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Opana – Episode 18

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Opana – Episode 18

© Akoto Alexander

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: Eeeeiiii so this old woman has not stopped staking lotto? No wonder anytime you give her money she comes back to complain to you that the money is missing. Well am going to tear this lotto coupon into piece and throw the coupon into the dustbin. I will wait patiently if she will come here and ask me if I have seen any lotto coupon and she will here from me very well.

Back at the police station the police officer who was handling the case was very mad at the action the new commander took because he wanted to punish Opana badly.

Police Officer: But sir this is how we have been doing things over here for a very long time.

Commander: My friend shut that thing you call a mouth up. I don’t want to hear any word from you again because the more you talk, the more angrier I became. Is that what you were taught when you went to the police training school?

Police Officer: But sir, the previous commander never reprimanded us or spoke negatively about search kind of detaintion. I and the other officers have been doing……

Commander: (shouts at the officer) My friend don’t make me lose my temper and release the bad side of me towards you. You won’t like what I will do to you if I unravel what I have in my head towards you. Go and tell your colleagues that a dawn of a new era has been born and you people must change from your old ways or you will not like me at all, am a very simple person who likes justice to prevail all the time, remember the motto of the job you are doung which says “Service with Integrity”. Now leave my sight right now you unprofessional police officer, you must bow your head in shame.

Opana: Commander, may God richly bless you sir for your professionalism. I don’t know how to thank you enough sir, for this kind gesture I will say anytime your family member or you yourself dies, I will present one of my best coffins free of charge.

Commander: I beg your pardon sir. Are you by chance wishing me dead or any of my family members? This is ridiculous and am not finding it amusing as a kind gesture from you.

Michael : (seeing how bad the statement was) Oh sir don’t mind my father, this is one of his funny jokes that he cracks to people he comes in contact with.

Commander: Mike then I don’t see his joke to be one that will make me laugh. Some jokes are very expensive that I don’t subscribe to, all the same you are a free to go but please be guided accordingly and learning to treat all manner of people with respect. If there is anything you don’t understand, the police is your friend so you can always walk in for any advice or assistance. Have a nice day.

Opana and his family walks out of the police station feeling thankful to the new commander who acted professionally without even demanding for a pesewa or cedi. As they got home they bumped into Eno Bruwaa’s daughter who was rushing to the police station to see the police officer handling the case she reported earlier on to.

Akua Yankey: (in a sarcastic way) Hehehe!!! Enemies can never be God and no one can curse who God has blessed. Someone thought she could take my husband away from me but am sorry to disappoint her, my husband is standing next to me right here and now.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: This battle is not over yet, you think because you have money you can always get your way. First your stupid son assaulted someone and was arrested, you paid and he was released, now it is your husband and again you paid and he is out but I promise you that on the third occasion, you people won’t get any escape route to use.

Michael : Enough you ugly b****, I have taken enough of your gross disrespect in this house and the next time you try this nonsense towards any member of my family I will…..

Eno Bruwaa’s: (cuts in rudely) You will do what? Beat me as usual Mr woman beater or rape me, you think it’s everyone that you can corner and the person won’t fight back? If you like try me and I will get you a free ticket to hell, look at me very well and you will see am not the type that you can trample upon just like that.

Michael : Another word from you and I swear I will beat the living hell out of you and nothing will ever happen.

Opana: Mike let the devil pass you by, refuse to be tempted because this is her style of luring you into another problem. She saw that her first plan backfired and she wants to use a new one against us. My dear when you go back tell your people that, you saw us but we refused to fall victims to your cheap trap which was not properly orchestrated. Let’s go home guys for it has been a hectic day for all of us.

Eno Bruwaa’s daughter left to town and Agnes Kyerewaa also called the unknown person to act fast since she has been able to get him the information he needed badly.


