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Mended Hearts

Mended Hearts – Episode 21

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Mended Hearts – Episode 21

© Jennifer Godwin

Mara and her Mom were getting ready to go to the mall when Stephanie showed up, Mara hugged her tightly and surprised at when she got back to owerri.

“Oh my god Steph, where have you been?, I called you many times but it didn’t go through” Mara said as she was still hugging her tightly.

“I lost my phone, but I have retrieved my sim card now, it seems you are going out with Aunt Margaret?” she said looking around the sitting room surprised at the change of everything.

“First of all steph, she is my mother, and secondly, let me introduce you officially to her” she said dragging her towards her mom.

“Mom, this is Stephanie, my best friend, the one I told you about” she said smiling sheepishly.

“How are you my dear?” Margaret asked.

“Am fine ma, what of you?”

“Am okay my dear, we were about leaving for the mall before you came, that means you will join us then” she concluded heading out with the ladies following behind.

The drive to the mall was very lively and noisy with the two best friends chatting loudly and catching up on old times, they got to the mall and the two ladies rushed towards the clothing section while the woman went ahead to get food stuffs.

“So, tell me Mara, how did it happen?, I mean when did you get so close to your mom?” Stephanie asked the one question that had been bothering her since they left the house.

“Steph, she is not as bad as I thought, the only problem she has is that she lost her memory which will come back soon, she has proven to be a good and caring mother” she smiled picking a gown from the hanger.

“Oh, am happy for you dear, but wait, is that a ring on your finger?, did Kenny propose already?, I thought you guys were having issues?, when did you settle? I must have missed a lot” she said holding Mara’s wrist.

“Yes, he proposed to me few days ago, I was angry with him but not anymore, and you know what next right? get ready to be the maid of honour that you have been dreaming to be” she said smiling the more.

“Aaaww baby, am happy for you, everything is going on very well for you” she said but stopped short as she saw the look of horror and fear on Mara’s face.

“What happened Mara?, you look like you have seen a ghost” she said shaking her a bit.

“Steph, I just saw Funmilayo, she is in this mall right now” she said looking around the more in fear.

“Are you mad? she is still in prison have you forgotten?” she asked looking at her carefully.

“Am sure of what I saw, she just passed through the counter” she said still looking around.

“I think you should go to the restroom and wash your face with a cold water, the wedding stress must really be telling on you” she said pushing her a bit.

It wasn’t long after Mara left that she ran back to Stephanie breathing heavily and sweating with a piece of paper in her hand.

“what is that paper in your hand Mara?” Stephanie asked getting confused.

“Steph, as I was in the restroom washing my face, someone slid in this paper from under the door, I picked it up and this was what I saw, I told you that I saw funmilayo here, she is no longer in prison, I will have to tell Kenny about it” she said giving her the paper.

“I will get you, I will never let you get married to Kenny Williams and that is a promise” Stephanie read out loud.

“We need to find your mom immediately so that we can go back home, you never can tell what will happen to her” she said rushing off immediately.


“Dad, I can’t believe this, you bailed that witch?, why?” Kenny shouted angrily at his father.

“I had to do it son, she knows something that can damage me for life, don’t worry, she won’t disturb us again, I talked to her” he answered sighing.

“That’s what she wanted you to believe, she threatened Amarachi yesterday at the mall” he said tightening his fist.

“Threatened her? how?” he stood up to actually understand what his son was saying.

“She passed a threatening note to Amarachi while she was in the restroom, she didn’t see her do it though, but prior to that time she saw her pass through the pay point” he said clearly hitting the hammer on the nail.

“How sure are you that she did it”

“Dad who else could have done it, which other enemy do we have?”

“We have many enemies son, but we will talk about that later, I don’t think funmilayo did such thing, she has something against me and not you and your fiancee, secondly, you said that she saw her pass through the pay point, that means she was going home, how did she come back to pass a note to Mara, think very well son, another person is behind this” he said sitting on his seat again.

“But who could have done that?, I mean I didn’t break anybody’s heart, the same with Amarachi” he said joining his father on the sofa.

“Since it is just a note, just forget it and go on with your wedding preparations” he patted him on his back.

James whistled as he drove, he was happy he had been discharged, his wound was still fresh and had not healed yet, but he begged the doctor to let him go, he was later discharged on the condition to be visiting the hospital often for treatments, they were headed to where Kong had kept Spark and Host, it was time to fish all of them out, there might be more of them in the police force.

“Kong, how are you doing?” James greeted as soon as he entered the uncompleted building.

“Am fine James, those guys refused to talk, I have tortured them severely but they won’t still budge” he explained.

“Take me to them” he said matching towards the inner room.

“Hello spark, how are you doing?, we meet again” he smirked annoyingly.

“I can see that you are still alive James, it won’t be for long before you die” spark replied frowning his face.

“Alright Spark, let me break it down for you, Taiwo Segun, one of the founders, has been killed by the same lady you were looking for, while the Boss, the owner of the institute that is, the D.P.O is in prison right now, I can kill you guys and still get the information that I need, the only thing that can save you now is for you to give me answers, I might plead on your behalf and they will give guys lesser punishments” he said mockingly brushing off an imaginary dust from spark’s shoulder.

“What do you want to know?” Host spoke defeated.

“When do the CLAVES meet?, what are they planning now?, when are the next set of ladies leaving?, I need answers to all these questions” James said moving towards Host.

