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Opana – Episode 17

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Opana – Episode 17

© Akoto Alexander

Unknown Person: Excuse me madam please who is that youngman who nearly pushed me to the ground?

Eno Bruwaa: Oh that one? He is the useless son of the foolish landlord of this house.

Unknown Person: (whispers to himself) Mmmm so that is the fool I have been looking forward to meet one on one anytime soon.

Eno Bruwaa: Excuse me what did you say?

Unknown Person: (playing smart) Oh it’s nothing ma’am. Mmmm please ooo am looking for my friend who am told leaves in this compound.

Eno Bruwaa: What is the name of that friend of yours?

Unknown Person: Mmmmmm I call her Aggielious Kyerewaabrutal but her real name is Agnes Kyerewaa and I hope am at the right place.

Eno Bruwaa: You are at the right place but are you just a friend or a customer?

Unknown Person: I beg your pardon madam but why this silly question? What do you mean by asking me if am a customer or friend.

Eno Bruwaa: Hehehe see me see trouble ooo, you need assistance and I want to know your purpose of looking for that young lady so why this aggressiveness towards me?

Unknown Person: Excuse me but are you her personal assistant, her custodian, her guardian or what? I just asked for a little assistance and you are here probing me like am coming for a job interview. Can you be please polite and just show me the direction to her door and stop this unnecessary interview.

Agnes Kyerewaa: (comes out of her room to see her friend and joins him where Eno Bruwaa is standing with him) Hey what are you doing here and do you know this woman already?

Unknown Person: Hmmm I came around the vicinity and decided to check on you and see if I could trace the direction you gave me the other time, am checking to see if my memory is still accurate but as I got here I met this woman who is putting questions before me like she is the interviewer of the visa I need to your end. Why are you related to her?

Agnes Kyerewaa: Hmmmm so Eno Bruwaa when will you stop this attitude of yours, do you always have to make your presence felt anywhere you are? Please don’t ever try that your gossiping nonsense with me again because if you do, you won’t have it easy with me in this compound. My guy let’s go and leave this woman.

Eno Bruwaa: Ah is that how you words stink? Don’t you know how to speak to the elderly person like that? No wonder Kwaku Mike turned you into a punching bag, learn how to speak with the elderly so that your days on earth will be long.

Agnes Kyerewaa: Hw3 me if you dont respect yourself, I won’t also respect you koraa ooo. If you said I should learn how to talk you too learn how to pay your rents so that your roof won’t be pulled down.

Eno Bruwaa: Hehehe this young lady paaa, you don’t check yourself erh. You think you have gotten a job to do erh, because different men enter in between your legs and comes out you think it makes you a billionaire, let me tell you all fingers are not the same and the ashawo business you do is not a job which you can do for life. If I was doing this stupid work like I will kill myself.

Agnes Kyerewaa: Did you say you will kill yourself if you were into this business? Have you taken a closer look at yourself and face? You look very ugly like a gorilla and that if you were in this same business, even if you were rendering free services, the men won’t bother coming your way. I need to give applauds to the man who climbed on top of you to bring into the world those things who we not created by God that you call children. Nonsense, me if you bring yourself I will paint and dry clean you.

Eno Bruwaa: Ooooo ashawo kobo kobo. Ashawo without portfolio. Ashawoooooo

Unknown Person: My dear let’s go and leave this woman, it’s not healthy for you to be exchanging words with an elderly person.

Agnes Kyerewaa: My friend wait a minute so I tell this gossip my peace of mind. If you care to know ashawo is one of the oldest profession in the world and in the bible a prostitute like me was the person who saved some men of God from being slaughtered like animals. Ashawo is far far better than the cheap gossip you have been doing in and out of this compound. If you don’t know gossiping is a disease that attacks the mouth which breaks peoples home and cause serious problems between some people living in peace and harmony. Me I don’t respect myself one bit so if you bring yourself you will see that am much stupid than you have ever thought about me.

Eno Bruwaa: No wonder your face has been rearranged for you by the landlord’s son.

The unknown person pulls Agnes Kyerewaa away as he saw that the argument was getting overboard and could lead to an unwanted brawl. Meanwhile Kwaku Mike had gotten himself a taxi to the next town where the police station was, but as he was in the car, he remembered that he had the necklace his father gave him in his pocket so he brought it out and put it on his neck and immediately he feels something strangling his neck but he couldn’t shout nor pull it off for sometime till the pain or struggle came to a stop when they taxi got to the police station. He pays the driver off and he rushes to the charge office and when he got there the place was thrown in a disarrayed atmosphere.

Opana: You this police officer if you know who you are dealing with like you will start apologising to me for me to forgive you for your stupid conduct. You followed this stupid girl’s statement and because of that you will lose your job without any future benefit or entitlement. You don’t know who you are joking with, go and ask of Opana “the rough boy” very well and they will tell you that am a very baaaaaaaaad man.

Police Officer: You better shut up over there and start undressing because am going to throw you into the cell so that next time you will know how to treat your fellow human being.

