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The Outcast – Episode 28

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The Outcast – Episode 28

Written by Amah

Tell me the right word to use in a situation like this, I don’t know how to describe how I feel right now, even words failed me at this moment

The gods seem so silent, and so is everybody around here,

Mother arrived here five days ago, a day to Zila’s wedding,

Everyone was happy as we all look and got prepared for Zila’s upcoming day,

Riko left to inform Pah, we silently hoped and prayed to the gods, that he will change his mind because of mother, we prayed to the gods to soften his heart but it wasn’t as we all hoped or prayed For

Riko came back the following morning as everyone was getting ready for the day occasion and said,

immediately he told Pah about the whole thing, he suddenly went into shock and collapse to the ground, he held him before he could hit his head, Pah couldn’t utter a reasonable word as he tries to speak,

Guess the shock of the whole thing was hard for him, from Zila missing to Me and Mukeh going off to live among the outcast, then Zila getting married without informing him and mother leaving him after she couldn’t hold back all the trouble in her heart

Pah probably felt left out and lonely, this wasn’t the way he planned for his family to be, this wasn’t the way he wanted to spend old age with mother, this wasn’t just what he bargained for,

He was a teacher of the law and a law keeper, he was the tribe leader and a well respected man in his clan, he has never broken a law except for Zila, his little girl whom he loved so much, he fought hard to save her, he wanted to be the man who will hand her over to her husband,

He has almost achieved that until calamity struck, and Zila’s disappearance was on everyone’s lips, Mother became ill, Pah was always troubled, he will give everything and anything to have his little girl back but everything was working against him,

His family gradually started scattering like a seed in a farmers land,

he still tried to parch it up, but the more he parched the more there’s another opening,

Nobody defied his order in the tribe but his own children, whom he expected to follow the law perfectly,

He felt left out and lonely, despite Pah was well disciplined he couldn’t just watch his whole households fall apart,

He understood that the gods picked Zila for a time like this to change a long time tradition and the law of the land to favour everyone not just the chosen few.

Pah knew that the gods has shot their ears to his prayers, his first son, even stood against him to challenge him and he was left dumb founded

His loving wife, the Woman of his youth has finally had enough of the recent happening and Left to be with her children at the outcast,

Mekah was planning to join them if he doesn’t speak to the other tribe leader to change the curse of the land to favour every one,

Everyone has abandoned him and yet he doesn’t want to be a law breaker again and even though his heart is totally broken

Family is everything and when the family you have raised, nurtured and love come against you then it will be better if you never see or know what the sun looks like,

Having a family that has become a public eye, when the family you hold dearly, a family that many people look up to Begin to fall apart, going against your whole teaching, what can one do in such a time like that

I felt Pah’s pain as Riko told us he couldn’t move his Left leg and left hand or even stand straight after the shock, he only signalled for Riko to get him a slate of which Riko did

He wrote something in the slate and signaled to Riko to quickly bring it across to me,

I managed to read what he wrote to everyone’s hearing,

“Bring Zila home to me I will love to watch her get married, I can’t come to the other side, I have being stroked by the gods,

As much as Zila was not Happy to put her wedding on hold she refused to go down as Pah wishes,

she stood Strong necked and said she is not going to leave the outcast Land until Pah comes to understand that this people they tagged forbidden are the same with everyone,

She said that Pah have to come down to this side he tagged forbidden, mother pleaded with Zila but she said no, she won’t take her her wedding to a Land filled with self centered people

Zila have always being strong willed like Pah, even Ladi supported her,

Instead Zila called the men who understand herbs and root, and they worked quickly in getting the right medicine for Pah, it was given to i and Riko to go and give him, and we were told how to apply it for him if he will agree to it,

I went with Riko, while others stayed behind,

As we finally got there Pah was critically ill, Lan the medicine man was working on him, using some oil to massage his leg and arm, some other tribe leaders sat around him as Lan worked on him, I greeted everyone present before I focused on my Pah, who tried to say something but awful sound came out instead,

Mekah sat beside him, he later took me outside and told me that Pah is getting worst instead of better, he said he planed to come over to the outcast side by evening but he couldn’t just leave Pah like this,