Opana tells Kwaku Mike to turn the radio on for he wants to listen to the winning numbers that the lotteries came out with. Tune it to the radio Ghana dial, they mention the numbers before the sports news. In no time the numbers were mentioned and as if by miracle, Opana’s numbers were the first numbers that were mentioned and as he heard the good news, he jumped to his feet and he started screaming for joy which got the attention of his family members and that of his tenants. Those who were bold enough came to knock on Opana’s door to find out what the problem was and they were informed that Opana has won a big amount of money in the lotto he went to stake earlier on in the day. When Akua Yankey heard this great news she opened her purse and ordered Adjoa Bernice and Kwaku Mike to go and buy drinks so that they make merry for the great thing God has done for her family. Kwaku Mike and his sister left the house to a bar which was about 280meters from the house to buy the drinks but as they were going the necklace started strangling his neck again which called for his sister’s attention to see if her brother was alright, Kwaku Mike requested for water so his sister rushed to get him the water and in her absence Kwaku Mike saw that someone has been following them at a reasonable distance, the moment he got suspicous of the unknown person, the necklace that was strangling him stopped immediately. As his sister came back with the water her brother was back on his feet again, together they rushed and bought the drinks but as they were heading to the house they saw a man rejoicing and calling for the attention of others. As curious as they were, they asked the people around what the noise was about and they were informed that the man has won lotto and that is the reason why he was so happy like that. Meanwhile somewhere in the dark some people were making a move to finalise their promise and Kwaku Mike started feeling the strangle on his neck again.

Unknown Person: CP now is the chance for you, take the shot now.

Charlie Pee: Boss am not getting a clearer view of our target. I don’t want to take the shot where I might hit the wrong person and that is what you don’t want me to do, we kill for money.

Unknown Person: Let’s abort mission for today, we will get him before the end of the week. He’s enjoying the last days of his foolish life.

Back in Opana’s House:

Opana: Why have this children kept long this way? They should have been home by this time, I hope they are not in any form of trouble again, all the people who came to join us are gone.

Akua Yankey: Ah they are here already, what kept you out there for long?

Michael : Papa I have been getting some serious strangling on my neck small small and just this evening I have had that feeling twice, I tried pulling the necklace off but I can’t do that, I even fell on the ground in the first attack this evening and there was someone stalking us whiles we were out there. That is the reason why we kept long.

Bernice : But where is everyone mummy? When leaving this place some of the tenants were here with you.

Opana: Oh yes they were here but because you kept long they all left. I was about to…….. (Opana’s phone rings to cut him short)

On phone:

Opana: Hello

Caller: Hello good evening master Opana.

Opana: Good evening, may I know who is on the line?

Caller: It is me the lotto agent, sir am calling you to inform you that your numbers dropped this evening and that you have won for yourself a very huge sum of money.

Opana: Oh that is great news even though I have heard of the numbers already. So when and what time will my money be ready? I don’t want any wahala or stories from you oooo, when it comes to money matter I am totally a different person and the people who know me well, will tell you that I am money conscious.

Caller: You don’t have a problem sir, I have been doing this work for a very long time and transparency has been my hallmark. Please by noon tomorrow come to my end with the lotto coupon for me to pay you your money and please don’t forget my small share ooo. Congratulations to you all the same.

Opana: I will be there even before noon my brother and don’t worry you will get you cut the moment I receive my money.

Caller: Okay then master Opana. Have a pleasant evening and God willing I will see you tomorrow. Good night

Opana: Good night my brother and thanks for the call (call ends)

My dear tomorrow is going to be a good day, our enemies will bow their heads in shame. I will get you a shop at the market square and stock it with goods, for Kwaku Mike I will get him enough money to start his life a dependant person and I will change the hostel of my daughters in the university. I will get myself a small private car and customise the number plate as “Opana 1 – 18”.

Bernice : Papa what about me? It looks like I have been left out of the equation oooo.

Opana: Don’t worry my baby last, I have a better plan for you so just relax. If you are able to pass your final exams with flying colours, I will fly you abroad to further your education. What does foolish boys have taken and enjoyed from you is enough, when you get there and a white boy impregnates you even I will get a white in-law and a white grandchild.

Akua Yankey: Papa Blackman and your fast opportunity grabbing, anyway where is the winning lotto coupon? It has to be kept in a very safe place this evening.

