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Mended Hearts

Mended Hearts – Episode 24

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Mended Hearts – Episode 24

© Jennifer Godwin

James woke up to see people in the hospital room with him, he looked around, there were about five men in the room, he only recognized Gabriel.

“Who are they Gabriel?” he asked weakly.

“You are awake bro” he said as all heads turned to James’ direction.

“Yes, am awake, but who are they?” he asked again.

“They are journalists from Abuja, the president sent them to interview you on the case you just handled” he answered not having the strength to introduce them one after the other.

“What will happen after the interview?” James asked.

“Nothing really, you would be shown on TV, your heroic deeds got to Aso Rock, the president wants to award you, you will be the next Inspector General” one of the men said.

“I just don’t want to be on TV, the president needs to do something about the ladies that were already shipped out of Nigeria” James said wincing in pain, his back was really hurting him.

“Yes, he has sent words to the presidents of those countries, they are looking into it, the ladies will soon come home” one of the men said yet again.

“How do you feel right now?” another journalist asked.

“I feel pains, the injury on my stomach has not healed yet coupled with the one I have on my back ” he replied eyeing the journalist, was it not obvious that he was in pains?

“How did you feel when you found out that the D.P.O was involved in this barbaric act?”

“I felt disappointed and and shocked, I took him as my father, I never knew he could do something like that” he concluded shaking his head.

“We heard that Mr Williams of Dalena company was involved with the CLAVES, how true is that?

“that is not what we will discuss on air, he actually sent the mobile policemen that came to our rescue” he said twisting his face, an expression of displeasure of where their interview was heading to.

“Alright now, you will have to end the interview here, as you can see James is unwell, he needs to rest” Gabriel said coming to his rescue.

“Alright then James, just have it in mind that arrangements has been made already, you are the new inspector general, take care of yourself” he said as they all trooped out of the room.

“How is Anny?” James asked as soon as he got a breathing space.

“I have not seen her since she left here while you were unconscious two weeks ago” Gabriel answered collecting water from the water dispenser close to the bed.

“Was she at the seaport on that day I got shot?” he asked narrowing his eyes.

“Yes bro, I didn’t even stop to think of what she was doing there, who told her that we were there, all I had in mind was for you to wake up, you died bro, I mean you died, I felt life go out of you, I felt your body go cold, I thought I would never see you again” he muttered as a tear dropped down his face.

“I can’t really explain what happened, but that day, I felt my spirit leave my body, I was already gone until someone touched me and I heard my name, and then I heard when you told them to take me to the car” he explained as a tear also slipped down his face, he couldn’t bear to see Gabriel cry in front of him.

“Welcome Master” Anny greeted him as soon as he entered the Triangle point.

“Anny, why did you go to the seaport even when I told you not to” he asked sitting down.

“Am sorry master, I wanted to see how everything would unfold”

“You are in love with him aren’t you?”

“No master, am not in love with him”

“Shut up, you are not in love with him and you went all the way to calabar because of him? anyway, that is by the way, your mission is not yet accomplished, you need to kill the remaining two founders that are in prison” he said bringing out his iPad.

“But I thought that everything has been settled, they are in prison now and I heard that the president is working on bringing back the ladies including your sister” she said looking at him.

“Listen to me Anny, I want the founders to die by my hands, I don’t care if they are in prison or not, James did his work and he has been rewarded, it would be an honour to me if I kill all the founders” he lit his cigarette.

“Okay master, I will kill them then” she answered shaking her head.


Mara was done eating and was relaxing on the sofa, her phone rung, she saw her fiance’s contact details on the screen, she wondered why he was calling her, she didn’t want anyone to spoil the fun she was having with her best friend and so she refused picking up the call, speaking of her best friend , where did she go to?, she entered the room to look for her friend and heard the sound of a rushing tap inside the bathroom, she must be taking her bathe, she concluded.

she decided to use that opportunity to take in the decor of the room, it was painted pink, the normal ladies colour, her wardrobe was made of glass, she had a pink bed sheet too, she looked at the bedside drawer and saw a book on top of it, she forgot everything about admiring the room and went to pick up the book, on getting there, she realized that it was a diary, she widened her eyes in shock, her best friend had a diary and she never knew, out of curiosity, she opened the diary, the first pages were about their lives while in the university, she smiled while remembering the past, her smile later turned to a look of horror when she got to a particular page and saw something, a picture of Kenny. she turned to the next page and found a piece of paper folded neatly, she opened it and found out that it was a copy of their genotype test result, she widened her eyes the more because what she was seeing there was different from what the doctor gave to them, then she turned to the next page and read what shattered her heart the more.

“Dear diary

today is the day that I will finally separate Kenny and Mara, I have paid the doctor to give them a fake result, I can’t wait to be with my Kenny” Mara closed her eyes in shock as beads of sweat gathered on her forehead.

“Why did you take my diary without permission” Stephanie asked immediately she came out from the bathroom.

“What is Kenny’s picture doing in your diary?” Mara asked still not recovering from the shock.

“Well, you finally found out, yes, am the one behind the threatening note at the mall, I was happy when you told me that you saw Funmilayo, I decided to use that opportunity in sending you the threatening note” she said nonchalantly as she collected the diary from Mara.

“But what did I do? I thought we were best of friends?” she asked wiping off the sweat.

“yes, we were until you took Kenny away from me, I came back to Nigeria because of him” she shouted.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean?”

“You remember when I told you of a guy I was crushing on?, that guy is Kenny, on my welcome home party, I was going to show him to you but you came up with the excuse of going home, I told him to take you home because our driver wasn’t around and not for you to seduce him” she yelled getting frustrated.

“But he fell in love with me and not you steph” Mara said finally breaking into a sob.

“That’s because you seduced him, I was there when he proposed to you at the Macally eatery, all the time I told you that I was in Abeokuta was all a lie, I have been in owerri all those time” she yelled again.

“You can’t separate the both of us, we love each other” Mara said heading towards the living room to get her phone, she needed to call Kenny to come and pick her up because she didn’t think she could drive in that situation, just few steps more to the door, she felt a sharp pain on her abdomen, as if her intestine were been ripped out. she heard a mocking laugh behind her.

“I can see that the poison has started getting effective, I poisoned your food dear bestie” Stephanie said sitting down on the bed. “since Kenny still wanted to marry you even after the Genotype troubles, I decided to kill you instead” she crossed her legs now giggling.

“But why Steph?, what did I do,” she asked clutching her stomach.

“Don’t worry about Kenny, I will take care of him more than you ever did” she gave her a wink.

Mara fell down still clutching her stomach, tears formed in her eyes, was she going to die so early? was she going to die without telling Kenny of their baby, she closed her eyes as tears poured down heavily, she felt life go out of her slowly, then she heard it, her Hero’s voice.

“Amarachi, I called you but you didn’t answer” Kenny said rushing into the room. “officers, that’s the lady over there, arrest her please” he pointed at Stephanie.

“Kenny, I have to tell you something” she said still clutching her stomach tightly “Am carrying your baby, your seed is growing in me” she said weakly.

Kenny didn’t understand what she was saying, he needed to take her to the hospital, he carried her and rushed out of the house.

To be continued



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