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JODA Episode 20 (Finale)
By Amah

9years has already gone by since I got married to Kuria, Kuria has being an Angel, he isn’t perfect, some days we have misunderstanding, when we can’t agree on one thing, but I assure it never passes that day, I have never gone to bed sad because Kuria makes sure I’m always happy,

I always makes sure he does not go to bed sad, I love him too much to see him sad or worried,

We act More like friends, joking and laughing at ourselves, I’m glad I married my Friend, if i have to choose again, I will choose Kuria all over.

We are blessed with 3kids, Luella and her two brothers are one of my biggest blessing

After Binta’s wedding I gave her a surprised gift, the big house I once shared with Denis, was their weddings gift,

Kuria’s decoration on it grows finer everyday, but I feel so empty being in that House because it reminds me of my past, and because I didn’t want to sale the house I gave it to Binta and her husband, James.




i have being looking for a perfect Gift for Binta to show her how grateful and honored I was to have some body like her as a friend, friends like hers are rare to find, having her in my life has being a blessing, I came to a conclusion with Kuria and gave her the house, putting her name on it as the sole owner, she cried a bucketful of tears after I surprised her And her husband James, James thought it was a joke until my lawyer arrive with the papers and they signed as owners, it was the least I could do for her after she has being the only person I called a friend Who turn out to be more than a sister, God brought another friend, Kuria in to my life, who ended up being my husband and the father of my kids.

I live with Kuria in his beautiful warm House, it wasn’t so big like my previous house but it was a home, Binta had two kids within 9years,

after having her first child, a boy, she tried getting pregnant but it was difficult, there was a delay with her second children, she prayed to have just one again to make it two, I also joined her in praying, she prayed for a girl, and her girl came after seven years of birthing her first child, her Joy was full as she closes the chapter of birth,

We gather every weekend to eat one of Kuria delicacy, which I have learnt almost all but mine never tastes like Kuria, he had a magic hand that beautifies and add taste to everything he touches,

Mera got engaged and Kuria acted like her father, he walked her down and handed her over to her husband, everybody got emotional, it was a beautiful sight to behold, I loved Mera like my sister, we showered her with a lot of gifts, she cried and hugged Kuria, thanking him for being a parent she never had, I was happy when I watch Kuria walk her down the aisle, I know someday he will also walk Luella down, handing her over to a good man like him, until then I will prepare my daughter to be every man’s dream, to be kind and loving.

Our kids are growing everyday in strength and wisdom, I joined hand with him in saving the street kids, we did the Best we can because we know that is impossible to save the world, we built an orphanage home where most of them are kept and cared for by abled hands we employed,

it was a Big project indeed but I was glad to be making good use of the resources that I have, Kuria had a Big heart and he loved children, being his wife, the mother of his children and working with him was a great privilege I wouldn’t trade for anything, he was an Angel in human form.

We have visited his mother three times and she has flew down twice to see us, she has has being a blessing, she became the mother I never had, she was so loving like her son, oh before I forget she was beautiful inside out just like her son too.

Vanessa was out of prison after 4years, she came begging for my forgiveness, she was remorseful and regretted her past life and I totally forgave her, and gave her a job in my father’s company for her to be able to start her life all over, which won’t be easy after being behind bars for almost five years, but I know she will be fine,

I visited my father’s grave with Kuria and the kids last month and I felt the need to go visit Denis and to let him know that I have forgiven him, I knew my father was a loving and very accommodating man, he wouldn’t want me to hold unforgiveness in my heart, it was time to be totally free, time to face the dreaded moment I have always being scared of.

