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Mended Hearts – Episode 25

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Mended Hearts – Episode 25 (Finale)

© Jennifer Godwin

“Dad, what is this news that is all over the state about you been involved in human trafficking?” Kenny asked throwing the news paper down on the table.

“I was never involved son, I only covered up their sins” he replied picking up the newspaper.

“You knew about them and you never went to the authorities? you let them continue with the barbaric act, why father?” he shouted.

“Sit down son and let’s have a hearty discussion” he pointed at an empty couch.

“What do you want to say now?” he sneered.

“You see son, Kehinde made me take an oath not to reveal their hideous acts to anyone, he deceived me in taking the oath, he told me that we were sealing our friendship with it, not until it was done that I understood what he did, I have carried the secret for the past 26 years” he replied removing his glasses.

“Jesus Christ, 26 years Dad? you mean they have been carrying out such barbaric for long without anybody finding out?” he asked opening his mouth in shock.

“That’s because they used the Adonis pharmaceutical industry as a coverage, you wouldn’t have noticed when everyone believed that what was going on in the industry was legal” he shook his head.

“And what made you change your mind? I mean you later sent mobile police men to help them, why?

” James came to me, on the day of the operation”

Two weeks ago

“Mr Williams, we have an information that you know everything about the CLAVES, and that you have their book, and again you store the hard drugs for them in your home, we have come to get the book and also tell you that you will be arrested for keeping everything away from the authorities” James said eyeing the wine served to him and Gabriel, he hissed, they didn’t go there to drink.

“I know that I hid everything from people but I have my reasons, once I tell anybody anything about what is happening, I might die” he answered.

“What do you mean by that?” Gabriel asked looking at him.

“I took an oath with Kehinde my friend not to go to the authorities, any day I do such, I will die”

“Oh come on Mr Williams, that was what Kehinde wanted you to believe, you are not going to die in anyway, and besides the person that initiated the oath is dead, it won’t affect you” James answered smiling a little.

“No James, Kehinde has been my friend for a very longtime, I can’t betray our friendship not even while he is dead” he shook his head showing a sign of negativity.

“You will have to give us the book then, the officers outside will transfer the drugs to our car” James said standing up.

“I will give you the book, but count me out in this fight, you can get me arrested for what I did, I won’t still tell you anything” he finally concluded going into his room.


“When he left, I thought about the things he told me and I found out that he was right, kehinde is dead and so is the power of the oath, I sent the mobile policemen immediately” he said finally relaxing on the couch.

“This news will linger for a longtime, people just want to see the downfall of the Williams, they will make sure it goes viral” Kenny said taking the newspaper again.

‘It will still quiet down, the most important thing is that I won’t be imprisoned ”

“Okay dad, I am going to the hospital, the doctor called me over” he answered getting up.


“You called me doctor? i hope there is no problem?” Kenny asked as soon as he entered the doctor’s office.

“We have a problem mr williams, we need to evacuate your fiance’s pregnancy, that is the only solution left” he answered going through some files.

“Pregnancy? how?” Kenny opened his hands wide in bewilderment.

“You are not aware that she is pregnant?” the doctor asked looking squarely at him.

“wait, she mumbled something about carrying my baby the other day at stephanie’s place, so it means that will soon be a father” he smiled a little.

“That could have been possible but as it stands now, the pregnancy needs to be evacuated to save her life”

“Please doctor, don’t kill my baby, it is my first achievement in life, do everything within your power to save my baby” he pleaded.

“I wish there is something i can do about it, the poison she took is a deadly one, the only option we have is evacuation, we need to save her life first, you can always have as many kids as you want in the future, please sign this document” he handed him a piece of paper.

“Alright doctor, Amarachi’s life should come first, where should i sign?” he asked sadly.


“doctor doctor, please follow me to ward 4 immediately, the patient there has started responding to treatment and her heartbeat has returned to normal” a nurse shouted from the door way.

“Mr Williams, a miracle has happened, don’t sign the document anymore, your baby will be saved” He said rushing out with the nurse.

” I don’t like what you are doing James, you are supposed to lie down and rest, you have not had enough rest since all these saga started and now you want to go over to kong’s house” Gabriel yelled angrily at James.

