Top 6th And 5th Story Of 2018

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As the title suggests, this story is about a lady who indeed falls crazily in love with a mentally ill person.

It’s absurd, and utter foolishness to the human ears but to Jennifer, it’s LOVE. The story is interesting in every sense and keeps the readers amazed at the creativity of the writer. Take your time to check out this story if you haven’t read it.

#5 – The Heart Of An Assassin 1 & 2

The Heart Of An Assassin

The top 10 list would surely be incomplete without this story being among. Written by Emmy Okeke, the story is a masterpiece full of action and suspense. Read the trailer below

The current president wants to rule for another tenure. Chief William and other chiefs are also after the presidential seat, but chief William is ready to do anything including killing others to attain his ambition of be coming the president. He hires a special assassin who is very powerful and does his work perfectly but there is more to the assassin that meets the eye because the seemingly ‘all powerful’ assassin has a past that would hunt him in time to come .

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