Lumbiwe: The Village Star

Lumbiwe – Episode 5

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Lumbiwe: The Village Star – Episode 5

© Tisa Phiri

After I was done preparing meals… I sat with my grand mother and sister chatting outside the kitchen, my grand mother was a good story teller. So she narrated a story of how a great fighter in her days married the most beautiful girl in the village. But she was lazy and full of herself. people tried to advice her to work so that she can keep her marriage but she always responded saying, he will never look at another woman because in her village she was the most beautiful of all. Later her husband left her and married a woman from another village and she becme a laughing stock in the village…

“Oh that was bad” I had told my grand mother when she was done with her narration.

she added.. “Lumbiwe my child.. that’s what life is about… beauty will not get you a husband but hard work and good character.” so I learnt something that day but I didn’t really wanted to apply it.”

I chuckled..

” it seems you were a problem then?” I asked my grand mother. “oh zelipa” she sighed

“what can i tell you.. I made some bad choices and wouldn’t think in those good lines better than I do now.”

“well, tell me what happened next” I said as I joined her on the mat. it was getting a bit chilly but I couldn’t sleep yet I wanted to hear it all.

“what happened to Lumbiwe?” I asked again..

“Oh yeah… let’s see.. days passed and I heard nothing from the Prince. I had expected him to send someone to call me but it was quite. No one came for me. I one day thought of deliberately passing by the palace in the hope of seeing the Prince, but I didn’t see him. irritated, I changed course and went to visit my friend Dolika. Just as her village came into view. I heard a nyau cry from the bushes. “that nyau again?” I thought to myself, as I conteplated running away, he appeared before me but to my surprise, it wasn’t the same nyau. he’s outfit was different. I turned to ran back but he was faster.He whiped me on my back and I screamed in pain..the other flog reached in the side of my hand leaving a mark.I felt pain and fell to the ground..

“what do you want from me?” i cried trying to draw away from him, his mask scared me and i shivered.

“who are you?” I snapped.

“you have no shame!” I added trying running away.

“you cannot find anything to do but follow and whip girls in the village… shame on you !” I shouted. He bent his head a bit watching me as I struggled on the ground. He raised his whip ready to flog me again. I covered my my face ready to receive the slash, then some other nyau came crying louder. he stood between me and the first nyau holding the whip high up preventing it from hitting me.

I saw the first nyau bow his head and ran back to the bush and the one who rescued me helped me up.

“thank you” I said in a low voice. He wiped my tears and lifted my chin, my eyes were fixed on his mask. He bent down and whispered in a horse voice

” ran back home Lumbi!” and he ran towards the bush.

“What? ” I asked myself

” Lumbi? That was him.. Tendeka .. so it was him that was scaring me all the while…” I thought as I ran back home..

” okay, unless I won’t see that fool.. he will hear me out!” I shouted in my head.

“how could he do that and even laugh in face, he’s so mistaken if he thinks I will let him go free with this” I told myself.

Two days later, i went to my tree spot sewing a pair of stockens with wool cotton for my cousins baby. I wanted to have my silent moment. Immediately I settled down, Tendeka came and stood before me. I first looked at him from head to toe, then slapped him in his face. He didn’t see it coming so he steped back a bit.

“what have I done ?” He asked he’s face calm as always.

“What have you done? You fool think I don’t know it was you who scared me in the woods the other day and embarrassed me in front of the whole village at the ceremony… and you have the audacity to follow me around. what do you want from me? you coward!” I screamed..

He took a deep breath and sighed.. “I don’t know what you are talking about.” he said calmly..

“oh yeah? That nyau that rescued me the other day. you deny it wasn’t you?”

He shook his head..

“how could you tell it was me?” He teased ..

“you have no can be anyone even your cousin Jonas.”

I let a laugh shaking my head… “wow! you are a good pretender Tendeka. Tell me who else in this village calls me Lumbi? Mmmn? ” He smiled…

” maybe some other man who wants you to himself.” He answered unconcerned. I raised my hand to slap him and he held it up.. “don’t do that again! you can’t just slap a man it’s not a good virtue for a woman…”

I pushed away his hand.

“I hate you…!” I snapped..

“leave me alone now or I will scream and tell the whole village you have been following me and whiping me hiding in your masks”

He forced a smile.

” I cannot leave you alone now, you owe me for slapping me and every one wont believe your story. you cant tell the person in a nyau.. so see. .am not scared of your threats ” he mocked.

“Okay ..since you have nothing to do and decided to disturb my peace I will leave you the tree. it seems you have come to love it more than I do” I said picking my knitting spooks and cotton which I had put down.

Before I could walk, he held my hand and looked at my face. I opened my mouth to say something but I closed it back. He pulled me to him and held my face..

“you have to learn to respect me Lumbi” he stated with a serious look.

“you don’t deserve it” I answered carelessly.

“oh I see… let me show you I deserve it” he whispered pushing me towards the tree. He placed my back to the tree bank and pushed himself closer to my body, leaving no space between us…

” what are you doing Tendeka?” I asked him trying to escape his grip.

He leaned forward and smilled.

” I want to show you am a man and I deserve respect” he smiled, pushed his hand in my dress and let his hand touch inside the soft skin between my thighs. I shivered, the effect of his touch.

“stop!” i shouted, but my voice not sounding so much as I intended it to. He used his other hand to unbutton my dress and touched my nipples, causing me to feel strange emotions that I had never felt my whole life.

” Tendeka please let me go” I told him trying to push him away, but his force on me was stronger. He leaned forward and bit my neck gently. I felt my pant get wet like I just peed in it. He looked at me become weaker by the moment and smiled proudly.

He let me go but I stood there not moving an inch. I really thought I would be happy if he let me loose but I was surprised I stayed there not doing anything. I saw his pride raise enjoying the humiliation he had caused me.

“what now … are you going to respect me?” He asked close to my ears.

” is this what makes you a man you crazy Hunter ?” I snapped looking into his eyes.

” you are a coward Tendeka” I added trying to button my dress with my hands shaking.

Before I knew it he lashed back at me and pushed down the khaki short he was wearing, he pressed his manhood on top of my pant and I closed my eyes shut. rubbing his man on me slowly and gently, for a minute, I started panting wanting him to do more, even when my mind reminded me of the warnings from the elderly women about having sex before Marriage. My body disobeyed the warnings and I wanted Tendeka to go ahead and finish what he had started . He however did the most unkind thing, he stepped back and pulled back his short.

” you don’t deserve it Lumbi” he teased and ran to the bush, leaving me panting and desiring him like an idiot.

I felt so ashamed of myself. I sat down trying to compose myself for an hour…

” I hate him!” I said aloud.

” he’s so much full of himself…..”

To be continued



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