The Outcast

The Outcast – Episode 10

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THE OUTCAST – Episode 10

Written by Amah

I couldn’t help it, the more I try to look away, I do it the more,

She suddenly noticed somebody is looking at her and turned in my direction, she looked at me, she actually looked into my eyes and I felt chill wave run through my body, as our eyes locked for some seconds she quickly looked away and ran off with speed,

Ladi and Zila turned in my direction, I stood there speechless, I don’t know if I should apologise for making the strange girl that I never bother to know her name run off or I should apologise for cutting off their happy conversation,

Ladi turned to leave but Zila begged him to stay but he left anyway i didn’t notice where he entered, Zila walked up to me smiling and said

“Hope you slept well brother… There’s water inside the big mould pot in my hut, you can wash and drink from it, is very safe…wanted to do some weeding in my farm..didn’t want to wake you because I know you were tired from your yesterday journey, I will warm the remaining rabbit soup for breakfast.. And I can make something else if you want..

” thanks Zila..i rested well…i don’t feel so safe eating or drinking around here..I’m not hungry for now.. Will like us to leave this forbidden place today… As soon as we can.. I’m not comfortable being around this forbidden people.. And…the strange girl..for the very first time she looked up at me…Zila..I don’t know if I sound crazy but there’s something about that girl…something strange…everybody around here are all strange though but there’s really something about that girl…. what’s her name…is she dumb..I haven’t seeing her speak… Who’s is she and what is her story..

“She speak but not so often.. Ask her yourself what her name is and her story..if you really care to know, her story is not too different from mine.. Ask her…

” I have tried Zila to speak to her and ask her questions but she never said a word.. And I wish I ca… never mind..

“ are you interested in her…do…you like her..

” may the gods forbids it..I don’t like her Zila..she’s an outcast..and we are not suppose to have anything with them…what you say you feel for Ladi is forbidden love an abomination… It can never ever be approve or allowed.. If we go back home..never you mention it to anyone or father Will bundle you to your husband to be..and there won’t be freedom for you to do as you like again… How can you even live in this forbidden place comfortably, having feeling for Ladi, an outcast, a forbidden soul… Do you even know his story..he is far too older than you.. You are only seventeen Zila… He is twenty something years old..Ladi should be twenty you see the difference… You can’t have any feeling for Ladi, is totally wrong I must tell you the truth.. Hurry up… let’s go home… Let’s go back to where we belong.. Ladi is an outcast so is everyone around here…except us…let’s leave here at once… For the sake of mother..let her see you again and are the antidote to her well being.. Everyone Misses you back home.. You are our only sister..we want you back..please Zila.. Reconsider this.. There’s no place for you here..Ladi has a bad story of killing all his house hold at a young age that was why he was sent off to this forbidden place.. He became an outcast at a young age..and he..ha…

Something shakes from a nearby bush..we looked closely and found out it was Ladi..he came out from the bush..he has being eavesdropping on me and Zila’s conversation.. He stood and I knew he was looking at us..I couldn’t see his eyes under his facial mask, I expected him to say something but he didn’t, Zila called his name, he didn’t reply he turned again and walked away… Zila kept calling his name and tries to go after him but I held her strongly, she couldn’t pull off from my strong grip, We watched him walk away until we couldn’t see his back anymore…Zila angrily turned to me

“I guess you are happy now..I don’t care what his story is Mbazi.. I don’t.. He was only a child when his parents died. He was wrongly accused of being the one responsible for their death by his father’s brother who almost killed him, it was with the help of few people he survived and was sent out of the clan to become an outcast, his wicked uncle took over everything his father has..there were people who has being here before Ladi.. They created their own clan.. Marry themselves and live like one community, everyone of them has a story, sad one Mbazi.. They survive the difficult and hardship of this place, discovered different type of medicine, and other things our clan has not being able to, stop calling them forbidden.. They are people like you and I..I’m not going home.. There’s home for me here..mother doesn’t need me…all she need is to get well and I will give you some powerful leaf..and I will tell you how to use it on her, and I promise you mother will be fine within two days…Ladi is almost same age with you, you and Ladi are almost age mate Mbazi.. And even if he is thirty or forty I don’t care, who ever my heart decides to be with.. I will not give a care to peoples opinion..because age is nothing but a number…

Zila walked away from me, I stood there trying to make sense out of what she said but at the end they will remain the outcast

I follow her into her hut and I knew she has made up her mind, Zila was very stubborn and strong willed like father, I wanted to know more about the strange girl but i don’t know-how to go about it without attracting questions from Zila, I can still remember the way she looked at me before running off, it brought a total chill all over me,

I made up my mind to collect the healing leaf from Zila to mother, I plan leaving at sundown but I don’t know what to Tell father and mother about Zila or how to console them

I wish is the strange girl that Will show me my way back, I wish to see her again before leaving here..for reasons I don’t even understand



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