In The Perils Of Darkness

In The Perils Of Darkness – Episode 4

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In The Perils Of Darkness Episode 4

© Lewis Dampson

During that moment, senior Eugene thought it wise to get themselves acquainted, so he started introducing himself properly to Gabriel.

“I am the only male child in my nuclear family,” said senior Eugene. “I happened to be the miracle my parents were expecting,” he added.

“My parents went through a lot trying to find a male child. They gave birth to five girls before me all in the attempt of getting a male child. Since it was a necessity in my family to have a male child, the pressure was so much on my parents, especially my mother from the extended family. They maltreated my mother for years. My parents as a result of the pressure went to several people whom they thought would perform miracles for them.

Although they were told by several of those native doctors that the next baby to be conceived will be a male, it turned out that they were always disappointed because it actually turned out to be the opposite. They got tired of trying and lost hope.

After two years of not trying, my mother conceived me and I was born. Their joy knew no bounds and I was treated like a treasure. There was nothing that was withheld from me. I had all that I asked for.

This treatment made me a spoilt brat. My mother in the course of protecting her only male child made her maternal instincts to cloud her thinking and I became a very bad boy at a tender age. I followed bad friends who stole from people and disrespected everybody in our neighborhood.

Soon, I was introduced to stealing and also disrespecting my elder. Anytime my mother received complains about me, she would just insult the people and do nothing about it.

Instead of reprimanding me, she rather showered me with gifts. This worsened my situation and made me more mischievous because I knew that my mother will always support me when I misbehaved.”

Before senior Eugene could utter another sentence, the bell rang for preps and they were supposed to dress up and go. He told Gabriel to go to his dormitory and get prepared. “We will continue my story later,” he said before Gabriel got out.

First day at preps was wonderful just that Gabriel didn’t have anything to study. He started glancing through his junior high school textbooks he took along with him. In two hours, the prep was over and all the students went back to their dormitories.

At the dormitory, Eugene met Emmanuel, a form two student. Emmanuel was sleeping adjacent to Gabriel. Gabriel didn’t initially see him on his arrival because he was part of the people who went to weed the compound.

“Hello, my name is Emmanuel. What is your name?” he asked Gabriel. “My name is Gabriel,” Gabriel responded. “Gabriel, you look like a very humble guy. I want to let you in on a secret. This your attitude will always make you encounter problems here,” he said.

“Really!!” Gabriel exclaimed. “So you have to toughen up all else this place will eat you up,” said Emmanuel. “From the look of things, I don’t think you were really brought up to be a tough guy. Anyway, that is why I am now your friend. I will teach you how to be a tough guy,” he added.

Gabriel wouldn’t have agreed to the tough guy thing at first, but considering how he was treated earlier in the day, he agreed it was a good idea. “We will be going to town at 8:30pm. We have to be very careful not to get caught. I will call you when the coast is clear,” he said.

Meanwhile, senior Eugene was looking for Gabriel. He wanted to take him to scripture Union at 8:30pm. He wanted to inform him first so he could get prepared.

After searching for him for some time, he found him in the midst of Emmanuel and some other guys. Emmanuel was known to be one of the notorious guys on campus. He was popularly known by the students to be a cult leader in the school.

Senior Eugene called Gabriel aside and invited him to come with him to scripture union. As at that time, it was 8:00pm.

Gabriel went to lie on his bed. He was contemplating on whether to go to town or go for scripture union. This will determine his fate in the school. Will Gabriel join the company of Emmanuel or follow senior Eugene to scripture union?


This will determine his fate in the school. Will Gabriel join the company of Emmanuel or follow senior Eugene to scripture union.

The time was approaching, senior Eugene or Emmanuel would be coming to him any moment. He still hadn’t decided which way he was going.

Emmanuel appeared first, it seemed all coast was clear. Before Emmanuel could utter a word, senior Eugene came to the scene. Now Gabriel was confused. He didn’t want to disappoint any of his seniors.

Everyone was quiet.

Each one was waiting for Gabriel to make his decision. Gabriel thought about the two options, he was somehow convinced that Emmanuel could protect him more than senior Eugene. Senior Eugene was huge in stature, but he looked very calm. “Hmm..,” he sighed. “I am really confused, but I think I will take my chances with Emmanuel,” he thought.

“Can we make it another time senior Eugene?” he asked. “Hmm.., okay,” he responded. “Emmanuel said he has something to show me at 8:30pm, so I will join you another time,” Gabriel said.

With those statements from Gabriel, senior Eugene walked away with his countenance fallen. Gabriel followed Emmanuel and a couple of guys through the think bushes in the night.

They crawled on the bushy ground at a point, ran very fast at other instances all to avoid detection. Emmanuel warned him to follow their footsteps so that they wouldn’t be detected.

They finally got to the school wall. Gabriel saw the high walls and wondered how he was going climb over. Emmanuel detected Gabriel’s puzzled face and asked him what the matter was. “Am wondering how am going to climb over this wall. I am not use to climbing walls,” he said. “Oh! Don’t worry, we have our own way. We don’t need to climb,” he responded immediately.

The students had managed to make a hole at the base of the wall and had closed it up with a false concrete block. They just went to the spot and removed the false concrete block. The hole was just big enough for them to crawl through. They crawled through the hole and found themselves outside the school’s premises in the dark.

Emmanuel being the leader led them to a drinking spot in town. They took few bottles of alcohol and drank them immediately. Gabriel was lost in the scene. He had never drank alcohol before. Emmanuel saw how naïve Gabriel was and came to convince him to just sip a little of the alcohol.

He further explained to Gabriel that, the drink would make him fearless and as a result make him a tough guy. Since Gabriel was so interested in becoming a tough guy, he gave it a try. After sipping one or two, he realized he was feeling high and good. This made him drink the whole bottle. He was now on top of the world.

Unknown to him, Emmanuel had mixed the drink with Marijuana (weed). He became very high that he lost control of himself. The gang later decided to pass by the brothel and have fun with some prostitutes. They drag Gabriel along and he was feeling so high to resist.

In fact, he very much appreciated the suggestion. “I have never had sex before. I have heard a lot about how nice and enjoyable it is. Let me go and give it a try. After all, I won’t remain a virgin forever,” he thought.

When they got to the brothel, they saw a lot of prostitutes. Each guy made a choice and went to pay at the counter for a room. Gabriel was given Agnes, the famous prostitute in town. She specialized in giving virgins a special treat.

He took Gabriel to one of the room and gave him a special treat. It was past midnight when the guys got back to the school. They crawled back into the hole in the wall, covered it back with the false concrete wall and sneaked into their dormitories without being noticed.

The next day, Gabriel fell sick as a result of a hangover and was rushed to the school clinic.

To be continued



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