Opana: Oh yes you have reminded me, it is in the shorts I was wearing in the morning, let me go and get it…….


Opana enters his bedroom whistling to a melodious tune and he picks his shorts from the laundry basket and puts his hand in the left pocket where he knew he placed the lotto coupon but the coupon is not there so he moves to the right pocket and that place is also empty. Immediately he stops whistling and looks at the back pockets in a rapid way, as he sees that, that place is also empty he starts sweating on his forehead and walks back to the living room with his shorts in his hand.

Akua Yankey: My children I can’t wait for me to also own a shop at the market square, now I can also talk and rock shoulders with the other women when we meet at the women’s fellowship meeting. They won’t be able to look down upon me again and when I talk, it must also be taken serious and series of delibrations will be made on it.

Michael : I am happy this family for once is living in peace and harmony. This lotto thing is also a blessing in disguise, sometimes it is your patience that will determine the end of the your struggle.

Bernice : I can’t wait to further my education in the Whiteman’s land, my ascent is going to change and I will slang when talking with people. I just can’t wait oooo

Michael : Then you have to be serious with you books my baby sister, the ball has been played into your court so make use of the opportunity blown to you.

Bernice : Am not a baby anymore, am…….

Opana: (walks in with a serious face and his shorts in his hands) Who amongst you took the lotto coupon in my pocket? The person should own out now and give me back the lotto coupon because some jokes are very expensive.

Akua Yankey: What do you mean my dear? No one has had the chance to see the acclaimed lotto coupon and I dont even know where you kept the coupon in the bedroom.

Opana: I kept the coupon in the pocket of this shorts I was wearing until I went to bath and changed myself.

Michael : But I and Bernice were not here when you went to bath so we we should be out of this interrogation.

Bernice : Oh yes you are right big bro, we are totally out of this.

Akua Yankey: If you two say you were out of this house then it means am the only person you are pointing fingers at huh? Indirectly you children want to put me in the spotlight that am the one who took the lotto coupon from you father’s pocket.

Meanwhile Eno Bruwaa is back from where she went to and as got back she complained of hunger to her daughter.

Eno Bruwaa: Hmmmm this man has ruined our lives and day my daughter. Am really hungry and starving like I haven’t eaten anything for the past one week.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: Why won’t you be hungry when all you do with the money I give you is spent on staking lotto. You know how much I hate that game with passion that words can’t describe, it was the same thing my ex husband was engaging himself in and when I complained bitterly about it, you know what happened.

Eno Bruwaa: What are you talking about? For sometime now I haven’t engaged myself in that game ever since you threatened to stop giving me money if you catch or see me with a lotto coupon or paper again. I swear with this breast that I breastfed you with that I am innocent of this serious allegation you are levelling against me.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: So where from the coupon I threw away earlier on with today’s date on it? Where did I even throw that lotto coupon? You are still lying and denying, you took an amount of twenty five cedis to stake it and you are here telling me you are hungry. The truth is that, I don’t have any money or food for you tonight.

Eno Bruwaa: Ah so you are still accusing me forcefully for something that I know nothing about.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: So you are also saying am lying erh? Oh yes I have remembered where I threw the lotto coupon, we shall see who is lying and who is telling the truth. The little money I get, when I share it with you then you go about lavishing it on unnecessary things, I don’t even know if you have ever even won any of the numbers you stake. (she rushes to the dustbin where she dropped the lotto coupon but she saw some of the children in the house conveying the dustbin to the refuse dump and immediately she ordered them to stop. When she got closer to them she opened the dustbin but they had dumped more rubbish into the dustbin so she started searching through the dustbin and the children were surprised with her conduct. They started throwing questions at her.

Child 1: Aunty why are you searching through the dustbin?

Child 2: Aunty my mother said it is only the vulture, witch and mad person who goes through rubbish and refuse dump to get something to eat.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: (angry with the second child but keeps her composure so she doesn’t say something bad) Children am searching for a very important paper for something serious this evening.

Child 1: Oh then let us help you to search for it, you can give us something small for biscuit when we help you find it.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: So what is wrong with you children of this days, can’t you do things for free?

