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By Jon Doe

One could hear the soft hum of the air conditioner, the only other sound the rhythmic drip drip of Namdi’s blood hitting Bisi’s nighty. Her lips trembled, the rest of her body below his fingers motionless. Leaning forward he kissed those trembling lips, an exquisite taste he had not experienced filling his mouth. His loins ached. Bisi’s eyes flashed open, a passionate hunger burned away the initial fear, not dimmed an iota by the pain in her head. Her hands reached to circle round his neck even as his fingers crushed her throat making it hard to breath. Legs lifting she wrapped around his waist, thighs spreading pulling him onto the bed, above her, between her. As he fell forward, a twist of her torso put her on top and his back on the bed. In this position they remained, the pressure Namdi exerted on her neck not diminishing.

They made love with a savagery more beast than human. Candle light painted shadows of their intertwined bodies on the walls. Cries of passion erupted with complete abandon. There was no inch of her skin that had not felt his lips. Her fingers buried in his hair, her ecstasy beyond her wildest imagination. Spasms racked her body. Toes curled, back arched, her head thrown back they reached the peak together, body crumbling on top of his.

Water cascaded onto a distraught Namdi, his mind clearer. With a sponge he scrubbed his body toiling to wash off her scent. The force exerted reopened his wounds tinging the bath water a coppery red. Still he could not get rid of her touch. Guilt crushed down on him, a mountain of immense weight. A bottle of soap found his hands. Popping the cover he doused his body in desperation, his hands getting a generous amount. If he could only get clean again. A simple golden band slipped of his finger. As it fell, Namdi’s hand shot out to catch it. He missed, feet slipping, body crashing to the surface of the bath. In pain, he could do nothing but watch the band disappear into the open drain, despair settling in his heart. He gnashed his teeth cursing the world, cursing his creator from the depth of his soul for all his anguish. His mental state could not take any more shock. Water from the shower still fell on him, rinsing, a waterfall quietly beating him into submission. Aching muscles kept him still.

The liquid drug she injected me with should have left my system, Namdi thought. A righteous anger bubbling within him. If she hadn’t drugged him none of this would have happened. Zainab would understand, he told himself.


Like a white hot knife through butter her name seared through his brain. It felt like he had not said or thought her name in forever. In a panic he looked for a clock. With a sweeping glance he saw nothing but a large amount of medicine bottles on the bathroom counter.

“Where did she put my phone?”

Gritting his teeth, he stepped out of the bath determined to excise this tumor. Opening the door he saw Bisi on the bed. Sleeping peacefully, her white nighty stained a coppery red. Hate blazed in him. He climbed on top of her pinning her to the bed both hands reached for her throat and squeezed.

From a dream Bisi woke up unable to breath. Her face slowly turning purple, her hands struggling to pry Namdi’s hands away from her neck. A fruitless endeavor.

“You did this! If you hadn’t drugged me I would have never slept with you! Zainab will understand.”

Namdi uttered these words to Bisi but more to himself. He had to believe for his sanity. Bisi could feel death approaching, an experience she was not a stranger to. Hearing Namdi, her hands dropped to the side and she began to laugh. A silent laughter expressed through her eyes and mouth. She uttered a single word.

“Pla… ce… bo!”

Namdi froze, his mind crumbled, strength left his hands freeing her neck. Coughing, struggling for each breath Bisi delicately rubbed her bruised throat as she talked.

“Nothing but… a… vitamin solution.”

Namdi got off her walking towards the table where his clothes were, his movements mechanical.

“I freed you Namdi, this is who you truly are!”

One foot after the other he got his trouser on, the phone in the pocket unnoticed.

“We need to live as we are while we are alive!”

Without buttoning up his shirt he wore his suit.

“I love you Namdi, from that first moment I saw you. I know you felt it too!”

The door closed behind him, another petal shaking loose from the rose in the vase. Somehow he made it to the exit. Opening the door a dark sky greeted him, a light shower falling. With glazed eyes Namdi stepped into it, feet bare.


