The Outcast

The Outcast – Episode 20

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The Outcast – Episode 20

Written by Amah

“My mother had twins, me and my twin brother, I was marked as an outcast from birth and carried to the wood to be disposed, after which I was left to die, I was to become food for the animals, I wondered what kind of satisfaction a little Baby can give a hungry animal,

just one mouth full and I will be gone,

At night the hyenas came, very ugly set of animals, they are mostly in charge of devouring the baby girls left in the wood, they digged their long teeth and ferns into my body, I never stopped crying, I cried so hard and loud that it got to the outcast on a watch that night by the trap boundary, it was dark I was a child ready to become a Small dinner for the hyenas,

The outcast are great climbers, he flew from one tree to the other until he got to me, he fought the hyenas and scared them off, he rescued me from them and brought me down here to be cared for,

I was covered with blood and deep cut, they thought I wasn’t going to make it because of the life threatening injury I sustained, my face my thigh, my back, all the wounds were very deep and I lost much blood as a little Baby, they applied everything possible to save me, they sewed up the deep cut, I couldn’t stand on my own when I was five years, i couldn’t even walk straight for some period of time, during my childhood, I was still learning how to walk at age six, as time pass I got healed up, I’m left with scars, ugly scars caused by the animal teeth as they try to tear me apart,

I thank the gods everyday for sending Muje, the man that saved me, he is old now but I visit him everyday, he gave me the name Kumar, meaning “the delight of the gods,

him and some others thought me how to be a fast climber, we have some other three little baby girls who were saved on time before the ugly animals could pieces them, one still can’t walk straight because of the serious leg wound she sustained,

while some others are already torn apart by the animals before the outcast could get to them,

This is the only family I have come to know, the outcast are more humans than the normal people, your tribe men, the women don’t really have a say so i focus my hate on the men,

how can they give birth and tag the innocent child an outcast as if she choose to come to the world by herself, just because she was born with a boy, that is very barbaric, is a wicked law, Mbazi, when I heard my story I hated the people from your tribe, I stop hating when I saw your sister Zila, she asked me why I have much scars and i told her My story, she then told me we share similar story,

she said your father was able to save her and stop the barbaric law, marking the female child as an outcast has being abolished, I was happy, very happy because no child deserve such pain, babies were taking away from their mother’s breast to be deposed, to be dumped in the wood for hyenas and other hungry looking animals,

the painful anguish the mother goes through will be unbearable,

Your father was able to stop and abolish such law that marks a girl child as an outcast just because it got to his own skin, which he wouldn’t have cared, your father would have continued passing the law with other tribe leader to destroy a live they can’t create if not that the gods threw it to him, he felt what other parents felt who has lost their children to this mishap, he felt their pain and understood their anguish in that way he was able to put a stop to it, what a selfish world we live in,

I thank the gods and pray that they do to every one what they have wrongly done to others intentionally,

people are sent down here with different illness from your tribe, illness they don’t know about, some they fear it will be infectious, people they have already giving up on, your tribe men will mark them as forbidden and they come here get their healing after the old men who understand the language of leafs and herbs attends to them,

is not everybody that makes it, some gave up, just looking at themselves as an outcast, a forbidden soul is enough to kill them, they felt there’s nothing again for them in this world,

slaves are sent down to become a forbidden soul and they got their freedom, in this clan there’s no freeborn or slaves, no great or small because everybody is equal before the gods, there’s only the elders, who directs and encourages us, they are the wise old men, they have being here far too long,

there’s too much discrimination in your tribe, too much deadly laws, so much evil and wicked men, when I heard you speak to me the last time by the waterfall path I couldn’t hold back My Joy, we needed more people like you yo make a difference, you said there’s no difference between the outcast and the normal people and I should not preach to you about being careful of the things you touch because you are already an outcast by stepping into our land, you and your sisters perspective changed totally when you arrived here, they filled you up with lies about us making us feel like we are the devil himself, it was until you came down you saw a different thing entirely from what you were told,

you and your sister are very unique, whatever reason the gods brought you down here may they also perfect it, thank you Mbazi for seeing and accepting us as we are, and accepting me too, I’m not worthy of your love Mbazi but I trust you and I will continue to pray to the gods to show you favour,

whatever the outcome is, I have no regret of knowing a kind soul like you and Zila, you two changed the negative perception I had about your people, I don’t know how you Will face your father and your tribe leaders but the gods will guide you,

When I got back from my walk with Kumar and also hearing her stories I felt fulfilled, because she freely opened up, telling me her sad stories without holding anything back now I have to think of a way to face father, I spoke with Zila that night..

“What did she say when you revealed your feeling to her, Hope it wasn’t too difficult talking with her

” no, it wasn’t, she was very Free with me and even went as far as telling me her story, is really saddening, now I understand what you meant by her story is a little similar to yours, what worries me is how to face Pah again, I’m scared Zila, I am, Pah can be very difficult, I’m afraid what he will do to me,

“I totally understand your fear Mbazi, I know how much trouble awaits me and you not just you, Pah maybe difficult but I’m not scared of him, if you want to face Pah keep fear at a distance and face him, talk to him as if your life depends on it,

” what if he kicks me out or disown me for bringing shame and disgrace to his name, what do I do, where do I go, Pah will never ever accept Kumar if he finds out she is an outcast, which will be easily notice because Kumar doesn’t even know her family or have a surname, she said it was a man named Muje that saved her and gave her the name Kumar, I don’t care about anything Zila, Kumar is all I want, I also want to be father’s son, a son he will be proud of, which is his desires, he want me to be in line of great men of tribe next to his, that is my desires too, if he disown me where do i go..

“Be a man Mbazi, be a real man and stop panicking like a child, I know pah will not disown you even if he did then you can come and live here, among the outcast who Will never reject or Deny you, in that way you will be close to Kumar, the woman you love, you Will start a family with her just as me and Ladi plans to do here,

I and Ladi has presented our Union to the elders of this land, once is approved then we will do a small wedding here and start a family, and if they refuse to approve just because I’m a daughter of an important man and I need to get father’s blessing, if they dare refuse Ladi from getting married to me then I will force him to get me pregnant, once I’m pregnant for Ladi they Will have no choice than to bless our Union, I have everything planned out, I would have love to go with you so that I can boldly face Pah, but once he sees me he will hold me captive, I will become a prisoner in my father’s house, then he Will Marry me off to some strange man I won’t be able to see Ladi again, all our effort will go in to drain, I know what Pah is capable off, Mbazi go and speak to him…don’t be afraid brother, may the gods see you through.

The following morning I got set to leave, I hugged Zila goodbye, Zila, Ladi and Kumar walked me down,

I grabbed Ladi’s hand and shake him despite he was reluctant to shake me, which is very understandable, he smiled and bow to me in respect as he will do to an elder,

few people are beginning to feel comfortable around us and I feel so happy with that

I looked at Kumar and smile, she smiled too but avoided My touch which I also understand perfectly well, i know she will be very comfortable with me soon, she’s holding back some feeling she doest not want me to see, so that non of us will get so hurt if eventually it didn’t work out, that’s my thought though, I wish I can read her mind,

I love Kumar with her scars, I love her strength and everything about her, I Will fight harder for her sake and for the sake of Zila and Ladi,

I pray the gods help me to find favour before Pah.

To be continued



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