“Gabriel, i need to see kong and tell him what to do with spark and host, there is nothing stressful in going to his house” he replied.

“Can’t you just call him on phone?”

“Oh no Gabby, i lost my phone in that chaos at the seaport, don’t worry, am just going to talk to him, i won’t spend much time there” he reassured him.

“Okay then am coming with you” Gabriel said standing on his feet.

Gabriel parked in front of Kong’s house, they got down and walked into the compound, James wondered if Kong had been feeding their hostages at all, he had told him to take them to his house and keep them there. just as they were about to knock on the door, they heard voices coming from inside the house, James looked at Gabriel as they tried to place where they must have heard the voice of the person talking with kong. They listened very well and their conversation got clearer.

“You are going to the prison yard tomorrow to kill the remaining founders, and make sure you make no mistake, i have contacted our insider and he has agreed to make it easy for you to gain access to the prison, prepare very well” he ordered.

“Yes master,” Anny answered

“Jesus, Kong is t..hh.he master? the one that taught Anny how to kill, oh my god” James said carrying his head in his hands.

“And Anny is working for him,” Gabriel added.


Mara got down from the car with Kenny, she had been discharged from the hospital and was been taken home, she wondered if her father would feel remorse for not investigating further on the genotype issue, she shook her head and a tear slipped off her eyes, the old man didn’t even visit her while she was at the hospital.

“We are here sweetheart and when you enter the room, act cool with your father, everything he did to you in the past please forgive him, am sure he didn’t visit you because he was feeling so guilty” Kenny said bringing her out from her thoughts.

“The only thing I want now is to lie down and rest, my father’s case will come later” she said opening the door.

“Welcome home Mara” everyone chorused as soon as she stepped into the house.

She stood at a spot looking at the people who meant so much to her, her family and her in_laws.

“I will go first because she is my daughter, I thought I would never see you again, I thought death wanted to deprive me the opportunity of been with you again, welcome home my daughter” Margaret said hugging her tightly.

“calm down mom, am not yet dead, am still alive, I might have a miscarriage with the way you are hugging me so tight” Mara said letting out a chuckle.

“My daughter, am glad that nothing happened to you or my grandchild, we are sorry for not believing in the love you share with my son, you people are meant for each other, welcome home my dear” Mrs Williams said.

“it’s okay mom, the most important thing is that am here now” she replied.

“My wife has said it all, in addition to the things she said, I will arrange for a trip to any country of your choice where you will go for your honeymoon, I will give you my house at Amen estate plus a Range Rover spot” Mr Williams added.

“Wow, thank you dad”

“Welcome home Amara” Brenda said going for a hug.

“Thank you Bree, Kingsley is really taking good care of you and am sorry for not attending your wedding ceremony but I promise to be there on your child’s naming ceremony” she replied hugging her back.

“Welcome home our Mara, we missed you”

“Thank you so much funmi, get ready to be my maid of honour”

“Welcome back home mara”

“thank you Tunde and please you are getting old go and get married” she said as everyone chuckled.

“Amy, welcome back, we prayed for you everyday” Obinna muttered.

“Thanks Obinna” she said sitting down on a sofa. “Where is dad? ” she asked suddenly.

“He is in his room, he has a surprise for you, Kosi Dear go and call your father” margaret said.

Mara wondered what the surprise would be, it wasn’t until she heard the voice of someone coming down the stairs.

“My child” the person called out.

“Mommy” Mara shouted running towards the stairs.

“take it easy because of your pregnancy” everybody shouted all at once.

“Mom, I thought you wouldn’t make it to my wedding, I have missed you so much mom, did dad bail you out?” she asked all at once.

“Why would I miss your wedding my baby girl” Agness said hugging her dearly.

“Thank you so much dad for bailing mom out” Mara said not disengaging from the hug.

“now am getting jealous” margaret said feigning anger

“Come on mom you don’t need to be jealous, am lucky to have two wonderful mothers” she said going to hug Margaret again.

“It is actually three mothers” Mrs Williams said clearing her throat which got everyone laughing.