As we went back in i politely asked Lan the medicine man and others present to excuse us, I needed to speak to my Pah privately,

They all nodded and Left his chamber,

Pah was still trying to say something, probably asking of Zila and mother, I gave him the slate to write whatever he desires to say, I helped him with Mekah to sat up from the bed as he began to write something on the slate, he wrote for sometime before he handed it to me,

It read “Mbazi, I plead with you to bring everyone together, look not unto my faults, because I was not born perfect, unite the land, and make open what has being close, I desire to see your sister, Zila, I will never stop her from whatever her good heart desires, because I can see you and her are both running a good race…let the land be purged…

I did not fully understand so I decided to write back in the slate telling him about the medicine I brought from the outcast to help him on his feet again,

I asked him if i should go ahead to apply it or just take it back with me because it came from the forbidden land,

He nodded giving me a go ahead to apply it,

Me, Riko and Mekah went into work, grinding and mixing the herbs and everything we were given until it turned out exactly as it was suppose to, we applied it and gave him some to drink of which he pause first and stare at the medicine before drinking all the content,

After sometime he slept off,

We left him alone, Zila’s wedding was on hold because of Pah, I know Pah will be alright,

The medicine which we gave him was strong, it took effect on him immediately,

I know it took him a long thinking to finally come to see reason behind me and Zila’s action, I may not have followed his desires and plan but I followed a troubled path to bring liberation, and already the gods are smiling with us,

I may not have made Pah proud in a way he expected but I will make him proud in an unexpected way,

I can feel freedom, liberation so close, I know it will happen

Already more huts are being built as more people comes in to the outcast include Marie’s two siblings and their mother,

The sun is smiling, the moon is guiding us through, energizing us everyday

There’s still more to come but we are not scared, because people are coming to see the truth for themselves, what was hidden is being made open,

Pah got well after three days and it was unbelievable to those who thought there was no hope for him because of his critical illness,

Some of the tribe leaders were even scared thinking that probably the gods want to start punishing them for their sin against the outcast, but on seeing Pah on his feet again and speaking reasonable word, they marvel..even Lan the medicine man was shock, he never expected what he saw and it was a quick recovery for Pah,

After one week he was fully okay and said he was ready to go down to the other side to hand his beloved daughter, who he had missed so much to Ladi her loving husband

A message was sent to the people at the boundary to open the whole boundary up because my Pah and others were coming,

Pah walked slowly with the other tribe leaders who followed him, even Marie’s Father was among the men that came with Pah to the outcast,

even before we got to the outcast, their clan drum beat loudly, singing can be hard,

Me, and Mekah walked in front of Pah as we guide them through,

Riko stayed behind to guard the house,

Zila and the rest has being informed about Pah, but they stayed back and didn’t rush down like they did with mother,

Pah was looking round as we gradually got there,

Everyone stop singing and beating the loud drum,

Zila came and stood beside mother, she didn’t bother to look up at Pah because she knew nothing she will say will make him understand why she left without looking back, mother guide her to where Pah stood with others,

Pah’s eyes was moist, tears gathered in them, he breathed deeply as Zila walked towards him, she suddenly pause when she two feet away from him before kneeling before him, still her head was bent, she knelt and remained still, Pah walked up to where she was and raised her to her feet,

Then Zila spoke but she stammered through words

“Pah… I…I….I….

” shhhhhhhh…I understand the unsaid word More than you…you are the daughter of the gods… I am your Pah, I thank the gods for giving me that privilege, the gods has chosen you among many to bring light to a dreaded darkened Land…I have looked forward to this day, the day I will set my eyes on you again, you have grown in to a full wise woman… I thank the gods for their many blessings…it will be My great delight to hand you over to your husband

He gently draw her to himself and it was a father and daughter moment

The ceremony began,

It was Zila’s memorable day, a day we Will never forget in a hurry, Zila was looking so beautiful and happy as she and Ladi got married

Please Wait here for me let me go and introduce Kumar to Pah, help your selves with the grape win and some food, I Will be back

To be continued



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