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My love

Did you know? That if loving someone is a crime,

I would have been, by now, a prisoner.

I want you to know that my love for you makes you my pride.

My love for you will stand the test of time, it may be forever,

And seeing you often, keeps me going in my stride.


There was a time I was searching for something better than gold

Not knowing that someone better than gold was near.

It took me a long time to realize this, but I was bold

Bold enough to return from my journey without fear

Fear of telling you this because you bring me joy untold.


When I saw you then, I knew at once I found a rare gem.

Your beautiful and radiant smile is all I need

To continue my daydreaming in the mental realm.

I am as enamoured with you as a chick to it’s feed.

I hope what is happening is not a dream.


Without knowing it, you make my days colourful

And your outstanding demeanor is something I cannot describe.

To me, you are mentally and characteristically beautiful.

The euphoria of having you near is indescribable – I just can’t describe,

And to say you are beautiful is an understatement.


A perfect epitome of an explicit beauty,

You have been a saviour to me so far.

I don’t know what this emotion is, maybe it’s love.

You don’t know but you are so bright that you’ve become a star.

You are a million times better than gold, my love.


Kuye Boluwatife

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