Kuria asked me if I was sure of doing it, after he drove me down, I assured him again for the 4th time that day that I can do it, he waited for me at the parking slot, since it was my battle I will face it alone,

I waited at the visitors hall until the wardens brought him out in chains, he didn’t know who had come to seen him, because he hardly gets visitors, his hair was turning White, his bears was growing all over his face, I guest he hasn’t shaved for a very Long time, he was looking malnourished, he looked too old more than his age, he has already spent 10 years in prison, remaining 46years, I sat there looking at him and allowing forgiveness and kindness to sulk me in, I kept the door of bitterness shot, I knew I was doing the right thing, It wasn’t Binta or kuria that told me to do this, I decided on my own, I made this decision, i will stick to it no matter how it hurts,

Denis scanned with his eyes at the visitors seated who has come to see their love ones, I sat watching him look from face to face until his eyes settled on me, he blinks twice,wanting to make sure that I was the one, I was just seating and watching him, I wasn’t smiling, and I wasn’t wearing an angry look either, I was just neutral, he paused as he got closer and breathed deeply, before coming to sit opposite me,

no need to ask him how he was doing because I know how terrible a prison can be and it was obviously written on him, we kept quiet for sometime, his head was Bent and he later said

“Joda….You are the last person I expected to see here, I have being praying, i repented and turned a new leaf years back, I have being praying for so many years now for God to grant me another chance to plead for your forgiveness Joda, I never gave up asking and praying and I will totally understand God if he choose to ignore me, because I know I don’t deserve anything good, but on seeing you I knew God finally hard me, I don’t Care how many years I survive here before dying but I Will die peacefully knowing that I was able to see you and begged to be forgiven….. sorry is used frequently that we forget the importance of it, i misused the word” sorry ” I was evil and self centered, I know, I carried the weight of it right in my heart every day, I don’t deserve to be forgiven, I don’t deserve any thing at all from you, not even your presence here, I was greedy and became the devil Joda, I know my terrible deeds before I was Even sentenced, I know I deserve death, I suppose to be sentence to death but God gave me a chance to find my footing and opportunity to see you again after so many years, I lost count of years in here, you look good and happy too, I’m glad, God really got you Joda….forgive me please, give me this only thing I seek which is your forgiveness so that when I die I Will die knowing I finally made Peace with you, my soul and conscience will find Mercy… Please Joda….

I watched him, looking deeply at my father’s killer, who tricked me into marrying him so that he can have all that my father laboured for during his lifetime, but Denis has changed, he wasn’t the same person any more, as tears drop from his eyes, years has changed him, he was really sorry, my father used to love him like the son he never had, until he begin to want More than my father could offer, the things he wanted and killed to get are the same thing he will leave behind when he dies, so why fight so much for what you can not take along with you to the grave, tears gathered in my eyes but i blinked it back, I kept on blinking back tears,

I held his hand urging him to look up at me, which he did, I smile and reassure him that I have already forgiven him before coming down to see him, all I wanted to do was to say it to his face,

He smiled and breathed deeply again, before saying thank you, we talk a little while before the Police guards came and took him away,

I stood, watching him go, he turned back again and muttered a silent”thank you ” I smile and nodded before they locked the iron door, i finally heaped a sigh of relief before walking out,

I felt this inner fulfilment and Joy, as I came out of the prison Yard I sprayed out my hands wide and look in to the sky and said thank you to the invisible being up there, who has always seeing me through

Sometimes forgiveness does More good to the Victim, than with the offender, I felt so good, I forgave myself before being able to forgive others, it was a long process for me, gradually I did it.

I was feeling proud and I know Father Will be More proud,

As I entered the car, Kuria who has being waiting for me, asked me how it went, I smiled and hugged him, he held me like he has done for years, I allowed all the tears I held back to flow,

Everyone deserves a companion like Kuria and a true friend like Binta, with this two kind of people who will love and guide you through life, you Will always have reasons to smile. Henro plus wishes to Drop his Pen here. I care


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21 Replies to “JODA – Episode 20

  1. Thank God for giving u grace to finish this amazing story. Thank God we all witnessed it. U r a great writer Amah. Good work. Looking toward to more inspirational stories from u in d near tomorrow

  2. Joda is a story full of emotional tangle and banter,moral lessons to be learn,wisdom and understanding to be derive from,it build up a melted heart,it transfigure life and nourished a dried bones to become vibrant.
    thanks a million for this literary knowledge to debunk the truth in your work of art!.

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