The Lion, The Bear And The Dog
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FREE E-BOOK FOR DOWNLOAD : The Lion, The Bear And The Dog

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The Lion, The Bear And The Dog

Are you overwhelmed by challenges and you feel when is this going to end?

Do you really desire to live a perpetually victorious life in 2019 and beyond even in this world full of challenges?

Are you worried about how to overcome the challenges of life while living out your visions, fulfilling your goals and all that God has called you to be?

If yes, then the book, “The Lion, the Bear, and the Dog.” … understanding the levels of challenges and how to overcome them using the David paradigm is all you need.

Get it now.

The lion, the bear, and the dog symbolizes the three different major phases of challenges in life that must be faced on your journey to success.

Life is full of challenges. In fact survival itself is a challenge and there is nobody without real challenges.

Thus, understanding what level of challenge you are right now and how to successfully overcome at every level will place you on a path of perpetual victory.

Learn from David, one of the greatest king and warrior of all times who never experienced defeat in his lifetime by clicking here (the link)

The content in this book reveals that success, greatness and victory are a product of mastering the art of overcoming overwhelming challenges.

As against the traditional perception of challenges, challenges don’t get tougher. Challenges get easier as you go.

As you go through the pages of this book, you will discover :

  • What level of challenge you are in presently and how to overcome them using The David Paradigm.
  • The difference between the Warrior Mentality and the Victor Mentality.
  • How to successfully play the mind game.
  • How to hold up your resume that wins always.
  • How to use the anointing to your advantage
    …and so much more.


Use these secrets and your victory over every overwhelming challenge is assured.

To download this e-book available for FREE for a limited time click on this link now

Kindly note once this free promo is over, price will revert to $3 on Amazon and 1,000 naira on other platforms.

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About the Author

Daniel Odiwe, is a young inspiring leader, writer, and teacher with a special calling of building the lives of men and women around the world.

Daniel Odiwe

He hosts a Question and Answer session through his video blogs where he answers frequently asked questions from around the world.

He facilitates online classes where he mentors and guides hundreds of young people from many nations of the world.


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