The Outcast

The Outcast – Episode 15

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THE OUTCAST – Episode 15

Written by Amah

As i woke up that morning the first thing I did was to go and check up on mother, she was still asleep, I decided to go and prepare the leaf that Zila gave me for her,

My pah’s big chamber was next to mother’s, so when he came out and I greeted him, he asked me how my journey went I told him it was fine,

I showed him the healing leaf I brought for mother, he looked at it and asked me where I got it from, i told him it was my friend that gave it to me, he sighed and said he doesn’t believe in all this things, that Lan the medicine man has given mother different things, herbs, root and different kinds of leaf but yet nothing has changed, she is even getting worst day by day and it worries him greatly,

He wish Zila will resurface, he wish to see Zila again, he prays to the gods everyday to keep her safe wherever she is,

I reassured him that mother will be fine after I minister the leaf the way I was directed, he shakes his head and I knew he didn’t believe me but still gave me a go ahead to try

I did everything I was told to do, and mother’s health started improving after few days, she can get up from the bed in the morning to prepare breakfast, something she have not being able to do for a Long time, the only thing that saddened her was Zila, she so much pray to see her face again,

Father was happy on seeing mother up and lively, it gave him joy, he called me one day asked me where my friend got the medicine leaf from and I told him it grows in his tribe, he said I should invite my friend over, or we should go and thank him for his kindness, I told him not to worry when next I go over I will thank him,

I still haven’t being able to tell him anything concerning the outcast, I couldn’t summon up courage to do that, my Pah is very strict, I’m afraid what he will do,

I Think of Kumar everyday and wondered if she ever thinks of me too, her thought consume me that I have to tell Riko about her, Riko said although is an impossible love, because of who she is, but the gods will show me favour, I told him I will one day talk to Pah about the outcast, and await my fate, it won’t be a secret forever, it just a matter of time,

Riko feared for me and never try to discourage me from talking about them to Pah, and I was determined to Tell him one day,

One day Me and Riko followed Pah to our clan annual festival, marie’s father sat beside my Pah and they talk about something and laugh as other tribe leaders joined in,

I saw Marie, she was well dressed and was decorated with beads, when she saw me she smiled and came to kneel before her father and my Pah in greeting, they blessed her in response before she stood up, she smiled at me again and I smiled back, she was really beautiful in her attire she was among the dancers and she did well in her performance,

she kept glancing at me on every move she makes, her slender body moved freely, seductively, Marie danced with others, Jarina wasn’t among the dancers, I guess she was shy as usual to perform in a public place, If Zila was around she will rather be alone in the wood than to join her fellow young maidens in the festival dance, Zila is hardly seeing in a public place like this,

If Kumar wasn’t an outcast I know she will perform even better than Marie, I wish there was no boundary or law between us, I would have love to see her everyday,

Marie was putting extra effort in her performance, which brought out her curves, she looked in my direction again and smile and I smile back,

After the whole dance thing was over, I stood with Riko while waiting for father to finish his speech, as he tries to applaud those that performed, he thanked everyone Who participated in one thing or the other, everyone applauded him, I listened as he warns everyone to obey the law that governs the land so that they will not become a forbidden soul..he kept talking warning everyone to keep away from evil so that they won’t be cast off and become an outcast,

My heart began to beat as he passed warning to everyone concerning the outcast, Riko turned to me and whispered “don’t be discourage to follow your heart, for you and your sister, maybe the gods chose you and Zila to be the Redeemer of the outcast,

I nodded without a word, because deep down I was taking over with fear,

Marie later walked up to me on our way home, my Pah was speaking to her father in a serous mood,

” Mbazi…i know you will come with your Pah, I’m glad you came.. hope you enjoyed today’s performance..

“Sure Marie..I performed well.. I’m impress..

” thank you…I like it when your father speak, he is full of wisdom… Do you listen to the part when he talk about the outcast, the forbidden people, I know we are not allowed to speak of them freely but I so much hate them…they are so deadly, any one who crosses their boundary becomes like them, they will grow teeth like vampires, horns will sprout out of their fore head, blood shot eyes and deadly Long nails, I even heard they feed on humans, that’s their only mids of survival, do you ever thought of your sister’s disappearance, what if she was captured and taken captive by them, I know she knows better and she will not dare get close to their boundary, probably she got lost some where, only the gods knows,… Hmmmm do you have an idea what your Pah is speaking to my father about… I guess is about us.. Can I visit you sometime or can you come around to My side, my Pah will be glad to have you..

“I’m not always free for visitors Marie.. Don’t come over to My place i will pay you a visit during my free days…

” Mbazi..don’t refer to me as a visitor.. I’m your… Your friend.. I will like to be even more… if you let me..

“My apologise… Alright…. I will be on my way now…my greetings to your household…

I walked home with father silently, I was having a lot of things bothering me, only Riko understands me,

The following day Pah called me in to his Chamber, before he speaks I already knew what the serious talk is all about, unknown to him I have being waiting for the perfect time to also lay off the heavy things that has being weighing me down for weeks and now was the perfect time, I think I’m ready to finally face father..

To be continued



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