Heavy, each step he took. Feet sinking into the shallow flowing waters before hitting the asphalt of the paved road. Darkness hugged him, the road lonely. Occasional flashes lit the world around him, exposing the trees lining the street on both sides. Their branches bent in the wind, reaching for him. He saw nothing of it, pupils glazed over, his only thought, putting one foot in front of the other. Soaked to the bone, his suit clung to him sopping wet, weighing heavily. Cold sunk into his skin, occasional shivers racing through his body. The hem of his trouser stained by the filth floating past from the overflowing gutters.

Two headlamps illuminated him from behind. The driver slapping the horn elicit no response from Namdi walking on the road. He did not slow down. With a cut of the wheel, tires squealed, the car swept past him, close enough for his soaked suit to flap up in the resulting wind. The wheels churned up a tidal wave of water which battered Namdi causing him to stumble. A bottle flew out the window of the swerving car, hitting him on the temple.

“Oshi! Comot for road! Were (mad man)!”

The abuse hung in the air, the vehicle disappearing around the bend. Namdi looked down at the bottle; unfazed by deaths interest in him. Once again he began to walk, the middle of the road his path. The heavens did not let up, rain increasing in intensity. A light shower soon became a full gale driving the cold he felt deeper into his bones. Each step became a trial as he battled against the elements. Still he walked on, bare feet hitting the asphalt one at a time.

A fierce clap of thunder resounded in the distance, deafening Namdi, his hands reaching to clasp his ears. With a flicker lightning fell to the earth, hitting a tall tree to his right setting it ablaze, sparks flying with abandon. The fire lit up the street, a beacon that could be seen for miles. Namdi stopped and watched the tree burn, the scene reflected in the dark pupils of his eyes. Heat rolled off the blaze, reaching Namdi, driving the cold from his bones. With the rain it did not take long for the fire to die down, the tree nearly burnt to a crisp. A few embers still struggled for life, illuminating him along with another set of headlamps coming from behind.

A car rolled up beside Namdi. The passenger door opened.

“Get in!”

From the interior of the dimly lit car came a demanding voice. Namdi hesitated, life having creep back into him. He took one last glance at the burning tree before stepping into the car.


“Please everyone she’ll be coming in soon!”

Nervously Namdi patted down his dark blue suit resting on a bright white shirt. An ex had said the contrast made his eyes sparkle. Thinking about Omotore at this moment brought an uneasy smile. She had this way of… Shaking his head he drove thoughts of her out. As fiery as their time together was, the breakup had been a nightmare. A passionate woman is a double edged sword. Closing his eyes, he took a calming breath. Making a full circle he gave everything a last once over. It had to be perfect.


“I will kill him!”

Stunned Ada came running down the hallway of the large high rise apartment, bursting through the door of the master bedroom. A furious Zainab, in nothing but bum shorts and a tank top was screaming at a phone in her hand.

“Biko, I don’t think your jazz is that strong to kill him through phone.”

“Ada don’t even joke with me now! Give me the number of those your bouncer friends, I don’t care how much they want so long as they beat him to an inch of his life”

“The boy can really take a beating though, I should know. Zainab just calm down and…”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! You of all people want to tell me to…”

“Ok I’ve heard don’t calm down, raise hell, sha tell me what happened while you do.”

“The b****** said he lost the reservation! I’m now going to be one of those people who spend vals at those cheap chicken republic like places! Over my cold dead body!

“See this yeye girl, I’m one of those people that spend vals at chicken republic. You think I would be able to afford to be your roommate if you weren’t covering most of my half of the rent.”

“Ada, you know I don’t mean it like that. I’d told the idiot to confirm it for days now only for him to send me this text!”

Zainab nearly shoved the phone into Ada’s face.

“Zainab, maybe you should try callin…”

“You think I haven’t tried! The b****** isn’t picking up my calls! To think I was going to show him a special time this vals night!”

“Wait you mean you two haven’t…”

“Ada stop acting surprised jo”

“Hehehehe, you said ‘jo’. So butty girl still has a bit of naija in her.”

“You’ve infected me, hope you are happy; now give me the number of those your bouncer friends lets give…”

“Calm dow… I mean don’t calm down but the text says he found another place.”

Zainab laughed.

“As if you don’t know that ramshackle restaurant he put address for. It’s just a step above buka.”

“And what is wrong with buka Zainab?”

