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Am I really a humanitarian? a poem

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I met her in all honesty bliss
I fell in love I had this inner peace
Luck smiled at me I got her number
or is that not the order?


Soon enough we began the calling,
conversing in the morning, afternoon and more in the evening
We gist we play, we joke and all
but I didn’t ask her out not at all.


The passion soon went cold
colder than the dogs nose
but the issue is that who could I have told?
sighs… only God knows


She had some issues and ran to me
I fixed her not that I had so much with me
We soon revived the withering root
I guess that’s how to tow love it destined route


All these while she felt nothing for me or for us rather
although I’m at fault for not asking her out, no doubt
now she thinks I’m a humanitarian
Am I really a humanitarian?

©Modest Poetry

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