Mended Hearts By Jennifer Godwin
Mended Hearts

Mended Hearts – Episode 1

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Mended Hearts – Episode 1

© Jennifer Godwin
All Rights Reserved.

This story is entirely fiction. The names, characters and Incidents portrayed in it are the work of the author’s Imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental.

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Mara woke up in the morning feeling depressed and broken, she opened her window to let in some natural air, she still felt the same after doing that, closing back her curtain she slumped on her bed thinking of what could have given her the depressed feeling this beautiful morning, she had barely closed her eyes to think before it came flooding her memory, she started sobbing from afresh as her wounds has been reopened, Obinna had broken up with her the previous night in his apartment, remembering the love they shared together, the promises and the nice times she started sobbing loudly. Obinna is no longer hers, he left her broken for someone richer, the thought alone is ripping her heart apart. She remembered how they met when she was doing her faculty clearance in her 100 level at IMO State University.

She had gone to school very early in the morning to avoid getting hers done very late as there will be crowd at the faculty, she had barely joined the small cue she found when she heard a voice behind her.

” Are you the last person on the cue”? She rolled her eyes at him, isn’t it obvious? Is there anyone behind her but she didn’t say it out instead she smiled and told him yes. They finished their clearance and friendship was established between them which later grew to relationship as they later fell in love with each other, they graduated from the university, went for the clarion call, while Obinna got employed as a messenger to a renowned lawyer after searching for a good Job which didn’t work out, Mara opened a small scale business where she sells different types of weavons, wigs and hair attachments. To them, as long as they love each other, that was all they needed.

Mara sobbed loudly, where has she gone wrong, she did everything any girl would do for a guy she is dating, she doesn’t understand how Obinna could have left her after six years of been together, why? She was still sobbing when her mother Mrs Johnson came in with a cup of coffee, she shook her head and sobbed more, mother he left me, Obim ( as she fondly calls him) left me, my life has finished.

Don’t say that again Amarachi, Obinna is not your life and he can never be, you are hurting right now and I know, please stop crying, I didn’t sleep well last night knowing that you are heartbroken.

It’s alright mom, I will put my heart and mind in my business, I will forget about him, I wish him happiness though, Mrs Johnson couldn’t help but smile at her daughter for taking such decision, that is my daughter she said, now finish up this coffee and get going to your shop young lady. Giving her mom a fake smile, okay mom I will be out in a jiffy, thanks Mom you are the best, Alright Mara I will be in the living room. Immediately her Mom shut the door behind her she started sobbing from afresh, who says she can ever get over Obinna? She can’t, Obinna is her life, she can’t do without him.


Kenny couldn’t believe that Brenda actually cheated on him with the excuse of him not always been around, always traveling to different countries, no time for her, what nonsense he scoffed, he is always busy making money for the both of them, for their future, why can’t she be grateful for that she has hurt him so much he doesn’t even know what to do, a tear slipped down his eyes, he was actually crying for a woman, he couldn’t believe it.

Kenny been the only son of Mr and Mrs David okoronkwo, a well known business tycoon that deals on the production of Table water and biscuits and also have different branches around the world was made the C.E.O at a young age by his father after he has retired but still give order when necessary.

At 27 Kenny has already made more name for the company, he Made sure that DALENA is known across the nation. Knowing how the name of the company came about, he always smile anytime he remembers that the name was coined from his parents names, David and Helena, he was always wishing to be that close with the lady he will marry but Brenda screwed it all up for him, he smiled painfully, it will take him ages to fall in love again, it will be about work and the company now and that is just it.


Hello Baby, he said immediately he answered his phone, my love he heard from the other end good morning to you, morning baby he answered how was your night? He could feel her smile while answering him that her night was fine. Baby she continued, can you come over later in the day? Am missing you already she whined like a baby over the phone, Obinna smiled, of course Baby am coming over I can’t wait to see you, I have been thinking about you, I love you so much Kasie. I love you too Obinna talk to you later bye. Obinna smiled he can’t believe that Kasiemobi the daughter of Barrister lucky Williams is the person he is dating now, she has promised to get him a Job in a better company, all it took him was to break up with Mara his longtime girlfriend but it doesn’t matter, money is all that matters.

Obinna Ferdinand is a young man of 27 years old, the only child of late Mr Uzoma Ferdinand and Mrs Nkechi Ferdinand. Mr Ferdinand died when obinna was serving in Kwara state, leaving obinna with just his mother. Obinna saved up and opened a small shop for his mom where she sells foodstuffs, he was sad that he couldn’t offer more to his mother but there is nothing he can do about it.

He met Kasiemobi Williams in barrister Femi’s law chamber, his boss that he runs errands for. He was sent to get a file from Mr Femi’s car when he bumped into a lady spilling the contents of her bag on the floor, he apologized and picked it up for her after which he learnt that she is the only daughter of Barrister Lucky Williams who is currently with Mr Femi inside his office as she just finished from law school. After that day Kasie kept on coming to see Obinna. Obinna waved her off at first until she promised to get him a better job in DALENA if only he would break up with Mara. He couldn’t resist her any longer. He broke up with Mara and started dating Kasie and he has not regretted it as Kasie has already gotten him the latest Range Rover, and life is now good with him and his family unlike when he was dating Mara. He smiled in fulfilment.

To be continued



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