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The Outcast – Episode 14

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THE OUTCAST – Episode 14

Written by Amah

As I got closer to my clan my heart began to beat faster, all I can think of is how to face father, he will skin me alive if he dares finds out where I have being for the past few days and will do even worst to me if he also finds out I know where Zila has being all this while,

I trust Riko, Riko will never tell him anything about my journey to the outcast to bring Zila home

Is unfortunate I couldn’t achieve my main purpose of going down to the outcast, which was to bring Zila back, and to return the loving spark that has gone out of My family since Zila Left,

I wish Zila had listened and followed me back at least for mother sake but I don’t have any regrets as she decided to stay back, deep down I’m happy to leave her behind, she has found her place, she is happy with the man she love, returning home for her will be very cruel, she will be under father’s watch until he hands her over to her suppose husband to be, and Zila will be unhappy for the rest of her live, and may even run away if she couldn’t bear it anymore, that’s not the kind of live I wish for her,

I want Zila to be happy and she was comfortable with the outcast, I’m happy for that

As I entered my tribe it was getting late, darkness has started covered the earth, i wanted to delay further, so that every where will be very dark, so that by the time I gets home father will be asleep,

so I decided to pass through another road which was a long walk to My house, there were stick torch on every corner of the road, I passed few people on the way, who greeted me and I respond even though i didn’t recognise all of them, I gently walked bending my head, not willing to greet any body,

I heard some ladies gigging, I raised my head and looked at them, they were two young ladies passing by with their fire torch light,

they looked at me, one bent to the others ear and whispered something, they both laughed again,

then one mustered courage to speak, asking the second Lady to wait at a distance

“My kind greetings, my name is Marie, are you not Mbazi..elder brother to one of the most handsome young men of our tribe, Mekah and Mukeh are your brothers..

My greetings to you too, yes..I’m there a problem.. And Mekah and Mukeh are my can I help you..

” that’s good to know…you have not being around for several days now, we were afraid that you have gone missing like your sister, Zila, we asked your brother Mekah, and he said you visited a friend in another tribe, and to also look for a woman to marry.. But we have several beautiful women in our tribe, you can make your choice from here, I know I can’t decide for you on who to marry, It worries me in particular.. Because my Pah is a friend to your Pah, they sit together at the festival some times,And is just that you don’t like making friends..same thing with your sister..have always wanted to be a where you able to find the wife you seek..

“Okay Marie, I’m very tired from my long journey, I would have love to answer all your question but this is not the perfect time..please the night is fast approaching.. Run along now before your Pah starts looking for you..

” we will.. My friend over there is a friend to Mekah your brother, her name is Jarina, she is very shy…they have being friends for months now.. I guess you are aware, and they plan to get married once they get approval from your Pah and hers too, but we don’t mind visiting you tomorrow, may be you will be able to answer my question…and we will get to know each other better..if you don’t mind..

I looked at her again, she was beautiful with a cute smile and a slender body, she talks and smile exposing her well set White teeth, I knew Mekah was seeing someone but i never met the person, maybe I have but have not taking note if them, I was too busy with my self to even notice, Marie giving me attention wasn’t strange because I got that some times when I move with father, I see the young Ladies staring at me, but is never a problem to me, because I have things keeping me busy than being betrothed to any one and getting married, although it will give father Joy but I wasn’t ready, the only person my heart ever beat for was Kumar, and I carried her in my heart like a jewel, I will never speak of her to anyone except Riko, who always understands,

I needed to walk out of Marie and her shy friend but not in a rude way, so I told her I may not be around tomorrow but she can check other days,

She smiled before walking to her friend who came and greeted me warmly, smiling sheepishly, I nodded and smile back before walking away,

I looked back at them as they walked down, and found out Marie was also looking back at me, but my heart did not beat, neither did shiver runs through my veins like it did for Kumar,

As I got home, Riko was the first I met standing by the fence, he looks so tall which make me Wonder if he grows taller everyday, as I approach him, he smile and met me half way,

” I know you will return, the gods has being kind to you, I believe your trip was a success..

I gave him a warm handshake, which he grab with both hands, I was happy to be back but I know is just for the moment,

I sat with him outside and I tried to tell him how how my journey went, he hushed me to be quiet as Mekah and Mukeh, my two brothers approached us,

they smiled as they saw me through the help of the wood torchlight on every corner of the House,

They both greeted me happily, then Mukeh spoke

“Zila still didn’t return, she’s not back yet, mother is still sick and father is getting sober day by day, everybody is still as you you know what could have become of Zila… I know you will hush me from talking about the outcast but sometimes I dream where the outcast captured her, what if is true..maybe they eventually catch in a lonely wood and plan feeding on her..she alw…

” shhhh, don’t say that Mukeh, father has always warned us not to speak of the outcast, they are forbidden people And the gods will not allow Zila to be caught by them, they will not see her and she will not see them, may the gods forbid such..Zila will return someday, she is alive somewhere because if she was dead they would have seen her carcass, but nobody saw any sign that she was dead, that alone gives Pah and mother hope that she will probably return home someday..

I didn’t know what to say to my two brothers that seem worried over Zila disappearance, I looked at Riko and he looked at me, I needed to change the topic,

“Brothers do not worry Zila will return, and I got some leaves from my journey, it was well recommended by qualified medicine men, who are far higher than Lan our medicine man here, it will cure mother instantly after she applies it, So do not worry everything will eventually be alright…. And I heard Mekah is planing to marry.. Two ladies stopped me on my way back to introduce themselves.. Mekah are you doing hide and seek relationship…

” nooo…Jarina is just a friend, she likes coming around and…I really like her..Pah knows about it and he didn’t stop me from seeing her.. He only said when the right time comes for me to marry he will go and see her people… and Marie likes you Mbazi.. She is always about you whenever she visits with Jarina…I guess father want you to get married first before us, because you are his first son, and that’s why he urges you to let him know any woman you are interested in so that he can go and speak to the Lady’s parents….so do you have any body yet or you like Marie…

I didn’t know what to reply as i thought of Kumar, Riko step in to my defense

“Mbazi is very tired from his journey he needs to go and rest..

I nodded my head in agreement to what Riko saying and stood up to leave,

my two brothers followed me while Mekah kept on talking about Jarina, Mukeh was only laughing at the way Mekah was passionately talking about her,

I left them and went into my chamber to rest leaving them outside as they argued, I have more trouble in my plate, I needed to face father with the Truth tomorrow even though I know it won’t go down well,

I thought of Kumar again before falling asleep, hoping to dream of her but the only Lady that filled my dream was Marie not Kumar.


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To be continued


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