46 Replies to “Tarasha 2 – Chapter 21 Part 10

  1. I’m smelling a mess up from afar; plans to sabotage V.president escape will get to Rex through Nicholas, It seems as if Henry has found out about his mother and some stuff T.babe is hiding from him and T.babe’s got lot of explanation to do…

  2. Wao, this is splendid. How i wish i’ll never have to stop reading until i get to the end. Too much suspense. Thanks man, for this nice piece.

  3. Wow! I like the directness of Tarasha. As for the video Henry downloaded. It is either that involving his mother and the secret Tara has been keeping from him, or Nicole’s meeting with Rex.

  4. O.k. Nichola’s cover ‘ll surely b blown and mission will b succesful, without im ofcourse. Madam Henri, how far? How does it feel to have a strong, fearless, bold and courageous female assasin as a daughter? Hnmmmmmmmn……. Finger crossed :-@

  5. Make I predict small. Madam Henrietta will die( she will sacrifice her life for Tara cos tara will almost be killed by Rex) and chief Gabriel will go to prison, the mission will be successful and the vice President will be arrested, all the secret will be known to the world, Tara will go to prison but will later be free and then live a normal live with Henry

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