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The Outcast – Episode 7

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THE OUTCAST – Episode 7

Written by Amah

“C’ a real man, don’t be afraid..I know you can do can do this Mbazi.. I will get Zila back home… Safe and sound.. She is alive healthy and sound… She’s not caged up like the one I saw in the dream..she belong with the normal people not with the outcast…the forbidden people.. Mother will be well again on seeing Zila, the family will return to normal. Zila will marry her betrothed man and they Will bear children..when I’m ready to have My own family.. I Will get a girl who is homely and I will love her wholeheartedly and she will be a daughters to mother.. My two brothers will have their own families anytime they so desires to… Everyone will be happy and when the right time comes for mother or father to kiss the earth, they will depart happily without worries.. That is what I wish for…and pray t…

Kraaaaaaa….bummmm! Was the heavy sound that shocked me out of My lonely thought, it was a trap, set up and covered with leaves, nobody would have noticed that there was a well set trap there, and because I wasn’t paying much attention to the bush path, I was keeping myself busy with My thoughts just to put fear away, the twisted and double knotted twine rope went round me, it flew me up and landed me in a deep hole all within a twinkle of an eye, I was unconscious For sometime and quickly started screaming for help immediately I regained myself, I looked round the duged hole, which was a little wide, the knotted rope that grabbed and tied me up was still around My waist, I traced it up, I tried to get free from it but it was too hard and Strong, I held my hand to the small tiger knife I tugged into my waist belt, but it can’t do much to the big rope tied on My waist, but i was happy that My small tiger knife was in place, it was still there but my leather bag was gone, probably the bag fell off my shoulder as the Strong twisted twine flew me up before landing me into the hole, i looked to see if there was a dangerous animal inside the wide hole with me, it was empty and dark except for the little day light penetrating from the space I fell from,

I screamed again, louder this time, calling for help, no way I could get off the set trap on My own,

I kept screaming and suddenly I felt like somebody was pulling me out from up with the rope tied to My waist, I was just going up and up until I came to the surface and the rope on my waist begin to loosen by itself, I looked round but found nobody, it was until I looked up the big tree I knew there was somebody there, either one or two person on the tree, they were hiding in the crowded tree leaves, they pulled me up and loosened the ropes tired on My waist,

but everywhere was quiet except for my own hard breath, the chirping of the birds and the forest cricket constantly singing, I looked round my environment and saw where my bag fell, it was hanging in a Branch up the tree, I couldn’t get to it,

I looked up the tree again but I couldn’t see any sign of human but I know somebody was witching me from there, one or two or even more persons, I was bleeding on my knees and fore head, my Head aches, my legs where in pain, I spoke up

“Please i mean no harm..thank you for helping me out of the trap…if you can hear me.. My name is Mbazi, I’m harmless… I only crossed the boundary because of I was on an important mission… I’m looking For my sister who went missing 2months ago…she has always had a strong thing for the…. outcast..and has refused to listen to anybody to stay off… After she went missing My pah hasn’t being himself and My mother fell ill. Even her twin brother has being down… Everybody is troubled, me especially because I wasn’t able to stop her after she told me of her deadly mission… And I took it upon myself to find her dead or alive…please… I beg of you… I only trespassed because of this… I didn’t mean to…

Everywhere fell silent again, I kept looking up but saw nothing and heard nothing, I remembered the first time Zila came down, she has told me how she fell into a trap which she was saved from by some invisible people on the tree, which she assume were the outcast, she said they spoke to her and Even told her how to return back without being noticed, if really they spoke to her why are they not speaking to me

I was still wondering what I was going to do next when I heard a man voice from the tree, he even mention my name

“Mbazi..what is your sister’s name and what does she look like?

I was shocked to hear the voice, it sounded so deep and strong, but I quickly reply, given details of what Zila looks like, after which there was another silent, the tree shakes vehemently, and all of a sudden I saw a female figure jump down from the tree, she was all blunde and young like Zila, she was wearing animal skin on her waist and chest, she was beautiful but she remain were she fell and never looked up at me, and the Male voice came again,

” Mbazi..follow her, the person before you… and she Will take you to your sister, your sister is alive and well, she has refused to go home, I’m glad you came, I can see you are bleeding on your knees, your wounds will be attended to, please do not touch anything, except what you are instructed to touch, do not touch anything until you are out of here, we are forbidden people and we wouldn’t want you to be contaminated with our things, remember anything the outcast comes in contact with is forbidden, we maybe forbidden, we maybe the outcast but we are not evil, go and take your sister and leave at once”

I said my thanks to the man who kindly spoke to me from the tree, I looked at the young girl that was suppose to lead me to Zila, she stood still and never looked up at me, she suddenly picked up a Long dry stick and walked past me, I watched her closely she was going towards where My leather bag was hanging, she threw the stick up to the branch and my bag fell to the ground, she broke the stick into two and used it to pick up the bag from the ground, she held it out to me with the stick, still without looking at me, she avoided touching the bag with her bare hands, I wish she can look at me but she never did, I collected the bag and thanked her but she didn’t respond,

She started waking fast, deeper into the forest leaving some distance between us, I followed her,

different things were running through my mind,

“o the outcast has strong beautiful nice girls like the one leading me to Zila,

Which means the rumors about them were not true, let not be fast in concluding, until I see Zila, if I see My sister then I can draw a conclusion about them, but I felt like this is the beginning of My journey to the outcast..

It was going to be a great adventure of my life,

something that will forever be in my memory.


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