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The Outcast – Episode 25

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The Outcast – Episode 25

Written by Amah

We doubled up our step and walked silently, mukeh was walking behind while Marie and I walked side by side on the wide foot path, we later pause by the foot path for me to be able lit up the wooden torch, to see through the darkened bush path and to scare off any dangerous animal,

As we continued our night journey heading to the outcast boundary through the Rafiko way, we started hearing noises behind us, voices were commanding us to stop, and as we looked back we saw wooden torchlights behind, there were like four or more people coming towards us, it seems they were hurying towards us, Marie said I should put off our wood torch so that we can hide among the trees, I disagreed with her as she urged me, even Mukeh joined her, I told them not to be afraid, that the people coming maybe the men on the watch, and it was our light that attracted them and also the sound of our footsteps ,

I was right, we stood and they met up with us and they were actually the men on the night watch, they were five in number, we greeted them and they started questioning us on where we are journeying to by this time of the night, I told them to the outcast, they laughed thinking I was joking and repeated the same question and I gave them the same answer, and told them I live among the outcast now and my sister is also lives among them, and I don’t belong to the tribe that birth me because of their wickedness, I belong with the outcast and I’m going back to them with Mukeh and Marie, all of us are going back to the forbidden, I went further to tell them that the stories that they heard about them was never true, the stories are only used to scare us off their path, I told them that they should come around to the outcast some time and see for themselves, I have gone there twice and came back, being more stronger I can ever be, I even told them I will be getting married to one of the outcast soon if she agrees to my request, and that our parents are aware and knows where to find us if they ever miss or needs us, they saw my seriousness and did not try to discourage us with some some scaring story of the outcast as they were trying to do before, I knew they knows the truth but were afraid to admit it for the fear of being and infidel or being tagged as an outcast, they kept quiet and did not ask or say any other thing before they attract the wrath of the gods,

After the long battle talk with them, they gave way for us to pass, two of them decided to walk us down to the main boundary before bidding us farewell, we crossed over to the outcast land through the Rafiko way, filled up with thorn bushes, then a voice from the tree halt our movement, just as expected, Marie held onto me because of the scary voice that was coming from the tree,

“is me again…Mbazi… I told you I was going to return and I needed a free entry anytime I arrive, don’t want to go over the same kind of questioning and answers like the last time, I thought we agreed on tha already, I plead to pass with the people with me..

“Who are those with you Mbazi.

“My brother Mukeh, who is a twin to Zila, my sister who lives among you…and…and my friend Marie, they all mean well…

“Okay Mbazi…you can continue your journey since you don’t need anybody to show you through, guess you already know your way down, may the gods guide you and grant all that your heart desires…

We proceed with our journey and i can hear sound from up the tree I knew somebody was gradually following us to make sure that we are safe, I felt safer already walking on their soil than I will feel in my tribe, I slowed my pace as we got close to the outcast clan, I can see light up wood torch from the distance, I knew Marie was afraid and Mukeh was trying to be a brave young man, I thought of Kumar, I know she will be asleep by now, we will all go straight to Zila’s hut, I know she will be happy to see Mukeh, we will stay the night in her hut until tomorrow, we will be able to create more hut so that we won’t inconvenient Zila,

We finally arrived, the whole place was quiet, they have all gone to sleep in their different hut and those on the watch will keep watch until morning when another set will take over from them,

I know the whole path there and also knows the one that leads to Zila’s hut, as we proceed I suddenly heard my name from behind, I can always identify that voice anywhere anytime, I knew it was Kumar’s voice, I quickly stopped and turned and saw her walking towards us, Marie whispered to me, asking me who she was I told her it was Kumar the lady I spoke off, Kumar stopped creating a little distance from us, I can’t really see her face from where she stood but I was happy that she was the first person I saw on my arrival

“Kumar, I’m bless by the gods, seeing you first on my arrival makes me happy , I thought you might have gone to bed by now , I told you I will return, and here I am with two more people who are unafraid…what took sleep away from you…

“I’m glad you return Mbazi, I was on the watch, not by the boundary though just sitting outside my hut and waiting and hoping everyday since you left, I was praying to the gods that your father will not held you down or curse you pain… I was praying the gods will grant you favour with your Pah, hope you found favour before him…

“it wasn’t all smooth or easy, I knew it won’t be anyway, I knew what to expect from my Pah, and he acted as expected, all that matters to me now is I thrashed it out with him, I told him how it was in my heart but not without receiving a blow and I’m glad I’m following the gods direction, I’m not afraid of anything again Kumar, what I fear most has being dealt with, my Pah was my greatest fear and he is not any more Kumar, because I faced him and it wasn’t an easy battle though, it wasn’t…I made mother cry, it hurt me to watch her weep but something needed to be done and I think I did all I can for now,, now I’m following the direction that the gods placed in my heart, no going back until something change, I will grow old here with…with you if you will let me Kumar

“you have had a whole lot to chew from what you just said, facing your Pah and the long journey to this place must have being challenging, I’m happy to see you Mbazi, I can see you came with some people, I’m not sure they will like it here, there is no luxury here or anything appealing to the eye, it will all be boring for them and they may curse you for bringing them to the forbidden side that is dreaded by all…

“Kumar, there’s nothing to worry about, here is my brother Mukeh, a twin to Zila, and here is Marie…she is a friend, they all followed me willingly, and if they stay here a day or so and they are not comfortable I will show them their way back home, and let every curse be upon me not upon this land or the people in it, nothing scares me Kumar…absolutely nothing…

“I’m glad to meet your brother and your beautiful friend…Run ahead now so that you can get enough rest and I will see you by morning, there is a hut close to Zila’s, it has not been live in, unlock it everything needed for resting are all there, things we can afford over here, you can have enough rooms for yourselves, Zila’s hut will not be comfortable for the four of you….

I said my thanks and nodded, she disappeared into the darkness, Marie asked me why she kept distance and did not reveal her face dispite she can see us from our wooden torch, I told her she will see her by morning, I also told her and Mukeh that the people over here don’t really get so much comfortable when a stranger is in their midst, but they should not be afraid, is just a matter of time they will all come to understand everything, we turned and continued our walk until we got to the empty hut, I can see light in front of Zila’s hut, I first opened the empty hut and lit up the fire, before going to tap on Zila’s door, and calling her name through her small round window, she was outside within a second, and hugged me before looking round at the people with me, Mukeh laughed real loud , same with Zila as they clung unto each other for what seems like forever, I looked at Marie face she was smiling, before looking back at me, we just stare at each other and I wondered what exactly is going through her mind, her beaut light up with the burning wooden light, she smiled at me before looking away, I knew I really hurt her with me turning her down, and I’m still yet to understand if she has totally let it go like she said, I later introduce Marie to Zila, Zila seem happy to see her as they hugged each other as if they knew themselves before now,

We sat comfortable in Zila’s hut as she try to hit up something on fire but none of us were hungry so the food was suspended, I was tired and took Mukeh to the empty new hut leaving Zila and Marie together,

I still hope Pah will understand my decision someday and I pray to the gods to keep mother safe from any illness, I don’t want her to break down again like she did during the time of Zila’s disappearance,

I know after the night comes morning, no matter how dark the night is it will still birth a beautiful bright day,

Let me rest, today’s trouble has being over, tomorrow will be better

Something else that bothers me right now is that I hope Kumar and Marie will relate well with each other, I had plans and I know the gods will perfect it, I will tell Zila everything by morning, I know she is eager to know,

I have things clouding my heart and preventing my mind from shutting down and allow rest, but there has being enough things to worry about, tomorrow’s worry can wait… my whole body yawn for rest.

To be continued



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