Mara looked at them and smiled at how happy they all were, she smiled the more, she would give everything to see her family happy.

“I can’t believe this Kong, you are the master and you kept quiet all these while” James asked softly, he didn’t have the strength to shout.

“I had to kill them, they are wicked and heartless” Kong replied non_chalantly.

“You shouldn’t have taken the law into your hands, I mean I have been your friend and you knew how well I was suffering because of this case and you didn’t even think it was necessary to let me know” he asked again hitting his chest lightly.

“Am sorry James, I was only doing it for Stella, she is also a victim of their barbaric act” Kong said shaking his head.

“Wait, you mean Stella was shipped out also for prostitution?” James asked shockingly.

“Yes James, we were happy when she got a job, I even got her office clothes, on the day of the interview, she left the house and she never came back, I went to the police station to report but they didn’t pay attention to me and that was where I met Anny and the four other girls, I learnt from them that the other ladies that were unlucky to escape were shipped off to another country, I never believed it but when I stayed for a week and my sister didn’t come back, I went in search of Anny and the other ladies, it was hard for me to get connections but I later got it and we kicked off from there, I have a friend that works at a hospital, he sends me the deadly poison which we kill people with” he concluded with a sigh.

“Even at that, you should have told me, am a police officer and I would have helped you” James said letting out a breath.

“It’s alright James, if you look at it in the positive way, Kong actually helped us by killing most of the founders, he made our work easier” Gabriel spoke for the first time.

“Are you trying to say that what he did was good?” James eyed Gabriel.

“That’s not what am saying, am only trying to let you know that because of him our workload has reduced” Gabriel winked at James.

“Did he have to risk Anny’s life, what if she had gotten killed in the process” He sneered.

“Come on James, she is the daughter of a locksmith she can take care of herself, she knows how to smuggle into someone’s house without been caught and that was why I choosed her, she is smart” Kong replied.

“you will kill no more, the president has sent word to all those countries involved in this, the ladies are coming home soon, and as for the remaining founders and members of the CLAVES, they would be punished accordingly, and you will have to let spark and host go, they helped us in some way” he concluded relaxing on the sofa.


James sat down in his sitting room watching TV when he decided to switch over to the news channel, he smiled as soon as he saw what was on the screen.

“president Jack Nzube, the president of Nigeria has brought back our ladies that were cruelly shipped off sometime ago and has promised to fix them in different companies located in all the 36 states in Nigeria and with a certain amount of money to compensate them for the pain they passed through, and those people behind these barbaric act has been sentenced to death.

“Our Hero, inspector James Acho is now the new inspector General, the president has also promised to reward him immensely for his hardwork” the news caster read out loud.

James picked up his phone to call Kong, he needed to go to the embassy to pick up his sister, he smiled again, everything is finally falling into place, all that was left to do was to officially confess his feelings for Anny, he was really in love with her.


“Anny, I know that we have passed through hurdles just to get here, but believe me baby, I so much love you, am not a fan of romantic gestures but I will love you sincerely, I would love to get married to you Anny, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and no one else, please will you marry me”? James said going down on one knee.

“I love you too James, when I saw you go lifeless at the seaport, my heart skipped, I thought I was going to loose you, I have never been in love with anyone before, I think of you everyday, and yes, I will marry you James” she said as the ring was been slipped on her finger.

Wedding Night

“We will be heading to Paris tomorrow my Queen, I still can’t believe that after everything we passed through, we are finally married, I love you so much my baby, you are my support, I can’t even do anything without you, the love of my life, am so blessed to have you in my life, Nwunyem (My wife)” Kenny said giving her a peck on the forehead.

“Oh my love, you are killing me softly, I love you too my King, the father of my kids, the only man am finally going to spend the rest of my life with” she giggled.

“Very soon we will be attending another wedding ceremony” Kenny said smiling.

“Who is getting married?” Mara asked looking at him.

“My sister and Obinna” He replied.

“Yes, I said it, there is something going on between those two” she chuckled “Am happy for them anyway” she completed.

“That is by the way darling, what I want now is to give you a hot and mind blowing love making” He said as he lowered his mouth and placed it on her nipple taking her to the world beyond.




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