The Angel And The Fugitive

The Angel And The Fugitive – Chapter Sixteen Part A

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Investigations were still going on, Ajuwa Williams made sure he got frequent updates from his investigators as daily as possible. The case was getting complicated, the more they dug into the case. Ajuwa Williams became tired of it everyday and took sometime out to rest at home to take care of his wife who had a relapse.

At the gate, the soldiers as usual paraded to and fro, had mean faces on. A lady stopped by the gate, dropping off a taxi and proceeding to the gate where the soldiers reacted quickly on seeing a civilian coming towards them.

“What are you doing here? “, shouted one of them, who came closer to her, trying to scare the civilian.

“You no dey fear face? “, screamed another, who was pointing a gun at her. Due to the nature of insecurity instability, every soldier made it a point of duty to safeguard the Apex house, so that anybody coming in uninvited is properly scrutinized and dealt with. The lady had a spectacle on so that she was unrecognizable, she pulled it off and revealed who she was, the soldiers were surprised to see Evelyn and was at her clemency after saluting her.

“Sorry ma, you come scare us with your dressing na, said one in pidgin English.

“It’s me Evelyn Williams. You were doing your job, keep it all up and don’t let anyone know am here. Am going inside “, they paved way for her while she walked past them. The soldiers engaged in rumours about why and when she was released without the public knowing and the Military, coming out to say anything. She looked calm and brought the impression that nothing was at stake. Some of them applauded her escape from the Lions den as a colossal achievement in the twenty-first century, most of them wouldn’t b able to get. No one escapes the den of Al-hida group alive.

Twice, the bell on the door rang leading to the visitors sitting room. The soldiers after noting it was Evelyn paved way for her all the way to that point. One of the maids who opened the door was equally astonished by her presence. She opened her mouth to scream but Evelyn silenced her with her index finger on her lips.

“Don’t make a scene here. Shut your mouth up when someone asks you about me”, she instructed her and walked in past the visitors sitting room into the main one where her parents normally stays. Both were watching a TV series. Mrs Williams was the first to notice her presence before her husband.

“Eve darling “, she called, releasing herself from the grip of her husband.

“Yes mum. It’s me “

“You are alive and well”, she came closer to her, felt her body, her hands in hers. Ajuwa Williams behind stood perplexed and contemplated if she was a ghost or he had become delusional. He came close too and touched her body.

“You are not a ghost”, her father concluded. Mrs Williams too was of the same conviction that she was her lovely daughter. Three of them engaged each other in a long warm embrace.

“How did you escape? “, her father asked. Evelyn pulled away from them and sat on the couch.

“It’s nice to be home again, I miss everything around here. Mum, you don’t look well, do you? “

“How can I look well? I was worried those butchers will leave your body in pieces and send them back to me “

“No, you don’t need to be. Am very fine you can see that”

“How did you escape alive? “, her mother repeated the question once again.

“Oh mum, I need not to be questioned right now, I need to eat first, something like a welcome home food”, she stated, prevaricating the question.

“Oh yes, Eve darling, I will get the maids to prepare something nice and delicious, throw a nice party and invite everyone, the press that my daughter is back to me. Oh, I feel alive now”

“No mum, I don’t want any of those, any kind of publicity could jeopardize my escape. Unless you want me to be abducted again. Otherwise, I want it to remain this way”

“Why do you say so? Everybody has been longing to see you get freed. This could be a factor in your father’s re-election “

“No dad, those men are everywhere, in the press, the government and you don’t know them or where they are. Exposing me would mean endangering me “

“Okay, you may be right. We respect that”, they all agreed. Mrs Williams felt really better than previous days, weeks or months just that hour of seeing her daughter. Ajuwa Williams remained while Mrs Williams went to the kitchen. Ajuwa Williams wasn’t so convinced about everything and haven’t gotten the picture clear.

“Evelyn”, he called to get her full attention. Evelyn replied and he continued.

“How w did you get out? Did you escape, get released intentionally or what? Tell me, I need to know”

“Dad I just got back. I need to rest, I promise to answer your questions but not now, let’s enjoy the moment. How is your campaign going?”, she asked. Her father replied bluntly, he was losing the confidence of winning the upcoming elections, majorly due to the security instability that has jeopardized other sectors in the country and his chances of getting re-elected.

