In The Perils Of Darkness

In The Perils Of Darkness – Episode 6 (Final)

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In The Perils Of Darkness Episode 6

© Lewis Dampson

The flash light was drawing closer. Their hearts were racing, they didn’t have anywhere to escape to. They were just waiting for fate to decide.

The light drew closer and closer. Now they could see the face of the touch bearer. It was Mr. Awudu, the school’s security man.

“Hey!! What are you guys doing here?” he asked. Nobody dared to answer. Everyone was scared to death because they knew how strict Mr. Awudu was. “Come on!! Am taking to the senior house master. Go and explain yourselves to him,” he said. They tried to change their outfit but the first person that tried was given a dirty slap. That discouraged the others from doing same.

Mr. Awudu matched them to the senior house master’s bungalow. He reported the incident to him. The senior house master, Mr. Prince, didn’t need any more proof to punish them. They were caught red-handed and were still in their occult outfit.

Occultism was a prohibited act in the school and the punishment for indulging in such activity was outright dismissal. All the gang including Gabriel were dismissed from the school with immediate effect.

They were ordered to vacate the school’s premises by 8:00am that day. Gabriel and the other guys in the gang went to their beds to pack their bags and belongings. Exactly by 7:30am, they were escorted out of the school’s premises.

Gabriel got home three hours later. He found the house empty but managed to locate the spare keys. He unlocked the front door and went to sit in the hall. “What am I going to tell my parents when they come back?” he asked himself.”

In some few hours later, Mrs. Betty Smith came home. She saw Gabriel in the house alone. “What are you doing home Gabe?” she asked. “I am just ill mom. The school doctor asked me to come home for proper treatment,” he answered. “Oh my God!! What is wrong with you?” she asked. “Let me call your father to inform him about the situation,” she said finally.

With that she called Mr. Smith and informed him about the apparent situation. He immediately hurried home. “Gabe, come with me to the hospital,” he said. His parents took him to the hospital. “Hmm.., I think this will be a temporal solution,” thought Gabriel.

Little did he know that his whole life would be changed by that decision? The doctor examined Gabriel at the hospital but found nothing wrong with him. The physician then asked for a medical test to be conducted since Gabriel was still playing ill.

Gabriel went with his parents to the medical laboratory to undergo the test. His blood samples taken by the laboratory technician. He was told to come back the next day for the results. Gabriel went home and pretended he was sick throughout the night still thinking about his next line of action. He really needed to buy time so his parents couldn’t suspect he had been sacked from school.

The next day, they went to see the physician for the test results. They arrived at the hospital very early in the morning because both Mr. Smith and Mrs. Betty Smith were supposed to go to work. The doctor had a fallen countenance when they entered. He looked very sad and disappointed. It was as if he had lost a relative.

“Good morning doctor,” greeted Mr. Smith. “Good morning Mr. Smith,” he responded. “Please are the medical results ready?” asked Mr. Smith. “Yes,” answered the physician. “But I am afraid I have a bad news for you. I need to speak to you and your wife alone. Your son can excuse us,” he added.

So Gabriel excused them and waited outside. “I need you both to be strong because of what I am about to tell you. I received the results this morning from the laboratory and it confirms that your son has HIV virus in his blood!” He said.

“What!!!!!!!” “What are you saying doctor?” they asked in unison with anxiety in their voices. “I am saying that, your son was tested HIV positive. These are the results, you can look at it yourselves. We were very much surprised so we run the test three more times and the results were the same.”

It seemed Gabriel contracted the virus when he slept with the prostitute at the brothel. At a tender age of 16 years, he was a HIV patient soon to be an AIDS patient. Nothing could console his mother. She wailed day and night. Mr. Smith on the other hand was very much heartbroken.

Gabriel’s life and dreams had been shattered. His parents regretted never taking an interest in the spiritual life of their son. They only concentrated on his academics leaving the social and spiritual aspects to their son. Only if they had invested more effort to train up their child to love God the way they did, the present situation would have been different.




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