The Angel And The Fugitive

The Angel And The Fugitive – Chapter Sixteen Part C

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© Reginald Obetta

Evelyn and Tafa had washed themselves up and were ready to go to the Apex house. As they passed through the gate, the security men began whispering in their ears when they sighted Tafa. They said he was madam’s new boyfriend goes it had been long they saw her bring a male home. They were extremely happy at how they were fond of each other, how they walked with each other’s arms locked. They knew she was happy and all they wished was a good life for her for she treated them well, like equals and constantly underlined the importance of their jobs. It was a good source of encouragement. Tafa waited in the main sitting room not for visitors and Evelyn’s parents came in, her mother furious at his sight after a brief introduction.

“It wasn’t easy to come here, face to face to speak to you. It takes a man with the heart of a lion to do that. Am sorry for everything. I know it’s nothing and my apologies stink like a bee but I am assuring you that I will make it right. “

“I don’t need your apologies. You ruined our lives, my husband’s ambition is in jeopardy because of you. Get out at once you devil and out of my daughter’s life. You are unworthy to get close to her”, she yelled at him.

“Mum, is that how you treat a fellow human? “

“You should be asking him that when he killed countless people”

“Calm down Honey “, her husband comforted her. “It wasn’t his fault, he was a victim of some devilish scheme of an opportunistic fellow. Let’s have all our hate, rage at bay”, Ajuwa Williams spoke. Mrs Williams was at peace, looked at Evelyn and Tafa with calmness in her eyes. Ajuwa Williams threw a hand for a handshake and Tafa responded, bowing his head in respect and returning the documents to him. He didn’t stay long and left.

On their way back home in the night, they heard gunshots from the road sides. Tafa who was driving sped the more but the shooting had broken the windscreen and flattered their tyres , Evelyn was so scared that she buried her head in Tafa’s body while the other was seeking refuge. They had no guns or whatever, came off the car and hid behind the ajar door. The most logical thing to do was to call her father which she didn’t contemplate and dialed his number. After calling thrice, her father answered.

“Dad, am sorry for calling now but we are under a serious attack. Some unknown gunmen are shooting at us”

“What? Where exactly?”

“Along anari street. Dad, please, hurry with some men”

“Just hold on okay. My men are coming right away”

Tafa remembered putting a gun under his seat but the task was getting to it where the shooting was at maximum. He took the risk against Evelyn’s advice who thought it was an insane risk. He got the gun and shot at them, returning the fire. At least, it would keep them busy till some policemen arrives. It continued till they cane and by the time, the policemen came somehow, majority of the gunmen were surprised by the invasion of the police, some fled while some died instantly. Tafa sustained a bullet on his left arm but the injury was minimal and the bleeding stopped by his applying pressure. He asked them not to take them to hospital but the policemen accompanied them home. That was were they were faced with a bomb explosion, half of the policemen dropped dead. They realised they had been monitored and trailed all the while they were there. The explosion affected other buildings around for it was a twin explosion. Both Evelyn and Tafa survived the blast again.

Next morning, they woke up in a furnished apartment. Tafa who woke up with a completely dressed arm with plaster of Paris was preceded by Evelyn who sustained minor burns and as they looked outside, plethora of soldiers and policemen surrounded them in the compound. The memory of last night hadn’t been forgotten completely but the aftermath was completely blank to them. Evelyn stood on her feet and asked one of the soldiers where they were and he answered they were in an isolated area provided by her father. She was relieved, likewise Tafa who found everything inconvenient. Ajuwa Williams later called Evelyn to find out how they were recovering.

“We are okay dad but you shouldn’t bother having men this much protecting us like we are some kind of a goldmine. Those men that attached us will know we are here and will have their bad eyes preying on us “

“That’s the same thing you said when I planned on sending some protection. Now, you almost got killed by them. The doctor will be coming to see you later to know your progress. Don’t leave the house, tell that to Tafa and I will make sure these men are discovered”, he hung up. Tafa overheard the conversation but was annoyed and Furious. He realised these men were not just some sort of jokers but were sent for a specific purpose. His obvious guess was Rogers, he had discovered they weren’t in Iragulu or Moguil and assumed, they must have gone faraway from them. After washing himself up, he proceeded to call his uncle to give him the names and locations of all the members of Al-hida group. There was no point protecting them when they have become enemies with him. Then, he called the president, suggesting who the unknown gunmen could be and where they might be and staged a plan with him. Since they know where they are located, it wouldn’t be difficult finding them. But then, his uncle called Tafa and told him all the locations he provided had been evacuated, no single Al-hida member was there, Tafa knew he had been outsmarted by Rogers for once in his life. Rogers knew already he would give them up and so, evacuated everybody from the places Tafa knew to new places where he had no clue. Tafa didn’t see it coming and he knew, somehow he had been defeated.

Rogers was restless as a cock on heat when he hadn’t gotten the news of his last night attack. He had successfully divided his group into two, one who would hunt Tafa and Evelyn and the other who will carryout their jobs for Alhaji Saheed. He got a call from one of his men that Bin-Ahmed had been declared dead from the explosion and everyone else in the vicinity of the blast. Rogers was eventually happy and declared it as a victory. Now, they knew both of them had become dead and his mind was at peace. He called Alhaji Saheed to give him the news. That was Tafa plan, he had disclosed to Ajuwa Williams, to declare them dead in order for Al-hida group to stop the witch-hunting. The public knew now that Evelyn was no longer alive and died when the police tried to rescue her. It was a false story they made everybody believe, not minding the consequences. Ajuwa Williams knew this would impede the chase and his daughter’s life would be safe, even if it means him, losing the upcoming elections for her life.



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