“Dad, I know it’s hard but you can win if you believe in yourself which I see you don’t anymore. It wasn’t your fault all these started. You are the best president this country has ever produced “

“No, am not. Al-hida group has destroyed everything I have built, destroyed the economy I have managed to resurrect and stabilize. All because of your abductors “, angry expression wore on his face, Evelyn couldn’t stand it and went to console him.

It was evening, another sumptuous dinner was made and the whole family celebrated once again privately. The dinner was over and Evelyn got ready to leave.

“Aren’t you going to spend the night here? “, asked her mother.

“No, I have to go to my apartment mum”

“But you have no one to go to there unless you are not telling us something “

“I am. Sincerely, someone is waiting for me”

“Someone? You said you didn’t want anybody to know you were back so what about this your friend “

“No, he isn’t just a friend Dad”

“Oh, it’s a he. Good, tell us about him, how you met and the rest”

“Mum, don’t be curious. I won’t tell you now but will later”

“Evelyn, you wouldn’t lie to us about anything. We know the daughter we raised and have no doubts about it. You promised to tell me how you got freed, if we don’t fish out this men that captured you, I will be kissing my re-election good bye”, her father reminded her. Evelyn who was already up sat and faced them courageously.

“I didn’t break out alone, someone helped me to when he heard he was going to get killed too”

“Oh, thank God “, praised her mother.

“Who is this person? I would like to show my everlasting gratitude to him for his heroic deeds”

“He is a fugitive whom you all have been after all this while. My saviour is Bin-Ahmed “

“What? A terrorist, a killer, a Savage, a heartless unkind devil rescued you for what? Why should he save you and why should we believe you”

“Dad, his men turned against him. He treated me well after he broke out from prison. I was no longer a captive under him. I am not dead because of him, am standing right here close to you because of him, his kind gesture towards me is unparalleled “

“That’s the most absurd thing I have heard in my entirety. Do you know the ultimate principle of the devil? He gives with his right hand and collects with his left. He’s always doing favour with the aim of receiving in return. It’s obvious, he wants something in return from you by causing you to be indebted to him”

“No mum, your assumptions are wrong. I was the one that told him his men plotted to kill him. He wasn’t even aware of such plan. I saved him first, before he saved him so if there is anyone that’s the devil, it’s me “

“It’s not you that is talking Evelyn. You have been manipulated and God knows what happened to your thinking faculty. Children of darkness are always wiser than the children of light. He will kill you when the right time comes. You have to run away from him. He is an evil genius, do you know the amount of blood, innocent people on his hands”

“It wasn’t his fault he had become a monster, you all assumed him to be. In every man, no matter how much the evil and the bad has manifested in him, he still has some good in him and I have seen the good in him. He is not as everyone thinks, he saved my life. I would be grateful to him and God “

“Don’t tell me this is who you have become. I hope my mind is mistaken about what you have been implying “

“Yes mum, I know what you are thinking. Am not a kid “

“You are head over heels for him. A murderer Evelyn, is that how low you have fallen? You left all men, good rich men because you were focused, ambitious for what you believed in will change the country for the better and those men didn’t share it with you an now, you are in love with a terrorist for Christ sake”

“He is not anymore, why can’t you both understand? He is a man with good heart. It’s like I have known him all my life, uncommon to the rest of the men I have met or out there”

“So, he is the somebody you said was waiting for you”

“It’s that obvious mum”

“You are a disappointment to me, your mother and brother. I wonder what your brother would say about who you have become”

“I don’t need anyone’s approval. I am well of age to make decisions pertaining to my live, who I want to be with”

“I will order for his arrest first thing in the morning. He has turned you to be a lunatic and an irresponsible toy”

“Then, I would make myself available to be captured again by the Al-hida group. This time, you may not be able to see me for eternity”, she threatened.

“Do you want to cost my political ambitions, ruin it for the sake of your lover, a wanted man. Do you know how the press and everybody will react to this? Oh, they certainly have brainwashed you”

“No, am the same. Just that I have been looking for what is high and far away that I forgot to check what is right in front of me. The press wouldn’t find out unless you tell them”, she left them in ridicule.



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