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The Outcast – Episode 9

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THE OUTCAST – Episode 9

Written by Amah

“We need to go home..mother is very sick.. Everybody misses you Zila.. Your husband to be is distraughted…he cam..

“I’m not going back Mbazi..there’s a home here for me..I’m sorry but I’m not..goin…

” are you listening to me at all… Mother is sick.. Father’s is an unhappy man because of your disappearance and mother illness.. Is that the best way to treat your family.. By running off to this forbidden place.. You don’t belong here… This people are cursed people… They are the can’t be among them…because you aren’t born a slave, you don’t have some incurable illness.. You did not curse misfortune for your entire family.. But this people have.. We don’t belong with them they don’t belong with us.. Your home is far from here..not with the outcast..may the gods forbids that one of us should become among the forbidden clans…

“Mbazi.. Yes am part of this people now.. You know why because I brought misfortune to the family by running off to the forbidden wood and yet no one acknowledged That..because father is the tribe leader, our Pah is a very important man and can get away with many thing and nobody dares touch his family, but you see this people here..that you call the outcast..this beautiful people we tagged forbidden are commoners, they are helpless and has nobody to speak up for them, most of them died and wasted away, some died at birth while some were killed by man made law, i was helpless at birth too father came through for me, he spoke up and since then the laws that kills female twins were shut off, it was abolished because it happened to an important man’s daughter in the clan, if it was an ordinary person that gave birth to a forbidden twin girl like me, I would have been long dead and forgotten, Mbazi..this people are not different from you and I, they don’t have anybody to speak up for them, they were cast off because they are helpless, I was born an outcast, sometimes I’m being reminded of it when I walk among my father’s people, they look at me like an unworthy humans or..or..opportunist..but dare not throw stones because of the fear they have for our Pah, i felt like a stranger among my kind, I felt being alone or being in the wood was more okay for me than among our people, that’s why I don’t mingle when I was in our clan, I found love here and rest of mind, father choose a husband for me to marry he doesn’t care about My feeling or give me a chance to find real love or choose who I want to be with, despite how much I try to be part of this amazing people here they reject me and never wanted me among them, they have tried to return me severally but I stood my ground, they are nice people each and everybody in this place has a story, the things we were told about them are not true, non of the terrifying stories are true Mbazi, they cover their faces and keep distance because they don’t want the normal people to see their eye ball, which they felt will defy your personality, they believe they don’t deserve the normal people among them, they felt in worthy, not being Worthy among us.. They are suppose to be among our clan but were excluded, Mbazi.. The lady that led you down, also was the same person that led me down, the reason you saw her face was because they wanted a vulnerable person, somebody you will feel safe with, if a man leads you, you may feel threatened by his presence, that’s why she was picked to lead you so that you will feel safe and not threatened, but don’t underestimated her, she’s full of strength and you have people moving from tree to tree, keeping eye on you so that you won’t defy your self by touching their stuffs, I touched different thing here just for them to Mark me an outcast… instead…they force me to deep myself seven at the normal lake close to the waterfall… Mbazi…you are my blood, my elder brother, my Best friend, I don’t hide anything from you.. I have always felt this full force pulling me to this place and when I finally came, I met him within weeks, the man that brought the leaf for you.. For your injury..his name is Ladi..I’m in love with him, I haven’t seeing his face yet because he refused to reveal it to me, but even without seeing his face I felt so connected to him…he is the more reason I don’t want to go home…Mbazi, you and I have the same calling, we are different from other members of the family, I don’t felt connected with my twin brother Muke, the way I’m connected to you, that is why I’m boldly telling you that the people you call the outcast are the most nice clan I have ever come across, I wish you can stay a little while over here and found out for yourself..

I listened to Zila talk to me about the outcast, I saw the passion burning in her as she talked about them, I felt she wasn’t normal but forcing her to go with me was out of it, I will stay a day here and see if I can convince her to follow me home,

I knew there was something between her and Ladi, I saw her looked at him smiling earlier when he brought the leafs, I guess Ladi was equally looking at her through his black veil, his face covering,

May the gods forbid such love, is an impossible love, I will make sure I bring Zila back to reality because she seems to be dreaming but I will do it gentle and steady,

My wound was healing up after applying the ghevi leaf just as Ladi instructed, I slept well that night after eating s bowl of rabbit stew Zila prepared, I slept peaceful without night mare

I woke up late the morning, Zila was not in her hut, I was hearing laughter outside, Zila was laughing at something, I came outside and follow the direction of the noise, and there they were,

Zila was working at her allocated farm land behind her hut, Ladi stood at a distance watching her and talking to her about something which she was obviously enjoying, Then the strange girl was standing at another side, watching Zila weed her farm, she have a nice smile on her face, and it looks good on her, she was beautiful, I wish she can say a word for me to hear what she sound like, I kept staring at her, but nobody noticed me,they were all taking with Ladi’s funny story, I wish the strange girl can tell me a story about how she got to be an outcast, I wish she will even look up at me, she was really beautiful to look upon..

I quickly realize what I was doing, I was liking an outcast Lady as Zila does for Ladi, I quickly waved it off, I’m going crazy like Zila, I can’t wait to leave this place, because it was a Tabor, a big abomination in our tribe to think that way about an unworthy outcast,

But the more I try to Wave it off the more I think more about the strange Lady

This is really crazy, may the gods save us from unwanted feelings

I silently prayed.

To he continued



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