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The Outcast – Episode 18

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The Outcast – Episode 18

Written by Amah

I concluded on what to do as I headed to the rafiko way, I walked so fast without looking back, I don’t want to have a reason to go back again, I wasn’t scared as I passed through Thorn bushes, rafiko way was the same way zila was asked to follow so that she won’t be seen, and it was same way she pass through when she returned to the outcast,

Is a hidden Apian way, one Will ever know there’s a small path way there hidden among over grown Thorn bushes,

There’s a set trap on all the outcast boundaries, but no hidden trap on a the rafiko way because there’s always an outcast hiding in the tall rafiko tree, on a watch just in case anybody dares pass through that path, I move the tall bushes off my path as I proceed,

When I finally got to the boundary I heard a strong scaring voice coming from the tree, of which I know they have seeing me from the tree even before I got close, I wasn’t scared because I have seeing them and live among them, I know what they are capable off, they have more human sympathy than the people from my tribe, I know if it was before I would have being shivering in fear but not again, I pause as I heard the man hard voice spoke to me

“Who told you about this way and what do you seek among us, who are you…

” my name is Mbazi, this is my second visit, I have a sister who lives among you, her name is Zila, I seek to pass because I’m a harmless troubled man, I bring no trouble to you, I’m a man on an important mission, i plead thee to show me the right and easy path to get to the outcast..

“What important mission are you in…you are not meant to be on this forbidden path..we are the outcast, this is not a place to go and come as you like, we can’t help you and we don’t have answers to your quest

” I see no different between you and i, I see the outcast as I Will see my brothers and sisters back home, you are only marked and cast off because of the selfishness of men, I have dined and walk among you, I’m not less of an outcast, i can’t speak to you about my mission now, what troubles me weighs heavily in my heart, I have to see my sister first with your permission…I plead thee..

Then excruciating silent filled the whole place, I waited for another voice but nothing came, I shouted again up the tree with anger but nothing came, which was well expected, I thought my second visit Will be more easier, I paced up and down until I heard the voice again

“You speak like a wise man yet your heart is not at peace, patient Mbazi, patient, somebody is on the way down to direct you.. I pray to the gods to give you the answers you seek..

I waited patiently hoping it will be Kumar that will show me my way down, but a young boy jumped down from one of the trees around, his faced was covered with facial mask, I didn’t notice how he got there but I followed him as I was directed, he walked fast ahead and I followed suit,

When we got to the outcast clan, it was already evening, i kept looking around for Kumar but she was no where to be seen, the boy stopped as we got close to Zila’s hut and turned back, I walked silently to her hut, I can hear voice from inside, A man dressed in cheetah kind of animal skin long robe, he was sitting outside Zila’s veranda, close to her room, as I came closer he turned in my direction, his face wasn’t fully masked, he only had a little mask to his eyes, the rest if his face were bare, he quickly stood and move back as he saw me,

He greeted me warmly and I nodded in silent, i knew it was Ladi, he looked so different and more like a young Prince if not for his eyes covering, he shouted happily to Zila but Zila laughed before replying him

“Zila, Your brother has returned..

“Your trick Will not work on me today Ladi, try again next time…my brother is back hom…

Before she could complete her sentence I shouted her name, she came out with speed and threw herself in to my arms, I held her, then Ladi spoke, he sounded worried

” you came back Mbazi, hope all is well with you and your household, oh you came back for your sister…she is well taking care off over here but if she agrees to follow you nothing will stop her?

I knew he was more worried about not seeing Zila again, his word defies the tune in his voice, I understand that feeling, we are both wearing the same shoe, mine is a little different because I have not made my feeling known to Kumar, I didn’t bother to reply him, Zila loosened up and asked me

“How’s mother’s health, do you remember to use the leaf as you were directed, how’s is everyone back home..what brought you back.. You looked troubled, please come inside and sit

Ladi said his goodnight as the night approach and left, Zila hit something in a small local stove fire and served me,

It tasted like a sour almond fruit and herbs, I squeezed my face as I swallowed the first spoon,

” what in the gods name is this..

“Herbal soup with almond seed, it Will help you relax well and you will feel great by morning, drink it all up, it will help you

I obeyed and ate the soup, and within a second after eating I felt sleepy and passed out,

When I woke up the sunlight penetrating from the window greeted my face, I felt good And energize, I slept for so long, Zila came in from outside

” you have awaken, I guess you feel better now, I’m glad, is written on your tell me how’s mother, what was troubling you

“Mother is well and sound after I gave her the leaf just as prescribed, Pah wants me to be married, he wants me to start a family, Mekah is also taking a step in that direction, a Young beautiful maiden is chosen to be my wife..

” that’s a good news, is a good thing Mbazi, so what then brought about the troubled are suppose to be happy..

“But I’m not, my heart beat only for Kumar.. The strange girl that hardly speak, since I went back home from here I haven’t being able to think straight, all I think off is her, only her Zila not the girl Pah picked for me.. And I didn’t see her on my way down here..I really need to see and speak to her as soon as possible

Zila looked at me as if I have said something very strange, she didn’t reply immediately, her facial expression changed, I knew then that something was probably wrong.

To be continued



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