“Ada let’s not do this now”

“I’ve heard; but you love him though, right?”

“You know I do, why else haven’t I wrestled you for the bouncer numbers.”

“With which part of your slim butty self you wan wrestle with?”

“After I kill that idiot, you will be next Ada!”

Ada laughed while slowly edging towards the door just in case. The motion brought to her notice a red dress hanging on the full length mirror, she couldn’t help but walk towards it.

“Is this the…”

“Of course, it arrived yesterday, from Paris.”

“Yes, yes, you have Aunty in Paris that sends you all your clothes, how many times must you tell me.”

The fabric flowed like water under Ada’s fingertips. It’s elegance left her longing.

“You can’t let this dress waste.”

“You think I don’t know! I had dreams of the jealousy the other babes would have when I walked in.”

“Zainab, if you love the guy enough, wear the dress and go.”

“Then when do I murder him?”

“KIll him after he has seen you in the dress so it can really enter.”

“Good idea. Oh, by the way, your size of the dress is in the room I use as my closet.”

Ada screamed, running to embrace Zainab.

“For this, I’ll help you organize those bouncers when you truly want to murder him. Now let’s get you ready, we have less than two hours.”

Each step Zainab took contained a simmering fury. The sound of her Jimmy Choo stiletto hitting the poorly laid concrete path echoed in the nearly empty street. Stopping, she turned around, looking at her white bunny sitting in the dimly lit parking lot. Her dad tried over and over to stop her from replacing the Mercedes ‘SLK’ logo at the back of the convertible but she refused. To her it was her white bunny and should say so. Thoughts of returning and driving off into the night grew stronger but it could not outweigh the need to vent the anger she had for him.

“I must make Namdi suffer tonight!”

Birds flew from a nearby tree, startled by Zainabs outcry. To think he would lose their reservation and the spineless pup had sent that vital piece of information through a text. Up till now he still wouldn’t pick her calls!

Reaching the doors of the mediocre restaurant, she looked up at the sign hanging on by a thread. The flames of anger went up another level. Curtains covered the couple windows facing the street. Zainab was too busy stewing in her anger to notice how new they looked or the strange lack of sound coming from the restaurant on the the evening of valentines. With a gloved hand she opened the door stepping into a poorly lit room, locked and loaded to rain hell on the unsuspecting diners.

It took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the near darkness. Within those few seconds she became aware there was no sound. Missing was the sweet chatter of lovers on a romantic evening; music to ignite the passions that would be running very close to the surface and professions of an undying love. Instead she could just faintly hear what seemed like a barely audible violin. A soft light came on far from her. Lit up, at the other end of the restaurant stood Namdi.

Between her and him she could see nothing. Candles on the floor came on, lighting a straight path leading from her to him, illuminating a floor littered with roses. Zainab gasped, frozen to the spot. The sides still remained in gentle shadows, but from it she could hear the music growing in volume. Even before they were lit up, she could tell it was a string quartet. As he walked towards her, dancers clad in white floated in and out of the shadows around him. With each step he took, a light came on, illuminating a couple.

The first couple illuminated were sitting on a picnic blanket, the lady rubbing jam on the mans nose. The second couple danced slowly in each others arms, the lady graceful while the guy awkwardly tried to keep up, third couple had a lady with a canvas painting a man sitting on a stool trying to keep still. Another couple became lit, the man feeding her hot soup as she lay weakly. More and more couples came to the limelight portraying different scenes. It didn’t take long for Zainab to see each was a recreation of their moments together. By then, Namdi was in front of her on one knee, arms stretched out a diamond ring in front of her.

“That you would come to this ‘just above buka level’ restaurant tells me already how much you love me.”

Zainabs hands went over her mouth, her emotions overwhelming her, tears threatening to fall from each lusciously lashed eye. The lights brightened, she could see Ada with a mischievous smile on her face along with many other friends. Within a small velvet box the ring sparkled.

“Will you marry me?”

Overcome, she could only nod her head, a single hand reaching out to Namdi. Delicately he removed the glove from her fingers, slipping the ring on. When he stood, she threw herself into his embrace sharing a kiss to the cheers of those around them.

To be continued



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