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The Outcast – Episode 19

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The Outcast – Episode 19

Written by Amah

My heart began to beat as Zila’s face change suddenly, what could be wrong, I began thinking, do Kumar belong to some body else, is she already married, what happened to her,

“Zila, what is wrong, what happened to Kumar, why the strange face, Zila talk to me, I don’t like this…

” well..nothing is wrong with Kumar, but me and you can not be prodigal are the same time… Mine is very understandable but yours…you suddenly want to become a prodigal son, after all the training that Pah gave you..

I didn’t understand what she meant until she boast out laughing, I realized she was joking, I smiled and said

“You scared me, I thought Kumar was already with a man.. That was an expensive heart beat just doubled up..we are in this together Zila..

” brother is in love with an outcast, c’mon Mbazi, ,you are the first son how will Pah feel about that.. He will be seriously heart broken..that’s unfair thing to do..rejecting the fine maiden Pah choose for you for an you even know her story…

“Hold on..are you seriously taunting me.. Stop the joke and get serious Zila, i don’t want to know what her story is, stop reminding me, I already know the trouble in it for me, don’t remind me and stop laughing and mocking me..I have had enough self pity before now…stop trying to get back at me.. I know I tried to talk you out of Ladi but you are as stubborn as father..

” okay.. OK..fine, just want you to have a taste of what I felt when you were scolding me about Ladi, I wanted to use same tune and attitude you used, making me feel I was loving a ghost, you saw Ladi as the worst sinner, who doesn’t deserve anything good, and made me look like a cursed soul, I loved Ladi despite it all, you can see he is becoming more comfortable around me, I asked him to change his clothing to something better and he did, I asked him to remove the ugly facial mask, he did but left only the eye covering, and the good news is that i have seeing his full face, his eye bulb, he is a good looking, not that the look mattered to me because I have loved him even when I don’t know what he looks like, my spirit connected with his on my first week here, he was outspoken and generous, he brought different animal he caught in his trap to me then, him and others made me feel at home here, I lacked nothing, I was love by this strange people Marked out as forbidden, the ways of the gods are strange, now they threw the coin to you for you to understand what it was like for me and Ladi, now you understand better..true love breaks barriers, it breaks boundaries and law, love can be found even in strange places… Do you understand now Mbazi

“Yes..I do Zila, my apologise…I’m sorry for belittling Ladi in the beginning, and tried to talk you out of it, I just wanted the best for you…but I understand better now.. So how can I see Kumar…that is the main thing for me

” not so fast.. You will see her, she usually stop by every mid day to check up on me with Ladi…

“I can’t wait to mid day..I really need to see her now…Zila you should understand better…is the matter if the heart..

” fine…patient Mbazi, she is probably by the trap boundary, up the tree, she likes climbing like a squirrel.. I Will Tell Ladi to go fetch her..

“Don’t call her squirrel..

” hahahaha…I have never seen you so weak and defensive for a woman..and you are looking so funny too…like a little boy… Hahahaha

Zila was still making jest of me when we hard Ladi calling her from outside, then like a bomb shell to my ear I heard Kumar voice, as I tried to rush out Zila held me back, and said

“Don’t rush out like this, wash your face first, comb your hair, you are not on foot wear, wear your sandals, dress well before coming out to show your face to her, I guess she heard you are around that’s why she’s here early, make her blush at your appearance.. Go and change up..lover boy

” move from the way, I don’t have time for all that..all that good looking thing can wait until I’m done talking with Kumar, me and you are both birds of same feather, don’t judge me..I didn’t chose to feel this way…

“Hahahaha.. Okay, go ahead when you are done talking then you come let’s talk about how you will face Pah, may the gods favor you and grant you your desire..

Before Zila could complete her statement I was already out, I saw her standing at a distance with Ladi, They both greeted and I was glad to hear her speak, Zila came out and called Ladi, Ladi Left her standing alone with her facial covering, immediately word failed me, I understand what Zila did is to give me the privacy to speak to her alone, but just standing in front of her, bare footed, looking like a lost child and leaving space between us, I totally lost word to say to the only Woman I have carried and treasured in my heart for weeks,

She spoke instead

” I knew you were going to return back, I have looked forward to seeing you again, I’m glad you came back.. So what exactly brought you back here.. There’s nothing much over here, no entertainment, no fine maiden or big chambers to sleep in…Ladi told me you came back for Zila, and he has being worried, I told him that may not be the actual reason but even if it is..Zila doesn’t belong here, she will have more better life outside here..

I listened to the sound of her voice, speak to me freely, I was very happy but I needed to see her eyes, the mask was making it difficult..I moved closer, she didn’t bother moving back

“Can I ask for a favour.. And please don’t say no..

” hmmm, I don’t have anything to offer you Mbazi, but go ahead

“I have an important thing to say to you but I need you to please remove your facial mask,

” I Will remove it because I believe every word you said to me by the bush path on your way to the water fall the last time you visited, you made me believe in the impossible..

She pulled off her facial mask and smiled, I smiled back and clutch my hands together, that’s the little I can do to keep my boiling feelings down, all I wanted to do was to rush and hug her but I retrain my self from doing that, I asked her to take a walk with me and she agreed, I rushed in and wore my sandals and a waist coat,

We walk silently and I finally broke the silent

“I…I love you Kumar..I have not being able to think straight since I Left here, you occupied the largest part of My heart.. You are the main reason I returned.. Please Kumar..will you…you accept me just as I am, let’s be together… Please

” Mbazi.. I don’t know how to respond to that… I don’t know what to answer you..

“Just say yes.. Just say yes Kumar…and trust me..please..

” do I have a choice.. What if decides to say no..

“I will be seriously hurt..but not withstanding you have a choice, what ever you decides is fine it won’t change anything or stop me from loving you… So…please what Will you say to this my bleeding heart

” she laughed out loud surprising me, I joined in the laughter, it was the first time I was seeing her laugh, I don’t care about the reply I seek from her anymore, seeing her smile was enough for me..

To be continued



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