“They meet at the institute on Fridays, they have over 20 members, you will meet everyone there, and you have to hurry, the ladies will be shipped off tonight to Spain, arrangements has been made for their journey, they have imported the hard drugs already, they have expectations of getting the amount of 5 billion naira after this particular operation” he answered looking at spark, if he was ready to die for those selfish set of people that think only about themselves, then he should go ahead and die.

“How many ladies are there?” James asked bending down a bit.

“They are up to 150, they normally wait till they get like 300 to 400 of them before shipping them off, but with the way things are going right now, they couldn’t wait anymore” he answered still not removing his gaze from where spark was.

“the hard drugs, are they at the institute? is there any book where the members names are written?” James asked motioning for Gabriel to come close.

“The hard drugs are not at the institute, they are with Mr David Ejike Williams, Kehinde’s best friend and business partner since ages, he stores the hard drugs in his house prior to the operation night, he is with the book too” he continued, this time around looking at James.

“Wait, Mr Williams is a member? he is one of them?” Gabriel asked immediately he got close to them.

“No, he is not a member, he is not one of them, he is doing everything based on friendship, he has been invited to join the CLAVES severally, but he declined, he always uses the little chance he gets to try to talk Kehinde out of all these but he wasn’t successful” he said shaking his head.

“Gabriel, we need to act tonight, we will get the book from Mr Williams, and then head to the institute, arrest them and free the ladies” he said turning to Gabriel.

“That’s not all James” spark spoke to the surprise of everyone in the room, he had made up his mind to support them in fighting against the CLAVES, they are selfish human beings, they don’t think of anyone else, since they were abducted they have not made any move to release them.

“What else is remaining” James asked turning around.

“At the last meeting, they thought of introducing a new business” spark continued.

“Which business is that?” James asked burrowing his face in confusion.

“Gathering of pregnant women, nurturing them till they give birth, they will sell the babies and also ship their mothers off for prostitution, they will make announcements on televisions and radios, that they are in need of pregnant women for a pregnancy modelling show, it would lure the pregnant women to the institute” spark concluded looking at everything apart from the people with him in the room.

“Gabriel, please help me call Jeremy your friend, he needs to send men from the special response squad, we will need their help tonight, Kong, you will still keep this two here until I come back from the operation, I might not come back alive, if you wait for me for 3 days and you don’t get any news, take them to the police station, Gabriel let’s go home and prepare, we leave for the institute by 7pm” he said sadly leaving the place


Mara and Kenny sat down in the doctor’s office, they had come to get their genotype tested, Kenny eyed his fiance, how could she not know her genotype?, he had called her up the previous day to ask of her genotype but she gave him a negative answer.

“Mr Williams, from what I have here, your genotype is AS while her own is also the same AS, which means that you can’t get married to each other” the doctor said bringing Kenny out from his thought.

“What are you talking about doctor?, we have already picked a date for the wedding, what are you talking about?” Kenny asked him as though he was drunk.

“What am saying is that you are not a perfect match for marriage, if you go ahead and get married, you will give birth to a child with a sickle cell anemia” the doctor concluded tossing his pen around.

“What?, Mara shouted, how can genotype be a barrier to us, haven’t I suffered enough?, what crime did I commit?” she said rushing out of the office in tears.

“I will be right back doctor” Kenny said rushing off too.

“Baby, listen to me, our genotype can’t stop us from getting married, I love you with all my heart, I can’t love any lady the way I love you, you are my idol, I Adore you, the love I have for you grow every minute, I love you so much my Queen, please stop crying, we are getting married, whether genotype or no genotype” he said giving her a hug.

“What? no way, you won’t get married to him, do you want to give birth to a sick child?, you want my first grandchild to be a sickle cell patient?, you must be out your mind Mara, this marriage will not work” Mr Johnson shouted angrily.

“Dad please, just let us be, it is not our fault, we are so much in love with each other, please let us get married” she pleaded.

“Will you shut your dirty mouth up, I will never give my blessings to that stupid marriage, now leave my site” he said glaring angrily at her.

“Whether you like it or not Dad, we are getting married, because am carrying Kenny’s child” she said caressing her flat tummy.

“what did you just say?, you mean you have been sleeping around with that man, what has Agness been teaching you for the past eight years?” he shouted this time around standing up angrily.

“Yes, am pregnant and don’t even bring mom into this matter, she tried her best as someone that is not my biological mother, but you, what did you do? you left us and ran away, I regret ever acknowledging you as my father, I hate you” she spatted.

“How dare you talk to me that way? am your father young lady, show some respect” he shouted giving her a heavy slap.

“What is going on here?” Margaret asked rushing into the sitting room, she was hearing noises while she was in the kitchen, she saw Mara holding her cheek in pain as tears were pouring down her face.

“Ask your slut of a daughter who opened her legs for a man that she is not yet married to, I swear if I catch that boy, I will break his ribs, I warned him” he shouted glaring at Margaret.

“Mara dear, let’s go to my room and talk, I want you to explain everything to me” she said taking her away.

“Since you are pregnant for him, I don’t have anything to say than to give you my support, I love you Mara, you are my daughter, I might not remember anything but I know that you are my daughter and I want to see you happy” she said consoling her.

“Thank you so much mom, I love you too” she said going for a hug.

“So, have you told him that you are carrying his child?” she asked.

“No, mom, I have not, I planned to tell him the other day but the news of our genotype shattered my plans, now am scared his parents doesn’t want us to get married again, the same thing with father, what are we going to do?” she sobbed more.

“I understand my child, but you will have to tell him, he has a right to know, he is the father of the baby”

“Okay mom, I will tell him later, I want to go over to Stephanie’s house later in the evening, I need to cheer up a bit” she said wiping away her tears.

To be continued



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