Opana: Hmmmm I wish you know the problem that you are calling upon yourself and don’t blame me if I decide to pay you back in your own coin. Am a descendant of Abraham who goes with an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth principles. Herh officer at the counter you are quiet like you don’t know me, have you forgotten what transpired between the two of us the last time, do this greedy police officer here who has taken bribe to do this silly thing good by telling him who I am. Anyway where is the commander?

The commander walks out of his office together with station master with a sad face as the station commander was trying to console him.

Opana: Aha that’s who am looking for, Mr commander please I need your attention here and now. Come and tell your stupid officer something for him to know who he is dealing with.

Commander: My friend shut up over there, you talk too much. This is not a market place for you to be raising your voice like you want people to come and buy your wares.

Opana: Mr commander have you forgotten who I am so soon and the bond we have between us.

Commander: You are the worse thing to have ever come in contact with. Ever since you walked into my office things started to go against me and now see what has happened, all my plans have turned upside down. (walks out of the charge office to the compound of the police station)

Opana: (in a low tone) Herh this man wants to bite more than he can chew, has he forgotten who he is dealing with and what I can do. Chief Inspector is everything alright with your boss this afternoon? He’s acting weird and strange to my liking this afternoon.

Chief Inspector: He just received a letter of his transfer this afternoon and the transfer takes effect right now so as you are seeing him right now he is no longer having a final say here in this police station.

Opana: Mamamia!!! Holala!!! Gracious God of yesterday, today and tomorrow, tell me you are joking and that what you said is nowhere near the word true.

Chief Inspector: Does this place looks like a theatre hall for me to be doing concert for you.

Opana now sees that his world is about to cave in on him and he starts to pray in his head. At this point Akua Yankey is very disturbed that she doesn’t even know what to do or say, she goes to Eno Bruwaa’s daughter and kneels down before her to plead with her so that she withdraws the case she brought to the police station but the young lady is very adamant and not even looking at the direction of the woman before her.

Back in Opana’s Compound:

Unknown Person: Hey you better put yourself together and forget about this old woman, I came for an important discussion and not to be separating a brawl like a referee. Have you been able to gather any information for me?

Agnes Kyerewaa: No for now but am doing everything humanly possible to get you the necessary information you will need.

Unknown Person: You need to step up my dear, when the going gets tough the tough gets going so don’t let trival matters like what you and the woman got yourself in take much of your time. I bumped into someone who am told is our target but because he was rushing out of the house I couldn’t place a recognition tag on him. Revenge is served best when it is hot on my path and the more we wait the cold it gets, I can’t wait to lay my hands on him and squeeze life out from him. Killing is my hobby and for sometime now I haven’t gotten the opportunity to seize anyone’s life from him or her and it is getting me very sick……..


Opana is pushed into the police cell and immediately he is placed inside the cell he rushes to the toilet to ease himself because he had developed an emergency running stomach due to the new development that had taken place and now he saw that there was no escape route for him. Akua Yankey at this point was very devastated and didn’t know what to do at the very moment, she broke down with tears and approached Eno Bruwaa’s daughter again.

Akua Yankey: (in tears) My dear there is no need for you to do this to my husband. He is an elderly person and keeping him behind bars is the biggest mistake you can ever do in your life, remember what the bible says that children should obey their parents so that their days would be long on this earth and that my husband is old enough to be your father.

Eno Bruwaa’s Daughter: No father of mine will behave like the way your wicked husband in there did, for me I have done what I felt was right and the law has taken it course. I wouldn’t like to step in again to intercept the law from doing what it stands for, I am sorry but I can’t do anything to help you or anyone from your family. Next time you and your husband will know how to treat people. Officer please where is your colleague who is handling this case because I want to go back home and put things in place before darkness creeps in.

Police Officer: I don’t know where the arresting officer who is handling your case has gone to but I will advice you stay around and see him before leaving this place.

Inside the Cell:

Cell Leader: Motombo the cell commando, bring that man who was just brought in here before me.

Motombo: (pulls Opana to the cell leader) Chairman please I take am come.

Cell Leader: Hahahaha this world is big but very small and if you don’t take care you won’t be able to live in it if you dont take proper care of your mouth. You came to insult me the last time and I told you that I will get you at the right time but you thought this place was only meant for dirty and smelling criminals like me erh? You see we are now on the same platform or level now? Now read out what is written on the walk above my head old man.

Opana: 50ghana cedis!!! Nothing more, Nothing less.

Cell Leader: Good!!! That is the cell dues so how do I get it?

Opana: (runs back to the toilet to ease himself again and in about 5minutes time he returns) Yes you were saying something like I should pay some 50cedis as dues, why do you have a club or an organisation here for me to be paying dues to you?

Cell Leader: Nonsense!!! Mr Man you better respect yourself before I make my commandos descend on you mercilessly, you think this is you house erh, for now am the landlord over here and if you can’t pay the money, then my boys will keep you inside the toilet and the only time you come close to the gate is when you have gotten a visitor. Now Motombo get him out of my sight because he is boring me with his arrogant attitude. That cell dues is like the rent you pay here in this cell.

