and apologize� she said to herself and put the phone down. She slept in the living room that night. She found it hard to get some sleep, as she kept on wondering what would happen next. Gabriel, too, had a hard time to sleep. He kept remembering the scene he had witnessed that day. He thought of how Cynthia had been having fun with another man. Anger filled his heart.

The following day, Collins decided to call Cynthia, without letting Gabriel know

Collins: I just wanted to inform you that Gabriel is at my place where he spent the night. I heard everything that happened and it pains me a lot. I am informing you so that you will not think he went somewhere else. Whatever the issue is, please try to sort it out in peace.

Cynthia: Well, let him stay wherever he wants, because I definitely don�t care. After cheating on me, he now wants to cover himself to make me look guilty

Collins: Cynthia. Being proud and arrogant will not help you get back your marriage. You need to calm down and behave like a mature woman. Gabriel is your husband, not your boyfriend. You need to�

Cynthia: Listen Collins, I appreciate your call, but I think you are not in the position to tell me what I should do. In fact, I am already getting tired of this marriage and I wouldn�t mind quitting.

Cynthia cut the line and threw the phone on the chair. Collins shook his head in dismay �This is more serious than I thought� he said to himself.

Monday morning, as soon as Gabriel arrived at the office, his boss summoned him to his office.

�Gabriel. I would like to really know what this is?� he said. Gabriel looked surprised. The Director handed him the front page of a daily newspaper that read �Gaby X beaten by wife�s lover�. On it was the picture showing the fight between him and the guy. Gabriel couldn�t believe his eyes �Oh damn! NO!� he exclaimed. The Director kept quiet and looked at him, waiting for his explanation. Gabriel explained everything that had happened

Director: I really don�t care what is happening in your personal life, but you have to understand that you are a public figure and any slight mistake can cost you your entire career. Can you see why I have lifted the phone receiver from the phone? It�s because I have been receiving numerous calls from various media houses and our sponsors asking for an explanation. It is a real embarrassment to our Company.

Gabriel: I am really sorry sir. I know there is no reason that can justify my actions, but I ask you to bear with me. I was only reacting under the influence of anger and frustration. I promise to repair it all.

The Director asked Gabriel to wait for him as he went to discuss with the Top Management. He came back after about 30 minutes.

Director: Listen, besides the fact that I am your boss, I also consider you to be my younger brother. I would really like to help you but this thing has escalated to top Management. I managed to convince the management that you were acting out of anger, which is normal to all of us. Someone actually suggested that you get fired, but I managed to plead your cause. So we all decided to put you on a three months suspension from work. You will continue to receive your monthly salary, but you are to stay away from anything that has to do with your work. I would also personally advise you to avoid public places. And as a brother, I am asking you to work this thing out with your wife. Life is too short to live in sorrow.

Tears flowed from Gabriel�s eyes. He felt so hurt. He went into his office and took his bag and after speaking to Collins, he left. As he came out of the office, he found a group of reporters standing outside. They rushed to him as soon as they saw him. �Gaby X, what are you saying about your fight with that man? Can you confirm that he is your wife�s lover?� they shouted. Gabriel rushed to his car and when he closed the door, he put his head on the steering wheel and sighed �Lord, tell me I am dreaming� he said. He then drove off to Collins� house. Sasha watched the scene from the window and cried.

Cynthia was at work when her mother called �Cynthia, what is this thing that we have read in the newspaper? Is it true?� she asked. Her mother explained what they had read. Cynthia cut the line and gasped for breathe. She went to the mailroom to ask for a newspaper. She found a group of colleagues chatting and shaking their heads in astonishment. �Cynthia, have you read today�s newspaper� one of them asked. Cynthia did not answer. She grabbed one of the newspapers from her colleague in anger and read the front page. She ran to her office and locked the door. She cried out of frustration knowing that her life had been ruined. Her parents kept calling but she refused to answer the calls. After explaining the whole situation to her boss, she was given a day off. She went home feeling so bad. Monica also called but she refused to pick up her call. Monica then sent a message �Cynthia, I have seen what is in the newspaper. Please don�t pay attention to these liars called journalists. Call me when you are free�

She arrived home and sat down in the living room. After a short while, Gabriel arrived. Cynthia stood up as he entered. Gabriel did not talk. He went to the bedroom and started packing his clothes in a suitcase. Cynthia shouted �Oh so you are finally running away from me hein? You have decided to finally settle with that b***tch!�. Gabriel did not respond. He continued packing his belongings. Cynthia pulled his hand and shouted again �You heard my question. Answer me now or else�?� Gabriel got upset and shouted �Or else what? You will also go and sleep with your new lover? You adulterous woman!� he pushed Cynthia out of his way and left the house. Cynthia fell on the floor and cried. The maid, who had been watching, came near her and tried to comfort her.

Gabriel drove as fast as he could. He had decided to go to his cousin�s house in his hometown, which was about an hour�s drive from his house. When he arrived at his cousin�s house, he found that there was no one there. He called his cousin who told him that he had travelled and had not left any spare key. Gabriel decided to lodge in a small guest house nearby. When he arrived at the reception, he was surprised to see his ex-girlfriend, Helen. �Helen, what are you doing here?� He asked. �Gabriel!!! I am so happy to see you. I work here. What brings you to our guest house Mr. Gaby X? You look so good� Helen said, giving him a warm hug. Gabriel responded �Oh, I just came to have a quiet time alone to think straight�. Helen booked a room for him and said �Well, well well. I have given you a very nice room, just what you need. Let me help you carry your suitcase so that I can show you the room�.

They both entered the room and Helen showed him around. �So, Gaby X. We are pleased to have such a big celebrity in our guest room. I do hope you�ll enjoy your stay here. Remember, if you need anyone to talk to, I am right here� she said, walking modestly towards the door. Gabriel looked at her. She was as sexy as usual. She wore a short yellow dress with black high heels.

To be continued




  1. 2 can play this game. But Gabriel won’t cheat on his wife. Both of them swore and took a vow with d bible.

  2. Hmm, one thing leads to another. But Gabriel mustn’t cheat on his wife. Cynthia, d dog that will get lost will first refuse to listen to its owners owner’s whistle

  3. OK nah, kip describing hw she look n wat she wears nah.. All i knw is shame on Cynthia who decide to kip a friend lyk monica knwin d kind of person she is. I jux pray u cum bck to ur senses b4 its too late. It’s a big lesson to us all to always be careful wit who we kip as friends.. Ride on pls

  4. Very nice storyline. With great lessons. But please the delay is not helping. Hope all is well with you oyin.

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