Child 2: Aunty don’t be stingy, we are not asking for too much, just something small for the boys.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: Enough of this nonsense you boys, did I tell any of you that I need your help? One more word from you boys and I will beat the hell out you boys, what is all this?

After several minutes of going through the dustbin the lotto coupon was seen and Eno Bruwaa’s daughter rushed back to the place she left her mum.

Back at Opana’s Living Room:

Akua Yankey: You said the lotto coupon was in the pocket of your shorts, you and I know very well that anytime you are wearing your shorts you go to the bathroom with it. Am I wrong or right?

Opana: Yes you are right.

Akua Yankey: I was in the living room when you came out from the bathroom and I haven’t entered the bedroom so how do I become a suspect?

Opana: Hmmmm you people can’t steal my wealth from me oooo, if I don’t see my lotto coupon heads will roll in this house. I will eliminate anyone who has a hand in this and I mean every single word that is coming out from my mouth. This hard earned fortune cannot pass me by just like that, am going to bed and anyone who has that lotto coupon should just drop it quitely on the centre table before day break.

Also Eno Bruwaa’s daughter rushed to her mum with the lotto coupon in her hand.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: You were denying the fact that you didn’t go and stake lotto so where from this coupon with today’s date on it?

Eno Bruwaa: I don’t know so stop asking me that unnecessary question and let me be in peace if you say you won’t give me money for food this evening. Am glad the children are not even here to experience this cruelty from that wicked man.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: Since you claim you know nothing about this lotto coupon it will be prudent for me to tear it into pieces.

Eno Bruwaa: Hey hold on, before you tear it into pieces let me first see the numbers on the lotto paper.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: What difference does it make since you claim you don’t know anything about the lotto coupon.

Eno Bruwaa: Will you for once listen to me and stop this exchange of words? Ah what is wrong with you children of today, you like to exchange words with your elders at any opportunity you get. Please check the numbers for me now.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: (frowns but opens the paper to check the numbers on it) The numbers on it are single 1 – 90.

Eno Bruwaa: Did you say single 1 – 90?

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: Yes you heard me right with the numbers I mentioned.

Eno Bruwaa: (snatches the lotto coupon from her daughter’s hand) Give me that paper so I verify with my own eyes if truly the numbers you mentioned are indeed the real numbers.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: Why are you so much interested in the numbers if you claim you haven’t stake any lotto recently?

Eno Bruwaa: Am interested in the numbers because those numbers are the winning numbers for today and I don’t know how this lotto paper located its way here but all I know is we are rich and it is the doing of God. I knew my God will never forsake me and am overjoyed that I don’t know what to say or do, when we go for this money we will rent a new and better place, I will even start my cloth business again.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: So how much money are we talking about here?

Eno Bruwaa: How much did the person stake it in the first place, let me check and then make my calculations. Am I seeing wrongly or what? Is this twenty five cedis or two hundred and fifty cedis?

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: (takes the coupon from her mother) Eeeeiiiii it is two hundred and fifty cedis ooo, mama we are rich ooo. So tell me how much the winning fee is going to be, am very interested in the amount.

Eno Bruwaa: Mmmm if you stake five cedis and you win with two numbers it is one thousand cedis so divide two hundred and fifty cedis by five then multiply your answer by one thousand cedis.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: If you divide two hundred and fifty cedis by five you will get fifty and when you multiply it by one thousand then it is going to be fifty thousand Ghana cedis mama.

Eno Bruwaa: (in tears) Oh God do I have to shout or jump for you to see how grateful I am or do I have to lie down flat on the ground. Indeed you are the father to the fatherless and husband to the widows, ah when one door closes another door opens. My landlord thought he was throwing me out like an outcast but rather he took me from grass to grace, from shame to fame, from worry to glory, from nobody to somebody, from who are you to how are you. You are the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, the omnipotent and omnipresent God, I don’t know how to thank you enough.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: It is okay mama, let’s go and find something to eat and after we go to the guest house down the street and pass the night there. Tomorrow is going to be a great day.

The battle line has just been drawn, what is going to be Opana’s fate now?

To be continued



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