Motombo: My friend get up make we go, you want take wanna head play but you dey lie, dat thing no go happen for here.

Opana: (raising his voice) My friend let go of me, is this place your father’s house? If you don’t let me be I will slap you for you to see stars. Do you know who I am and what I can do to you people.

Motombo: This place not dey respect any brother man oooo, if you be big man, you be big man for your house or pocket. If you get connections like them nor go take you come here, see you dey wanna custody now and not the police so make you shut your mouth for der before I silent you one time with my blow.

Michael hearing the loud noise coming from his father inside the cell felt very bad and immediately went to stand behind the counter where you are allowed to talk to your relative or friend when in police custody.

Michael : Yoo my guy what’s up?

Cell Leader: Bro I base oooo, what are you doing here by this time of the day?

Michael : Charlie brother my old boy was arrested and brought here so am making a follow up to see if he can be released.

Cell Leader: Oh sorry about that so where is he now? Is he in the CID office or what?

Michael : Mmmm actually he has been already locked up and we are now trying to find ways and means to get him out from the cell.

Cell Leader: Hey wait a second, don’t tell me that arrogant and controversial man is your father?

Michael : Well that is who God gave to me as a dad. Please how is he doing inside there.

Cell Leader: Well I planned to punish him inside here because of what he came to do here the other day at the charge office, he insulted me as if I had spoilt something precious of his so when he came inside here I made my boys push him into the toilet but knowing that he is your old boy I will get him out of that place and make him feel comfortable inside here.

Michael : Ah thank you very much bro, am very grateful and I don’t know how to thank you enough.

Cell Leader: Don’t mention bro, hey Motombo, get the old man out from that place and please be very gentle with him. Let him sit at the VVIP section of the cell and no one should disturb him again.

As Michael was showing appreciation to his friend, the door to the commander’s office opened and the new commander who had taken charge came out of the office. He was a bit young in his mid 40’s and the moment Michael saw him he took a second look at him and mentioned his name.

Commander: And who am I seeing here in this police station this afernoon?

Michael : This is a lie; don’t tell me it is you sir Albert?

Commander: It is me you are seeing live and coloured. What are you doing here in my police station?

Michael : My dad was arrested a moment ago so my mum, sister and I are here to see how his bail can be arranged but it seems the officer in charge of the case is nowhere to be found. Are you the new commander here?

Commander: Oh yes I was just transferred here this afternoon and am now even going round to get myself acquainted to the officers and environment. But what is the crime of your dad and why is you mum weeping like she has lost someone precious to her?

Michael : Senior my dad angrily pulled down the roof of one tenant who is owing him rent and causing problems in the house with her gossips, her daughter came to report the incident and one of your men led his team to arrest my old boy and with my little information at hand, my dad has not even written down his statement.

Commander: Whaaaaat? How do you lock someone without writing the person’s statement first? That is not what the law says and this is not professional. Corporal who is in charge of the case and I want the person in charge of the case summoned before me right this moment.

Michael : Well it seems for this police station, anytime someone is brought here the first thing is for you to be locked up before later you are brought out to write your statement.

Commander: That is very bad, it’s not all cases that the culprit or suspect should be locked up. Some you have to be detained behind the counter whiles for others you must go and come and report yourself later to the officer handling the case that you haven’t fled or taken to your heel.

Michael : Hmmmm sometimes when you don’t know the law, you are always taken for granted.

Commander: Oh so the rent control people gave a letter for the arrest of your dad and his statement hasn’t been taken down yet?

Michael : No there was no involvement from the rent control office, everything was done by your men.

Commander: Whaaat? The police doesn’t act on certain things directly, a letter must first come from the rent control before the police steps in to effect arrest. Things have to change here in this police station, every new king comes with a new law so you officers must be up and doing or else I will be charging and dealing with you people ruthlessly. Now Corporal release that man immediately, his arrest was unlawful and he has been detained unnecessarily. Please forgive my men and don’t let your father hear about our conversation. Take my call card and call me later in the evening, I have a brief meeting with the chief of this town to introduce myself to him.

Opana was released immediately because of the conversation Kwaku Mike had with the commander who was his school teacher at the secondary school. He had respect for his son now that he is not worthless or useless as he thought all this while.

Meanwhile back in the house Agnes Kyerewaa had just seen Kwaku Mike’s number in one of her old diaries and she immediately stored his number. She refreshes her whatsapp contact and scrolling through her contact list, she saw Kwaku Mike’s display photo which had his face showing boldly in a selfie he had taken, she gave a devilish smile as she saved the picture on her phone. Immediately she called the unknown person who had left her place some minutes ago to meet someone.

Eno Bruwaa’s daughter got home and started packing the things in their room because the place looked scattered and as she was packing the things she stumbled upon the lotto coupon that fell from Opana’s pocket as he was pulling down the roof and when she picked the lotto coupon up, she made a comment that was very surprising……….

What do you think will happen next?

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To be continued



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